Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 677

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Remdik Cultivators

The northern wind blew furiously above River Onxy. The massive river was the border of Chanaea and
Remdik. Even though it was only October, the surface of River Onxy was already covered with a thick
layer of ice due to its high latitude.

Jonathan, Karl, and Sawyer slowly pressed forward as they stepped on the thick icy surface of River
Onxy. In front of them, there were three men walking toward them.

One of them was Aidan from Medved Army. There was also Alexander, the Chief of Staff of Medved
Army. Lastly, Team Alpha’s commander-in-chief, Antoine.

These three were famous on the bounty list on Dark Web, especially Antoine. His bounty was no lesser
than Jonathan’s. “The famous Asura. I finally get to meet you in the flesh.”

Before both sides got close, Aidan, who was in the lead, began laughing boisterously. “It’s my first time
meeting a bandit who speaks Chanaean so well,” Jonathan said.

Both sides stopped in their tracks with a five-meter gap between them. For so many years, Remdik had
been eyeing to take over Doveston.

Remdik might have achieved their goal if it wasn’t for the flesh and blood shed by generations of
Eastern Army standing guard at the border.

Jonathan didn’t have any good feelings for these men.

However, Jonathan had no choice but to face them with the current unstable state on both sides of
River Onxy.

“Aidan, is it? I’ve long since heard about your expertise as a commander. Medved Army is the top high
technology troop of respectable families. I heard they’ve been raging terror at Doveston for over
decades. The tactics you used for your collaboration with Team Oracle of Jetroina this time were good,
but alas, not good enough,” Jonathan said with a smile.

“However, a scheme like this has never been Remdik’s combat style. I’m curious. Who exactly is the
mastermind behind the war this time?”

Aidan burst into laughter at Jonathan’s words.

“Who is the mastermind isn’t important. The crucial thing is Chanaea needs a war now.”

Alexander, the Chief of Staff, took a step forward, aligning himself with Aidan.

“General Goldstein, I’ve researched Chanaea’s current situation thoroughly. Karl wants our help in
obliterating the cultivators of respectable families. We are all aware of his final motive. However, I can
tell you Remdik has already prepared to make a move. Your people can’t return to Chanaea, and I
mean every single one of you. Of course. We can discuss the terms and conditions. As long as you
retreat from Horbah and let us station our troops there, Remdik promise you there won’t be any more
friction between us.”

“Bullsh*t!” Sawyer yelled with anger burning in his eyes.

Among the six men at the scene, Sawyer was the only one whose cultivation level hadn’t reached God
Realm. Despite so, Sawyer released an aura that wasn’t any weaker than anyone else’s there with his
Grandmaster Realm beginner phase’s spiritual energy.


Antoine, who had stayed silent the entire time, suddenly raised his head and aimed a blast of icy
spiritual energy toward Sawyer.

Jonathan sidestepped toward Sawyer and used his body to contend with the icy blast.

In a blink of an eye, Antoine’s spiritual energy was suppressed.

Seeing the two’s confrontation, Aidan snickered. “I’ve heard rumors about the lack of talent in
Chanaea’s military forces that there’s only a handful of God Realm cultivators. I didn’t believe it until I
saw it for myself today. It looks like those aren’t just rumors. Why is some pipsqueak standing and
screaming in front of me?”

“Pipsqueak?” Sawyer unsheathed a dagger from his back. “What are you then? You want Horbah?
Sure. Exchange it with Springwyn.”

Seeing the dagger in Sawyer’s hand, the thirst for blood flared in Aidan’s eyes.

“You must die today for pointing your weapon at me.”

The layer of ice beneath Aidan’s feet cracked.

Antoine and Alexander leaped backward as if they expected it.

Jonathan grabbed Sawyer’s wrist and flung him toward Karl.

Karl and Jonathan might be in different factions, but they’ve fought in many wars over the years, so
they understood each other well.

The second the ice layer split, Karl swiftly leaped backward with Sawyer in tow.

Jonathan was the only one there left on the cracked ice sheet. He charged at Aidan at full speed with
his bare fists.


With a loud thump, Aidan was tossed into the air from the blow.

Jonathan landed on his feet on the floating ice sheet steadily. Then, he lunged toward Aidan again.

“Kill him!”

At the roar, Antoine paused his retreat and dashed toward Jonathan and Aidan.

Alexander also unsheathed a saber and leaped into the air.

Three God Realm cultivators lunged at Jonathan at the same time. The sight shocked Sawyer, who
was standing by the river.

“Karl, we have to help him!”

Seeing Sawyer was about to race into the fight with a dagger, Karl urgently held onto him.

A flash of admiration crossed Karl’s eyes.

“Don’t worry. Jonathan will ask for our help if he knows he can’t win the fight. He’s not a prideful man.”

Jonathan unsheathed his broken blade and collided with the other three.

In merely seconds, the four had exchanged over a hundred blows.

Jonathan achieved breakthroughs in his cultivation level very quickly. Yet, the enemies he faced were
always much more powerful than he was.

From Garrison of the Osborne family, Vladimir, Joselle, and even Zebedee, all of them were powerful.
The fight with them always forced Jonathan to the brink of death.

The result of those fights was evident to all. Even when facing enemies of the same cultivation level,
Jonathan could still overpower his enemies.

Such a one-sided battle gave Jonathan a wrong impression briefly. Why are God Realm cultivators so

The question confounded Jonathan.

From Aidan’s, Antoine’s, and Alexander’s spiritual energy pulses, one of them was in the middle phase,
while the other two were in the beginner phase.

However, the three of them were not in tune with each other. They couldn’t come up with an impactful

The thing that perplexed Jonathan the most was his previous enemies had many variations of attacks,
so Jonathan had to always be on his toes for their dirty tactics.

Some of them, like Irving and the likes, could even threaten Jonathan despite being a Grandmaster in
the advanced phase.

However, these three God Realm cultivators only attacked directly.

They were all the most basic moves. Jonathan didn’t even have to be cautious.

Hmm… They’re basically fighting only with their brute strength.

After slamming another punch that pushed Aidan back, Jonathan landed nimbly on a piece of floating
ice sheet.

“There seems to be something wrong with your cultivation level. Don’t you guys know anything about
the secret technique of God Realm?”

“Secret technique?”

Aidan glared at Jonathan with red eyes as he breathed hard.

“Does the secret technique feel better than hitting with bare fists? Or can Chanaean cultivators only win
with tricky spells?”

“Win with tricky spells?”

Jonathan sheathed his broken blade and swiftly formed a few seals with his hands.

From his feet, pulses of spiritual energy were pumped into the water beneath him.

“I’ll show you the power of spells.”

“The one that walks on earth and flies in the sky! Hear my summon! Order of the Divine Dragon! Wade
through water!”

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