Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 676

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Station In Horbah

Jonathan charged toward Karl, with a bloodthirsty aura right after. Spiritual energy exploded around
Karl, pushing everyone else away. The spiritual energy of two God Realm cultivators clashed, sending
a violent shock wave into the surrounding.

“I would’ve been living fine if you didn’t come, Jonathan!” Karl said with an intense gaze.

“Do you know you and the two hundred thousand Yaleview Army who suddenly placed in Doveston
could’ve destroyed all my plans?”

“Destroy all your plans?” Jonathan appeared in front of Karl in a flash and swung his fist at Karl’s chin.

Boom! The punch sent Karl flying over ten meters, taking down five tents. Meanwhile, only an
afterimage of Jonathan could be seen dashing toward Karl’s direction.

“Do you know your retarded plan resulted in fifty thousand casualties of Mysonna Army? Dorian is
currently being rescued in Mysonna as we speak. Is this your bullsh*t of a plan?” Jonathan asked
coldly. He clenched his fists and slammed them against Karl’s chest.


Karl’s body tumbled to the ground.

The ground cracked from the impact. Karl gave threw a cold stare at Jonathan who was ten meters

“Jonathan, if you’re looking for a fight, let’s fight as commanders and deploy our troops. Fighting with
our bare hands and feet can’t determine the winner in such a short time.”

Karl waved his hand in the air, and a machete appeared in his grip.

Jonathan straightened his back at the sight.

“Karl, when I first met you, you were just a Grandmaster in the beginner phase. I was the one who
trained you and helped you break through to God Realm. I have found the threshold of breaking
through to the advanced phase of God Realm. With my current power, it’s only a matter of minutes if I
want to kill you. I’ll remember the debt you owe Mysonna, and I’ll slowly take it back from you, bit by

Jonathan rose to his feet and walked over to Karl’s side.

“I want every information you have on the Medved Army, and let me in on your so-called plan. The
state of Chanaea is messier than you can imagine.”

Jonathan and Karl walked toward the main tent across the mess. Among the generals following behind
the two, only Sawyer trailed after them into the main tent.

Karl pulled out a random chair in the tent and gestured at Jonathan.


Jonathan took a seat and got comfortable by the fire.

At that moment, Sawyer rushed through the flap with a smile.

“It sure is cold here in Horbah.”

Karl frowned at Sawyer’s presence. “We have something to discuss, and it is of utmost confidentiality.
I’m sure you must be exhausted today, Sawyer. Why don’t you go and get some rest?”

“I’m not tired,” Sawyer answered with a smile.

“You guys discuss, and I’ll listen from the sides. I promise I won’t interrupt.”

Looking at Sawyer’s innocent-looking face, Karl snickered. He unleashed his spiritual energy and
directed it at Sawyer.

In the face of danger, Sawyer’s instinct as a Grandmaster in the beginner phase kicked in. He
immediately tapped into his powers and shielded himself by extending a force field around him. He
pumped the air with spiritual energy, keeping it at a one-meter radius around him so that he doesn’t
bend down to the pressure.

“Karl, even though I’m subjected to Asura’s arrangement, don’t ever forget that I’m part of Yaleview
Army,” Sawyer said with a wide smile as he tried his best to withstand the pressure.

“Look, everyone is smart. I’m sure you’re well aware of the reason for my presence here. Sure, you can
chase me out of the tent now. Give me half a day, and I assure you I’ll withdraw all the supplies and

Karl unleashed another sharp pulse of spiritual energy into the air at Sawyer’s words.

Spiritual energy pulsed around Jonathan, and a force field enveloped Sawyer instantly.

“That’s enough. I know Wilbur’s character well enough. Sawyer can make it happen if he says so. Why
do you think Wilbur sent two hundred thousand armies as your reinforcement against Remdik’s
Medved Army if there’s no one to send updates in Doveston back to him? Do you think he did it out of
love for you?”

Jonathan’s words were like a punch to Karl. The pressure Karl maintained wavered slightly before it
completely dispersed.

“Listen all you want, but I’ll kill you if you dare to speak,” Karl warned as he sat in his seat.

Turning his gaze back to Jonathan, Karl let out a sigh before he fessed up about his strategy.

Karl used a full thirty minutes to finish explaining the plot he planned against Remdik’s Medved Army
and the eight respectable families.

Sawyer’s face was flushed with excitement. His eyes gleamed with admiration for Karl.

Jonathan felt his head hurt as he looked down at the relationship chart drawn according to Karl’s

Asura’s Office agreed to collaborate with the Osborne family because of Josephine. Meanwhile,
Yaleview Army has an agreement with the Salladay family. If my assumption is correct, regardless of
Lauryn from Edenic Heights, or the Osborne family itself, they should’ve already leaked the news about
Asura’s Office by now. In that case, the remaining families would fight more intensely for collaboration
with Eastern Army.

“If my speculation is correct, Layla and Killian will die,” Jonathan said casually.

Layla was Karl’s wife. Jonathan had met her once before. She was a woman with a gentle disposition.

As for Killian, he was Karl’s seven-year-old son.

At that moment, Karl’s eyes turned red when Jonathan pointed out the truth.

“They have a high possibility of dying but won’t die for sure.”

Jonathan looked over his shoulder at Sawyer. “He brought two hundred thousand armies with him. In
addition to your a hundred and sixty thousand armies, that’s more than enough to annihilate Medved
Army, but the casualties will be at least a hundred and fifty thousand.”

Karl looked up at Sawyer.

However, Sawyer flashed them a smile.

“Yaleview Army is only responsible for defense, and not expansion. If you want to cross River Onxy to
fight, feel free to do so.”

Jonathan returned his gaze to Karl. “Let’s go and see Aidan. He’s already an old rival of ours. I want to
talk to him too.”

Delisgar Ridge was an important mountain range that cut across the northeast of Horbah, separating
Chanaea and Remdik.

The primary forest there was protected by both Remdik and Chanaea and was a restricted area where
trespassing was strictly prohibited.

At that moment, two afterimages passed through the ridge at a fast pace into the deeper parts of the

“Joshua, are you sure this is the direction?”

Hayden held a long sword and slashed across every branch blocking his sight.

“Why can’t we take the ridge? Why do we have to take the hard way by going through this forest?”

Joshua followed behind Hayden with a resigned look.

“The thicket here is too dense. I can’t survey the terrain even if I’m standing at the peak of the
mountain. However, the general direction that we’re heading in is accurate. If we trek in this direction
for another night, we should reach the Whitley family’s real ancestral land.”

“Another night?”

Hayden felt like crying at that two words.

“Joshua, I suddenly realized that collaborating with you wasn’t such a bright idea. Why do you want to
be one of the respectable families? Isn’t life going great for you being the trust fund baby you are now?”

“Trust fund baby?” Joshua chuckled. “When I was slightly well off, I didn’t pull out from the game of
fame and wealth, so now it’s already too late. One of the respectable families will obliterate the Zink
family if you don’t become one of them.”

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