Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 670

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One Three Two One

“It’s fine. They are two experts from the God Realm. Even if all of you were there, they are still
unstoppable. What you guys did was right,” Jonathan said calmly. “What’s the situation in Edenic

“There are no fatalities. Most of them are just injured with fractures. They will recover soon.” As Jason
spoke, he had stopped the bleeding and bandaged Josephine’s hand efficiently.

“Madam, please lie down. The wound on your belly needs to be treated as well.”

Looking at Jonathan through the screen, Josephine could not stop crying as tears continued streaming
down her cheeks. Although she did not say anything, Jonathan could sense the immense hatred in her
reddened eyes.

Does she hate herself for not protecting the child well or does she hate the Osborne family?

Jonathan did not know which one was it. Josephine lay down on the couch slowly as Jason efficiently
cut apart her loose-fitting clothes with his scalpel.

Emmeline, who was sobbing at the side, came over to help. A knife cut the size of a thumb nail could
be seen on Josephine’s belly. At that moment, blood oozed continuously from the wound.

Jay wasn’t threatening me just now. That knife really did pierce through Josephine’s belly. “All right,
that’s long enough.” As Jay said those words, the camera was turned to his handsome face again.

“Jonathan, since you have agreed, then everything else can be easily settled. Asura’s Office will be the
Osborne family’s most competent assistant in the future. We are on the same side now and I won’t
make your life difficult. However, please don’t act against my instruction in the future. As an ally, I think

the Osborne family has the obligation to ensure the safety of your wife and child. Therefore, we’ll bring
them to the Osborne family’s ancestral land this time.”

Hearing Jay’s words, Jonathan’s face was a mask of fury.

However, he understood that it would be meaningless even if he screamed against his phone at that

“I’ll repeat. If my wife and child suffer any injury, I, Jonathan Goldstein, will definitely destroy the
Osborne family even if it costs me Asura’s Office.”


A cold command was heard from Jonathan’s phone.

A fingernail-sized blade was floating in midair, targeting Jay’s temple.

Jay’s eyes flashed with a murderous glint instantly.

The next second, Jason was already pinned to the floor.

“Why can’t your subordinate learn from his mistake?” Jay raised his hand and held on to the blade as
he continued calmly, “You are trying to assassinate me when there are two Gold Realm cultivators with
me. Should I compliment you for your loyalty or your stupidity?”

“Jay, he’s just a doctor. Killing him doesn’t benefit any of us,” Jonathan said lightly.

Jay turned around to face the camera. He then threw the blade in his hand onto the floor.

“That’s right. The reason I am here today is to express my sincerity. I hope you won’t let me down.”

The call was then hung up. Jonathan was so dejected that he lowered his arms weakly.

Even if I possessed the cultivation level of the God Realm and a mighty army, do I still not stand a
chance against those respectable families?

Zebedee, on the opposite, looked at Jonathan as if he was an object of ridicule.

“Jonathan, you have led Eight Kings of War and won numerous battles to protect Chanaea. However,
the Chanaean has harmed your family. Do you think what you did is worth it?”

Hearing Zebedee’s words, Jonathan lifted his head in a daze.

That’s right. Those from respectable families are able to cultivate since their birth. It’s just like what
happened to Chanaea in history. No matter how the government has changed, respectable families
could rely on their influences to take control over the distribution of the topmost resources in Chanaea.
Do they care who is in charge of Chanaea? They don’t. All they care about is their own benefit. Are
these the people I tried to protect wholeheartedly?

After sensing Jonathan’s determination wavering, Zebedee asked again, “Jonathan, why don’t we work
together? As long as you are willing to work together with Jetroina, we can make you the real king in

“And then what?” Hearing Zebedee’s words, Jonathan finally snapped back to his senses. “Then, I’ll
become your puppet to help you guys snatch the resources in Chanaea as you wish?”

“There’s nothing bad about that.” Zebedee continued coldly, “Why did you cultivate in the first place?
Didn’t you cultivate to be able to do anything as you wish and for the peace of this world? As long as
we work together, none of these will be a problem. Besides, Chanaea is just a small part of our plan.
We are also targeting other places until we conquer the entire world!”

“The entire world?” With a light wave on Jonathan’s hand, Heaven Sword fell to his hand with a buzzing
sound. “This is the good thing about people from Jetroina. You are so free that you can dream.”

“Haha… Jonathan, the one who is dreaming is you. We, the people from Jetroina, are pragmatic!”

As the blade glint flashed, Jonathan leaped.

Zebedee’s figure could be seen rushing over, beneath Jonathan, with a sword in his hand.

Just as Jonathan was leaping, the remaining six Zebedee moved together as well.

The blades glinted and were pressed against Jonathan in every direction, rendering him unable to


Following Jonathan’s low growl, golden rays shone and chimes echoed in the air.

In a split second, Jonathan, who suffered the backlash, felt dizzy.

They were just testing each other’s abilities. If they were to fight for real, Jonathan might really lose his
life from the recoil.

Who invented this handbell? Its design is anti-human!

Seven Zebedee surrounded Jonathan, getting ready to launch their second wave of attack.

However, Jonathan had realized something from the first wave of attack.

Although the broken blades of the few Zebedee were quite powerful, their strength was still slightly

One was the strongest, three were intermediate, two were slightly weaker, and another one was the

In fact, the difference between the power during the attack by the seven Zebedee was not that big.
However, Jonathan was standing under the protection of the handbell at that moment. It was as if he
stood in an amplifier.

Jonathan could instantly differentiate which attack on the handbell hurt the attacker the most.

One, three, two, one… There must be some rule behind such a distribution.

Facing rounds of constant attacks from Zebedee, Jonathan could only endure them and kept on

Every backfire on the bronze handbell allowed Jonathan to tell the differences more clearly.

The pain on the tip of his tongue made him alert at all times, so he could continuously ponder on the
logic behind that observation.

One becomes two, two become four. I suppose Zebedee’s spiritual energy is depleting according to the
number of times he duplicates.

In that case, when there are four Zebedee, there will be one real Zebedee, two clones created by him,
and a level-two clone created by one of his clones.

If there are differences in the spiritual energy, then it should be one real Zebedee, two clones, and one
level-two clone.

Since I stopped Zebedee’s duplication just now, if the one I stopped is a clone, then the remaining
three clones will duplicate again.

That should be how the seven Zebedee were formed. One real Zebedee, three clones, two level-two
clones, and one level-three clone.

“I found you!”

With a roar, Jonathan flipped his hand around and retrieved the bronze handbell. The next second, he
threw the handbell in Zebedee’s direction.

“This is it!”

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