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Chapter 675

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How Have You Been

Late at night, Yaleview Army’s northern military district was illuminated brightly. All the railway tracks,
main roads, and highways had been blocked off by the military.

The supplies and firearms were transported to Horbah by land and air freight. Wilbur was quite
ambitious, for he could easily adapt despite Yaleview’s chaotic situation and make a name for himself.

Not only did he know how to maintain good relationships with others, but he could also come up with
strategic and systematic plans in battles.

It took Wilbur less than three hours from the call with Jonathan for the first reinforcement team to arrive
at Horbah. Plus, Yaleview Army had also built its own intelligence network at Doveston.

When the soldiers arrived, they split into teams of two without delay. While one team was responsible
for rebuilding the supply line for Eastern Army, the other team would hunt down the remaining Jetroina

When Jonathan got wind about that, his expression darkened greatly.

It’s obvious that Wilbur is well-versed in the situation in Doveston by his swift reaction. However, he did
not try to stop the assassins in Jetroina. Instead, he waited until the Eastern Army’s supply lines failed
before taking the opportunity to strike a deal in exchange for his help. Did Wilbur not care about the
safety of Chanaea’s citizens? He didn’t mind hurting the Eastern Army just to achieve his goal. It’s the
lives of one hundred sixty thousand people at stake! Perhaps in his eyes, these people’s lives are just
stepping stones for him to achieve the peak of his power.

However, the situation in Chanaea became completely muddled ever since Yaleview Army sent troops
into Doveston.

Firstly, Asura’s Office was enemies with respectable families and the forces surrounding Chanaea,
including the penetration of international organizations like Dark Web.

On the other hand, Eastern Army was being coveted by Remdik, Asura’s Office, Yaleview Army, and
many forces in Jetroina.

Yaleview Army, in turn, was the most troublesome out of all of the armies.

As their vision was to unify all the forces, they did not stop their conquest of power.

Thus, Wilbur’s plan involved many parties.

Wilbur had the support of the Salladay family, which was the most influential family out of the eight
respectable families. Therefore, the other seven families would not dare to lay a finger on Yaleview
Army out of respect for the Salladay family.

This gave room for Wilbur to progress.

As for the military, Wilbur had agreed with Jonathan and got the support of Asura’s Office.

In the past few years, power in Chanaea was split into three parties—the respectable families’ alliance,
Asura’s Office, and Yaleview.

At the moment, Wilbur was overseeing Yaleview, placating the respectable families, and forming allies
with Asura’s Office. Even Eastern Army, which had just declared independence became unpredictable
after Wilbur sent two hundred thousand soldiers to support them.

There was a saying that people who had gone through hardships and happiness would have a special
place for each other.

Now that Eastern Army was in dire straits, they would have a strong friendship with the two hundred
thousand soldiers Wilbur sent in to defend Doveston. After all, they would sleep, eat, and even fight
against the same enemy.

If Karl decided to move against Yaleview Army one day, there was a chance Eastern Army might

Wilbur was nipping the problem right in the bud, and it was undoubtedly a perfect plan.

Even if Jonathan saw through the plan, there was nothing he could do. All in all, it was a conspiracy by

Wilbur was undoubtedly born a strategist and a high-powered careerist.

Not only did he stabilize the respectable families and form an agreement with Asura’s Office, but he
also set a trap for Eastern Army. The Four Great Forces of Chanaea had fallen into Wilbur’s schemes.
It made one wonder if that was all it took for Wilbur to unify all the forces.

While sitting in the military Jeep, Jonathan was organizing a timeline in his mind.

Meanwhile, a young and polite-looking military officer sat next to him.

The man was Sawyer Drudy, one of the potential successors Wilbur trained after he came into power.
Sawyer was now in charge of Yaleview’s northern military district’s affairs.

“Reporting in! Eastern Army’s base is located just thirty miles ahead. We’re here,” Sawyer told
Jonathan excitedly with a reddened face.

After Wilbur came into power, he started to train new soldiers maniacally. Although he claimed it was to
infuse new blood into the army, it was all because he did not trust the seniors of the army.

Naturally, the newly-promoted leaders like Sawyer had not had a chance to see Wilbur’s repulsive

Therefore, they worshipped Jonathan and Wilbur as if they were gods of war.

In the eyes of young soldiers, it was a perfect arrangement for Chanaea Asura’s Office to manage
external affairs while Yaleview Army dealt with internal matters. The thought of the duo being enemies
was just nonsensical to them.

When faced with such a general, Jonathan was utterly speechless.

After all, as the commander of two hundred thousand soldiers, Sawyer actually asked for Jonathan’s
signature the moment he saw him.

However, Jonathan had to admit that the young man was meticulous in managing other affairs. Sawyer
handled the coordination between the two hundred thousand soldiers so flawlessly that Jonathan could
not find any faults against him. Therefore, Jonathan was not so worried.

“Is there any news about Karl?” Jonathan asked indifferently.

After glancing at his tablet, Sawyer quickly replied, “Yes, Asura. Eastern Army has already given us a
response. Karl wishes to talk to you; the location has been set at his camp.”

“All right. Let’s go over right now.”

In Karl’s camp, an SUV was passing through at an unhurried pace.

Meanwhile, the soldiers were rather excited and saluted the SUV on both sides of the car. It was an
understatement to say that the soldiers were thrilled.

“Asura, look around you. No matter where you go, everyone respects you. It’ll be great if I can achieve
at least half of what you have,” exclaimed Sawyer while looking out the window.

Upon hearing that, Jonathan smiled mockingly.

“Really? In exchange, I had to go through countless assassinations and wars. If you want to endure all
that, I don’t mind giving all their respect to you.”

As Jonathan finished speaking, the SUV slowly came to a stop.

In front of the SUV was a line of soldiers wearing coats. The man leading the front seemed exhausted
with stubbles covering his face. He was currently standing and looking at the SUV with a complex

That man was none other than Karl.

At that moment, the duo gazes fixated on each other through the car window with one standing outside
and the other inside the SUV.

After a long moment, Karl slowly raised his right hand and saluted Jonathan.

Following his salute, Jonathan pulled open the door and bowed slightly to exit the car.

“Greetings to Asura!” Karl said with a hoarse voice.

Meanwhile, a large crowd of people was shouting behind and around him.

“Asura!” they let out a deafening cheer in unison.

Sawyer felt the same kind of enthusiasm he had for Asura from the other generals of Eastern Army.

Fire blazed in Sawyer’s eyes as he looked at Jonathan.

This man is the esprit de corps of Chanaea’s military—the real Asura!

Lifting his right hand, Jonathan saluted swiftly.

“All this while, Eastern Army has been stationed at the battlefield of Doveston’s River Onxy. It must
have been a tiring fight with Medved Army!”

“We don’t feel tired at all! We will fight for Chanaea until our deaths!”

Their angry roars even caused the brutal northern wind to die down a little.

While the air was filled with fighting spirits, Jonathan turned to look at Karl.

“It’s been a while, Karl. How have you been?”

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