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Chapter 680

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Time For Your Death

Sawyer and the rest were stunned by Dominick’s words. The bulk of Remdik’s forces, Snow Wolf Army,
Glacier Army, and Arctic Army, boasted three hundred thousand soldiers each.

Though the three regiments were stationed in the eastern part of the country of Remdik like Medved
Army, the garrison areas were sparsely manned.

However, they had quietly arrived in the areas of Calvico and Sinchko, which were less than five
hundred miles away from River Onxy.

Given the proximity, the troops stationed there could be thrown into the battlefield in as little as half a
day once a battle broke out. An army of one million. The number alone makes one’s scalp tingle.

Even Sawyer, who was aggressive by nature, was stunned. He gazed at Jonathan in wonder. As the
latter said, the country of Remdik could mobilize millions of troops to the battlefield quickly if there was
a battle to be had.

Wilbur will not send the remaining four hundred thousand soldiers of Yaleview Army, which would be
the closest support to arrive, to Doveston. Therefore, Horbah, Terrandya, and Baridoki would surely fall
if a battle broke out.

Jonathan gazed at the rippling river and let out a long sigh.

“Cultivators in the advanced phase of God Realm keep their promises. Return with your Yaleview Army
of two hundred thousand, Sawyer. Doveston will be peaceful for half a year.”

“It’ll only be half a year, Mr. Goldstein. We’re happy to be stationed in Horbah directly, and conduct
repair works and the likes for future battles—”

Before Sawyer could finish his sentence, Jonathan’s hand was already on his shoulder.

Jonathan smiled faintly at the other’s stunned expression.

“Wilbur has four army commanders in the Grandmaster Realm. The other three are veterans who have
experienced the baptism of war, and you are a complete newcomer he had personally groomed.

“The first reason for sending you to my command is so I could let my guard down to reveal more
information to you.

“The second is to give me a chance to attack you so that you may become his double agent.

“The third is to seize the opportunity to join forces with Eastern Army and disintegrate the threat of
Eastern Army to Yaleview Army from within.”

“What do you mean, Mr. Goldstein? I don’t quite understand.” Sawyer looked at Jonathan with a wry
smile. “I really just want to help.”

“Help?” Jonathan asked with a chuckle. “Is that why you brought more than ten thousand medical staff
out of two hundred thousand people?”

Sawyer and Karl’s expressions shifted slightly as soon as Jonathan’s words sounded.

Sawyer was surprised by Jonathan’s acuity. Karl, on the other hand, glowered at Sawyer, wishing for
nothing more than to dismember the harmless and somewhat reckless youth on the spot.

Although an army requires medical personnel, such a large number is abnormal. The only explanation
is that once casualties occurred during the war, Sawyer’s men would be able to swoop in and rescue
the Eastern Army on a large scale. This life-saving grace could ultimately minimize the defense of
Eastern Army against Yaleview Army.

Sawyer had been wanting to fire the first shot to start the war, which revealed the ultimate purpose of
Wilbur’s plan—to assimilate Eastern Army into the Yaleview Army completely.

“I used to think you have nothing but a hollow reputation, Mr. Goldstein. That you were luckier than
others by following the trend,” Sawyer remarked as he met Jonathan’s eyes with his clear ones. “Now I
understand why Wilbur is so afraid of your existence. You are indeed a born strategist.”

Jonathan stopped Karl, who wanted to strike and merely smiled and nodded.

“Go back to Wilbur and tell him that I know he has positioned people around me. However, I have many
more men in Yaleview, including some within Yaleview Army. There is no need to engage in such petty
tricks in the future.”

“I will definitely relay the message. By the way, Wilbur once said that if you discover our true intentions,
I am to leave behind the supplies of two hundred thousand people as a gift to you even if he loses.
You’re more than welcome.” Sawyer then turned and left.

With the situation in River Onxy stabilized, Sawyer swaggered away with two hundred thousand
Yaleview troops in the same way he had arrived, leaving behind a small mountain of supplies.

Dominick asked Karl and the others for their opinions on the best way to deal with these supplies, while
he offered the suggestion of destroying everything as a precaution.

Nevertheless, Jonathan assured them they could use the supplies without worry.

After all, Wilbur wanted the whole of Doveston and a complete Eastern Army. Thus, something like
poisoning would not make any sense.

Despite the loss of Yaleview Army’s help to rebuild the supply network, they gained two hundred
thousand troops’ worth of supplies. With both sides even, the crisis faced by Eastern Army was

temporarily resolved.

Jonathan and Karl sat in the big tent and ate baked potatoes around the stove.

“Is Josephine kidnapped by the Osbourne family, Mr. Goldstein?” Karl asked with a frown while he

Jonathan glanced at his watch. “Yes. An alliance was formed between Wilbur and the Salladay family.
So the Osbourne family used Josephine as a bargaining chip to request Asura’s Office to join them less
than twenty-four hours after she was taken.”

“Did you say yes?”

“I did.” Jonathan stuffed the last piece of sweet potato into his mouth as he spoke.

“Josephine is safer in the Osbourne residence than in Edenic Heights. After all, respectable families
are not the only ones who want to attack me.

“Now that Josephine is at the ancestral land of the Osbourne family, they will treat her with the utmost
respect if they want my compliance. That way, I can relax and sort out my other affairs.”

Karl gave a stiff nod. “The activities of foreign organizations, including the ones from Dark Web, have
greatly reduced from what I’ve heard of late. We don’t know why.”

Jonathan pondered over those words for a moment.

“The forces outside Chanaea have also disappeared suddenly,” he commented thoughtfully. “It seems
related to the new organization, Apocalypse, that appeared on Dark Web.

“I remember Yasmin telling me that this newly emerged organization is led by the top three killers on
Dark Web. It is mighty and appears to have been founded for the purpose of revamping Dark Web.”

“Top three in Dark Web?” Karl seemed to recall something before looking at Jonathan doubtfully.
“Didn’t you throw the one ranking third into Northern Crimson Prison for trying to assassinate you?

“I remember that he’s only about Superior Realm and is so weak that he can’t even beat Hades. How
could such a fellow revamp Dark Web?”

“Punisher may not be up to the task, but the one ranking first, Blaze, and the one ranking second, Fool,
are much more mysterious,” Jonathan remarked solemnly. “Especially the one at the top of the ranks,
Blaze. He has never missed a shot since his debut. I suspect he is a cultivator.”

Jonathan clapped his hands and stood up as he spoke.

“All right. Now that our bellies are full, it’s time for us to get down to business.”

Karl jumped slightly.

“What business?”

“We’re going to Remdik to help you bring back your wife and children,” Jonathan announced with a
smile as he stretched. “They may not survive if you allow those respectable families to continue making
trouble. Those families will definitely be dealt with, but it must not be at the expense of yours.”

“By the way, Karl,” he added, “it’s time for you to die after your family has been taken care of. You can
start arranging your funeral now.”

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