Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 671

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Following Jonathan’s shout, the bronze handbell transformed into a golden beam and shot toward
Zebedee. The glint of the blade flashed in the sky as Jonathan flipped and dodged while holding
Heaven Sword.

However, the broken blades of the six other Zebedee still left a few bloody wounds on Jonathan’s body.
While Jonathan’s blood splattered in the air, the long sword in his hand disappeared. Then, it was
replaced with a flaming stick that was over ten meters long.

Although the bronze handbell wasn’t in Jonathan’s hand, it still contained his spiritual energy. When it
was tossed out by Jonathan, the golden beam didn’t disappear. Like a huge cover, it enclosed
Zebedee, who was below the beam.

Clang! Following a loud noise, Zebedee was trapped within the golden beam like a stranded beast. The
sudden golden glow shocked Zebedee. It wasn’t until he saw it was Jonathan’s magical item that he felt
slightly relieved.

Yet, just when Zebedee wanted to send the bronze handbell away by hitting it, Jonathan flipped over
mid-air and descended. Then, he pushed his palm toward the bronze handbell above Zebedee’s head.

The runes surrounding Zebedee, which were slowly disappearing, suddenly glowed brightly after being
injected with spiritual energy.

Zebedee, who wanted to escape the trap, bumped into the layer of golden light. Instantly, he couldn’t
think straight because of the impact.

In the surrounding area, six Zebedee—each wielding a broken blade—attacked Jonathan from every
direction. Each blade was aimed at the latter’s vital parts.

However, Jonathan didn’t seem like he wanted to dodge the attacks at all.


Jonathan flipped and stomped furiously on the bronze handbell below him as if there were a thousand
pounds on his legs.


The bronze handbell sunk into the ground substantially.

Jonathan held his flaming stick up high and swung it downward with all his might.


The sound of the bell echoed across the sky.

This was a move where Jonathan had to risk it all.

Zebedee’s remaining six blades would dismember Jonathan’s limbs if there were any miscalculations.

The golden beam glowed brightly and created a rippling effect on the surrounding air.


Following a soft trembling sound, Jonathan vomited a mouthful of blood.

Meanwhile, his entire body went upside down as he bounced backward in the sky.

The six broken blades around him flew away. The other six Zebedee, who were wielding the blades,
became a series of spiritual energy before vanishing.

On the street, the cars flipped over and flew up, following the ripple of the golden beam.

Trees were broken in half, and the buildings’ glasses on both sides of the street shattered.

Street lamps, the shops’ signboards with bulbs, and everything within one’s sight were all destroyed

Within ten meters, the people in the shops by the streets turned into a mist of blood, as they couldn’t
withstand the shockwave.

The people who were further away from the scene were severely injured as well.

The street that was once prospering had become a purgatory on earth.

While hovering mid-air, Jonathan felt his mind spiraling into turmoil as he widened his eyes and stared
at the scene before him.

Obviously, I had a better solution.

If I can guide Zebedee to the wilderness, I can certainly exhaust his spiritual energy.

So what if he caused any casualties while he was chasing after me?

Even if the seven Zebedee started killing people, the most they could murder would be dozens or over
a hundred people.

As for the cars that were stepped on, it wouldn’t necessarily kill the people inside, even if such an
accident happened.

However, the casualties now are inestimable because of a single blow from my flaming stick.

The affected area was at least a radius of a hundred meters.

Oh, god! This is all my fault!

Seeing the ground that was rapidly closing in on him, the flaming stick in Jonathan’s hand extended
insanely and poked through the buildings on both sides of the street.

Then, Jonathan retracted his magical item and landed on the ground safely, using the resistance force.

Meanwhile, Zebedee was lying on the ground, already covered in blood.

Before this, Jonathan battled Garrison from the Osborne family. During that battle, Jonathan annihilated
the latter with just one full-forced attack.

Zebedee was in the advanced phase of the God Realm, which was a rank higher than Garrison’s
cultivation level. However, the shockwave pushed Zebedee’s body to the verge of breaking down.

Countless drops of blood gushed out of Zebedee’s skin. He collapsed into a pool of blood while
bleeding from all his orifices. At that moment, he had lost all his ability to fight back.

Jonathan reached his hand out and gestured slightly. Soon, seven similar broken swords flew up and
hovered in front of him.

“Zebedee, do you really wish to begin a war for your so-called empire?” asked Jonathan.

His spiritual sense spread around him like a tidal wave.

There were disembodied limbs scattered around the scene, and cries for help could be heard
reverberating in the area…

There were at least three thousand ordinary people who experienced casualties because of the battle
between the two cultivators.

It was true that a battle between the gods would make ordinary humans suffer.

Zebedee lay on the ground and looked at Jonathan. He wanted to speak, but only the sounds of air
bubbles came out of his mouth.

Jonathan’s finger twitched slightly. Then, two broken blades circled mid-air and flew through Zebedee’s
pauldron and lifted him.

“Look. If I lead my people to attack Jetroina and do this in your country, will you still think that ordinary
people are merely a bunch of lowly insects? If I kill all your friends, families, and relatives, will you
remain adamant and insist on escalating matters into a war?”

At that moment, Zebedee was being lifted mid-air using Jonathan’s broken blade. The tip of Zebedee’s
toes touched the ground, and thick blood dripped from his chin continuously.

“Hah…” Zebedee looked at the living hell before his eyes and laughed with difficulty. “It’s too late,
Jonathan. It’s too late… My two subordinates who escaped had already contacted our Jetroinian spies.
The backup supply of Karl’s Eastern Army will be severely damaged, and no one will be spared.
Remdik’s Medved Army will cross River Onxy and enter Doveston. Jetroina’s army will also enter the
border from Baridoki. Soon, there will be no peace in Doveston.”

Zebedee continued, “Just wait and see. Our national flower will bloom in every corner of Chanaea!
Claudius’ light will shine on every inch of the skies and ground in Chanaea! Three generations of calm
preparations were all done for this moment today! You can kill me, but I’m the one who won this battle!”

A cold glint flashed, and a blood fountain appeared on Zebedee’s stomach.

Seeing the wound on his stomach, Zebedee burst into a maniacal laugh. “Let me commit seppuku,
Jonathan. I am a Jetroinian warrior, so I deserve to die with honor.”

Jonathan slowly lowered Zebedee to the ground. However, seven broken blades overlapped in the next
second, dividing Zebedee’s body into over ten pieces of meat.

On the ground, Zebedee’s head rolled over, and his eyes remained wide open while staring at

Jonathan kept away the seven flying swords and the ring on Zebedee’s broken finger.

Jonathan lowered his head and looked at Zebedee’s head, then casually tossed the latter’s broken
finger to the side.

“According to Jetroina’s rules, you should enjoy the most honorable ceremony. However, this is
Chanaea, and you don’t deserve it.”

Jonathan’s heart felt heavy after he glanced around and saw the people who were struggling in

This wasn’t the first time he had seen such a scene.

It was impossible to have no death or injuries when a war was used to stop another war.

All Jonathan could do was end the war as soon as possible. That was the only way he could restore
peace in the world.

Karl, Wilbur, the eight respectable families, Jetroina, and Remdik…

It’s not that I don’t have the courage to kill them. I’m just not bloodthirsty.

Stepping on the ground drenched in a pool of blood, Jonathan slowly walked further away from the

If this is hell, then I shall show you what the real Asura looks like!

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