Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 682

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After the bald man’s announcement, his subordinates began swinging their guns and yelling for the
people to obey their leader’s orders.

Soon, all the Remdiks stood on the left. In no time, all eyes were on Sabino and the other dozens of

The river pirates scanned through the crowd before landing their gazes on Killian. “You, come here,”
was what the river pirate said in heavily-accented Chanaean.

Killian nervously looked at Sabino in response. At that, the river pirate jumped down the stage, and a
wave of spiritual energy exuded out of him.

Upon sensing the wave of spiritual energy—even though it was only the spiritual energy of Superior
Realm—Sabino took a step back warily.

In the meantime, the river pirate walked over to Sabino.

After coldly looking at Sabino’s face, the river pirate crouched down and put his hand on Killian’s bald

“Sir, he’s my son, and he has a serious heart disease…” Sabino uttered in a pleading tone when he
saw the river pirate reaching out for Killian’s mask.

Meanwhile, Layla was watching the scene as she covered her mouth. She was Killian’s mother, yet she
could not do anything but watch as her son enter a dangerous situation. Only another mother in the
same situation could understand the agony Layla was experiencing.

When the muzzle of the gun was pressed against Sabino’s forehead, the other members of Blood
Squad tensed up.

Nevertheless, Sabino discreetly signaled them to wait.

Then, the oxygen mask was pulled off, revealing Killian’s frightened and pale face.

To create a more convincing disguise, not only had they shaven Killian’s head, but they had even
shaved all of his brows.


Suffocating noises kept coming out of Killian’s mouth, and in a few seconds, the boy’s face turned
bright red.

That was the result of Sabino using his spiritual energy to seal off Killian’s airways.

Sabino was a beginner phase Grandmaster, so he could pull off small tricks in front of a cultivator of
Superior Realm without alerting the other cultivator of his actions.

At the sight of Killian’s state, the river pirate let go of the boy and put the mask back on the boy’s face.

At the same time, Sabino stopped channeling his spiritual energy and let Killian breathe again.

Right then, the river pirate’s lackey came inside. After whispering something to the first pirate, he
turned to look at Killian.

As a Grandmaster, Sabino had better hearing than ordinary people. Thus, he overheard the
conversation between the two pirates who were less than three meters away from him.

In other words, Sabino heard the lackey tell the other pirate that they had found standard issue firearms
in the room downstairs, and that room belonged to Sabino and the others.

“Sabino Quirrell?”

Once again, the river pirate lifted his gun to point it at Sabino’s forehead.

Almost simultaneously, Sabino threw Killian backward and yelled, “Now!”


The head of the river pirates pulled the trigger at the same time as Sabino’s shout.

The bullet rushed past Sabino’s ear, and concurrently, a wave of spiritual energy spread outward in all


All the river pirates were immobilized by the spiritual energy.

Then, the members of Blood Squad quickly swerved through the pirates and swiftly slit the pirates’

Within seconds, screams of terror echoed in the first floor’s recreation room.

Despite the chaos, Layla stumbled toward Killian and hastily pulled the boy into her arms.

“Two, protect Layla and Killian. Ten, Twenty-one, Thirty-seven, head down to get our equipment.
Seven, get the captain and seal off all entrances to the ship. Force the captain to head straight to

With a wave of his right hand, the gun in the leader of the river pirate’s hand flew over to Sabino.


One of the Remdiks who tried to flee the room fell to the ground.

Blood pooled under the man like a blooming flower, and at the same time, it was as if an invisible
barrier was erected where the blood flowed, for the rest of the Remdiks screamed and retreated.

“Shut up!”

Sabino fired another shot, and yet another Remdik fell to the floor. However, this time, Sabino had only
shot the Remdik’s calf.

While the Remdik was wailing in agony, Sabino dragged him up the stage. Sabino then loudly
announced, “Those who make any noise will end up like him!”


In the next second, the back of the Remdik’s head exploded. Blood and brain splattered to the ground.
The people shrunk into themselves in fear as they slapped a hand over their mouths to stop
themselves from making any noise.

Sabino then turned to his remaining two subordinates.

“Knock them all out and tie them up. Don’t let them do anything before we arrive at Redlington.”

“Yes, sir!”

In less than five minutes, only the members of Blood Squad and the restrained crew members of the
ship were left on Medev.

The rest of the people on board had been locked up in the storage section and were in a deep slumber
due to the anesthetic gas they were given.

Medev continued its way down Lerner River, but this time, it was no longer a sightseeing ship—it was
now a vessel for an escape.

Sabino knew that the appearance of the river pirates meant that Remdik’s government had made up its
mind to not let them leave Remdik alive.

Furthermore, Sabino guessed that the lack of response from the river pirates after a while would alert
Remdik to the situation. Once Remdik realized that things had gone wrong, they would track down the
river pirates.

Hence, Sabino and the rest did not have much time left.

If they could not get to Redlington, everything they had done so far would be for naught.

Moreover, it would be extremely difficult for them to reorganize another group of people to guard Layla
and Killian if they were to miss the meeting with the current group of people at Redlington.

Two, by then, was fully geared. With the rifle in his arms, he walked over to Sabino.

“Quirrell, something feels off,” he worried said.

Even though Team Alpha had been coming after us aggressively, they’ve always made sure not to
involve Layla and her son in the crossfire. But now, the government’s even involving illegal entities like
river pirates in the chase. Why do I sense that Remdik is determined to kill Layla and Killian? Are they
not going to show them any mercy at all?”

Sabino turned to Two. “Go back to your post. Our duty is to bring them both back to Chanaea. We
shouldn’t be wracking our brains over the rest of the matter.”

“Yes, sir!”

With that, Two turned and left.

When Sabino turned back to look at the snow-covered banks of Lerner River, he sighed.

Layla and Killian were both hostages that Karl had left in Remdik, and those two were what Remdik
used to ensure Karl acted according to their rules.

If Remdik doesn’t care about Layla and Killian’s lives anymore, that means that Karl’s cooperation with
Remdik must have been nullified. The battle at River Onxy must have started, then. Is peace in
Chanaea over now? There are only eight of us left now. How many of us will actually be able to go
back to Chanaea?

Right then, Sabino noticed a figure standing by the river bank a distance away from the ship.

When he channeled his spiritual energy into his eyes, he zoomed in his vision to the figure.

It was a tall Remdik man swashed in many layers of winter clothing. At that moment, he was waving at
the ship.

Sabino curled his lips and waved in response. However, in the next second, he saw the man dashing
toward the river. Upon leaping, the Remdik man threw a javelin at Medev.

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