Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 672

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Inside a tent at the military camp, Karl was staring at the dots of light on the screen in front of his eyes.

Those dots were tracking devices that God Realm experts of the respectable families possessed. At
the same time, the device could also be used to pinpoint the user’s own location.

Hence, the experts could use the tracking devices to trace Blood Squad’s location, while
simultaneously relaying their own location to Karl.

“Commander, I’ve made the necessary arrangements,” Dominick announced loudly after entering the

“Mmm.” Karl nodded slightly. In the next second, he raised his head and cast a glance at his lieutenant.
“Our spies…”

Dominick shook his head upon hearing that.

“If we don’t mobilize the spies who are stationed in Remdik, they can live the rest of their lives in peace.
If we mobilize them, however, I’m afraid they won’t even have a chance at escaping,” he explained.

Of course, Karl was well aware of the possible outcomes for the spies. Nonetheless, he couldn’t help
letting out a long sigh and leaning back into his chair after listening to Dominick’s words.

“Remdik will definitely seek revenge on the spies for relaying information to us. Although they can’t
escape, they won’t lose their lives for the time being.”

Recalling the pictures of the people in the classified documents and how their eyes were filled with
hope, Karl only felt his heart clench.

Karl and the Medved Army of Remdik had remained in an impasse in Doveston for seven long years,
and both parties were preparing for the forthcoming war.

As a result, bombs, firearms, supplies, soldiers, and intel were being continuously accumulated.

Out of Doveston’s three states, Horbah had been designated as the base of operations, where
countless intelligence officers would come and go.

Karl had also put together a team of people who were tasked to infiltrate Remdik and relay information
to him from within.

By choosing to mobilize the spies that had been living under the radar all this while, he was essentially
exposing them and sealing their fates. All they could do was wait for their deaths, but Karl had no other

After making up his mind, he gave an order to Dominick. “Give them a call. There’s no need to be
secretive about it. Let them know they can contact their families and ask them if there’s anything
they’re unable to fulfill themselves. I’ll try my best to help them.”


Dominick turned around and headed out, immediately beginning to make the arrangements.

Meanwhile, Karl cast a final glance at the folder in his hand before tossing it into the heater and
performing a military salute.

Having made up his mind, he wore a resolute expression on his face and watched as the flames
engulfed the classified documents, gradually turning them into ashes.

“I, Karl Hamilton, am truly sorry, everyone. Thank you for your hard work throughout all these years.”

Evidently, Karl had gone all out this time.

He and Jonathan shared the same goal—to destroy the monopoly of respectable families.

However, the two men had vastly different approaches to handling the situation.

It was precisely the clash in their beliefs that led Karl to betray Asura’s Office.

He had been commanding an army for years, so how could he possibly not know what would happen
to the three Doveston states when he decided to leave Asura’s Office?

Aidan tried to persuade Karl to join hands with him under the guise of helping Karl unify the world, but it
was all rhetoric.

In fact, Aidan was merely hoping to make Eastern Army a lone, helpless army.

Karl was well aware of the man’s intentions, yet he still chose to work with Medved Army.

That was because Karl had a goal he wished to achieve, and that was to get rid of Yaleview Army and
unite all Chanaean military forces, from Doveston to Xemrich, to form a unified military.

Yaleview Army’s six hundred thousand soldiers were the heart of Chanaea.

Jonathan was afraid of getting Chanaea tangled up in the mess, so he continually ignored the
objections from Asura’s Office.

On the other hand, Karl had long wanted to make a move, but he was a King of War. The moment he
pulled the trigger, he would drag all of Asura’s Office down with him.

Although they had different beliefs, Karl didn’t want to conspire against Jonathan and force the latter to
turn his back on Yaleview. Hence, Karl’s best option was to use the Medved Army of Remdik to his

Both Medved Army and Eastern Army were two of the world’s most advanced war units. They had a
combined force of three hundred thousand soldiers. If they were to work together, it was entirely
plausible for them to destroy Yaleview Army in a short amount of time.

Karl planned to defeat Yaleview Army before turning on Medved Army.

He hoped to stabilize the situation in Doveston and Huxville by abandoning Medved Army once he
achieved his goal.

However, Aidan’s shamelessness caught Karl by surprise. The former didn’t even bother putting up an
act when Karl cut ties with Asura’s Office and instantly turned against him.

Wilbur from Yaleview joining forces with the Salladay family and Joshua’s subsequent escape was also
not within Karl’s expectations.

Despite the unforeseen turn of events, Karl made new plans according to the visit of the God Realm
cultivators from the six respectable families.

Now that Wilbur and the Salladay family were working together, the respectable families began seeing
Eastern Army as a key player.

Karl simply set up a plan using his wife and son, who were still in Remdik, to have the respectable
families fight in his stead.

Once they were in Chanaea, the respectable families would pull out all the stops for the opportunity to
reunite Karl’s wife and son with him.

However, one would be in the territory of the eight respectable families of Chanaea upon entering the
country. It wouldn’t be easy for anyone to make a move.

That was why Karl had secretly spread the word about the six respectable families’ arrival in Remdik.

This was his brand new plan.

Regardless if the news was true or not, Remdik would have to play into Karl’s plan and cut off the six
respectable families’ God Realm cultivators right then and there.

In Karl’s opinion, the best-case scenario would be all six cultivators perishing in Remdik.

Not only would that reduce the powers of the respectable families, but it would also make those
families have their guards up against one another.

Although it was impossible to cut their connection in one go, this opportunity would allow Karl to sow
some doubt in their hearts. It would build a solid foundation for his later attempts to bring the
respectable families down.

However, Eastern Army’s Blood Squad and Karl’s family would be in greater danger if he proceeded
with the plan.

All of them could potentially lose their lives in Remdik.

Inside the heater, the classified documents had long been burned to dust.

Karl slowly dropped his hand as tears welled up in his eyes.

Many people had been sacrificed in these plans, but Karl didn’t have a choice. The sacrifices were
inevitable for the bigger picture—destroying the respectable families.

If his sacrifice could help change the situation in Chanaea, Karl had no qualms about giving his life.

That was a belief that he would uphold to his very last breath as a soldier.


Outside, Dominick’s voice came from afar, his tone laced with panic.

Karl walked to the door and looked at his lieutenant.

“What’s wrong? Why are you so frantic?” he asked.

“Bad news, Commander!” said Dominick in between breaths. “The backup supply station in Horbah
sustained extensive damage. It won’t be able to resume provision for a week.”

A crease appeared between Karl’s brows as he asked, “How long can we hold out with our reserved

“Two and a half days.”

“Call the chief of Horbah’s intelligence network.” Karl turned around and entered the tent as he gave
the order. “This is a serious matter, yet no heads-up was given. I suppose we don’t need him alive
anymore,” he remarked.

Meanwhile, in Harfush, Sirmoor, Hades had his eyes fixed on the screen in front of him.

“Mr. Goldstein, there’s news from Horbah. The Eastern Army’s backup supply station has been
damaged. Shall we proceed with the adjustments?”

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