Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 674

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After completing the arrangements made for Asura’s Office, Jonathan opened the website skillfully.
Jonathan stared at the simple login interface before him. Finally, he keyed in a password after thinking
for a long moment.

As the chat boxes popped up one after another, Jonathan deftly tapped on the keyboard. Following
that, he connected the phone to the computer and called a number. Beep, beep, beep…

The phone rang thrice before the sound of the call connecting sounded. “Hello? Who’s this?” A slightly
raspy and weary voice sounded from the other end of the phone line.

Upon hearing the familiar voice, Jonathan was silent for a moment before casually speaking. “The
logistics supply in Horbah has been cut off. Karl is facing off against Medved Army at the moment and
he simply cannot spare the manpower to rebuild the supply network. I know you’ve been waiting for my
phone call. You should make your move now.”

Inside a mansion in Zedfield, Yaleview, Wilbur glanced at the document before him. An old model
Nokia phone was placed beside him.

Apart from receiving phone calls, the old phone did not have other functions. Even if someone wanted
to eavesdrop on the conversations, there was no way to hack.

Wilbur chuckled as he glanced at the document in hand. “Jonathan, the Eastern Army’s backup supply
line was destroyed. That matter is the concern of Asura’s Office. Perhaps you dialed the wrong number
when you called Yaleview Army?”

Jonathan snickered when he heard the voice on the phone. “Wilbur, we both know the reaction of
Yaleview Army if I really send people to support Doveston. Let’s cut to the chase. Didn’t you keep your

phone precisely for this day? Although Terrandya and Baridoki can muster up some supplies, it’s simply
not enough to provide for the consumption of one hundred and sixty thousand people.”

Jonathan fell silent after he spoke and stared at the phone in his hand.

“Karl and Eastern Army betrayed Asura’s Office. This cannot be helped,” Wilbur ventured slowly.
“Jonathan, when we were at the Valley of Elites, you could not bear to cripple the elite warriors who
fought against us. You even said something about them being crippled for life if you did that. Truly, I do
not understand why you cannot rid yourself of this softhearted behavior. Can’t you just kill Karl directly
and take back Eastern Army?”

Upon hearing that, Jonathan let out a sigh. “I know. Although you pursue power, you will not watch
Eastern Army being defeated. Just state your conditions.”

“Hehe…” Wilbur’s chuckle sounded from the phone. “Jonathan, you’re the same as always. You
haven’t changed at all. Since you let me state the condition, I will tell you. Otherwise, you will be

Wilbur paused for a moment. “Jonathan, your goal was always to overthrow the monopoly of the eight
respectable families and to return peace and prosperity to Chanaea. The path you seek is for a great
cause. I am just an ordinary man and not a noble person like you. What I seek has always been power
and status. After we join forces for the plan, I will help you destroy the eight respectable families. After
that, you will disband Asura’s Office and never get involved in anything else. How does that sound?”

Disband Asura’s Office…

Jonathan stared at the phone without any expression. Even his breathing seemed to have slowed

He was aware that Wilbur was not just after the disbandment of Asura’s Office. The latter planned to
devour Chanaea’s military power in order to strengthen his position and complete the unification.

“Wilbur, do you intend to help me slay the dragon, only to become the dragon yourself?”

“Jonathan Goldstein!” Through the phone, Wilbur’s voice suddenly rose. “Do you really think you’re the
savior? Or do you think that tumors like respectable families can be completely eradicated after you
clean them up? Dream on! As long as humans exist, they will eternally be driven by desires and
interests. There will always be a hierarchy in society.”

Wilbur continued, “Those respectable families have been passed down for hundreds and thousands of
years. Even if you destroy them, someone else will take their place. The Goldstein family is one of the
prominent families. If it wasn’t for the suppression of respectable families, do you think the Goldsteins
would have been satisfied to just remain an ordinary family? Or perhaps, Asura’s Office in your grasp
right now isn’t reigning above society? There will always be someone standing at the top. Why can’t
that person be me? I understand you and likewise, you also understand where I am coming from.

“At the very least, if I stood at the top, I will not be as rotten and broken as the current respectable
families. I’ve prepared supplies for Eastern Army that are sufficient for ten days. I’ve also notified the
army of two hundred thousand to enter Level 1 battle formation. As long as you agree to my terms,
they will follow the railway line and move into Horbah within half a day. Of course, it doesn’t matter
even if you don’t agree with my condition. I will clean up Doveston after Eastern Army is taken care of.”

Wilbur’s blunt words pierced through Jonathan’s heart.

It was not only in Chanaea but everywhere else in the world. Those respectable families were parasites
and roaches that could not be killed or exterminated.

It was as Wilbur said—even if he was not the one, someone else was bound to stand on top of society.

“I agree to your condition.” Without further ado, Jonathan agreed. “However, I have one last question
for you.”

“Shoot.” Wilbur laughed as he spoke.

“What is the real reason you’re working with the Salladay family?” Jonathan inquired. He did not beat
around the bush. Wilbur was not only ambitious, but he was also a strategist. Otherwise, he would not
be able to command an army of six hundred thousand.

Someone like Wilbur would not overlook the repercussions of joining hands with a respectable family.
He must have his own plans.

Wilbur’s reply was blunt. “Jonathan, everything I do is for the purpose of climbing up. Those
respectable families are nothing but stepping stones for me to achieve a partnership with you. The
more chaotic Chanaea becomes, the greater my chances are.”

“Understood.” Upon hearing Wilbur’s reply, Jonathan finally felt relieved.

Wilbur intended to drag the eight respectable families and Chanaea’s three great military forces down.
However, as long as it was not in pursuit of power as an underling of respectable families, it did not

The scheme was bound to be revealed someday. Jonathan only hoped that the day would not be too
far away.

“Wilbur, send your troops. I will keep my promise.”

“I knew you’d agree to it. The transport plane has left for Doveston when I received your call. It has
already entered Terrandya’s territory.” Wilbur chuckled. “By the way, although the two hundred

thousand troops I’ve transferred are to assist the defense of Doveston along with Eastern Army, I’ve
ordered them to only listen to your order, not Karl’s.”

“Do you trust me so much?” Jonathan laughed. “Aren’t you afraid that your troops will become cannon
fodder that I’ll throw into River Onxy? Can you bear with that?”

Wilbur chuckled again. “If you’re truly so fearsome, Yaleview Army would have been absorbed into
Asura’s Office.”

“Then, why not Karl?” Jonathan continued to pry. “He’s good at leading troops. His leadership abilities
are certainly no weaker than mine.”

Wilbur sneered. “He’s the same as me. We’re both ambitious!”

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