Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 669

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I Promise

“Jay!” Malicious intent surged within Jonathan when he heard that name. Even Zebedee, opposite him,
was frightened by his murderous aura.

He wasn’t even that ferocious when fighting me just now. Yet listening to that person’s name alone
infuriates him to such an extent. Sensing his depleting mental energy, Zebedee decided to conserve
his strength by staying idle.

The Jetroinian warrior’s spirit he upheld and his pride as a cultivator prohibited him from sneaking an
attack on Jonathan at that moment because he knew Jonathan could’ve opted to continue escaping,
dragging their battle and wearing out his clones’ power to secure a win.

Although he couldn’t fathom Jonathan’s decision to turn back around to protect the commoners,
Zebedee had already acknowledged the latter as an honorable and dignified man in his heart.

A fight between real men should be open and straightforward.

All seven Zebedees were either sitting or standing, holding their broken blades in front of them instead
of seizing that opportunity to assault Jonathan.

Meanwhile, Jay’s voice sounded from the phone speaker once again.

“Jonathan, don’t worry. We came to Jadeborough with utmost sincerity this time. We wanted to discuss
this matter with you face-to-face, but you weren’t here, so we could only talk things through with your
wife first.”

“Jay! If you dare lay a finger on her, I swear I’ll murder every member of the Osborne family, including
all of your relatives. I won’t spare any of them.”

Despite Jonathan’s nonchalant tone, the resentment flashing in his eyes had reached its peak.

If it weren’t because he was located too far away at that moment, Jonathan would’ve gone to meet up
with Jay with his sword in his hand after knowing his wife was being held as a hostage.

Jay guffawed.

“Jonathan, I suggest you reconsider the position you’re in. I brought two God Realm fighters with me,
so you should think wisely about your current status before speaking to me.”

Hearing that, Jonathan fell silent.

Although Zachary’s army was one of the Dragon Guards and was equipped with formidable firepower,
they could, at most, fight against cultivators in the Grandmaster Realm.

Any God Realm fighter could do as they pleased against an army of over a few hundred thousand men
if there weren’t any advanced-level cultivators present to restrain them.

The army’s only choice would be to resort to using fatal weapons with a high area of effect. A God
Realm fighter was no different from a godlike being to a commoner, and there was no way for the latter
to put up a resistance.

One God Realm fighter would be sufficient to lay waste to the entire Edenic Heights.

With two God Realm fighters on Jay’s side, Jonathan knew anything he said would be mere empty

“Didn’t you say you wanted to discuss a deal with me? Go on, then. I’m curious what kind of deal could
possibly prompt the famous Osborn family to go to such lengths to negotiate terms with me,” Jonathan
uttered calmly.

“That’s more like it,” Jay chirped. “I know you’re smart and wouldn’t waste time talking nonsense.
Jonathan, in the past, the Osborne family had never taken the Goldstein family seriously. In fact, to us,
all of you from the prominent families were no different from insignificant insects unworthy of our
attention. Unfortunately, things do not always go as we plan. The circumstances in Chanaea have
changed. I suppose you’ve heard about the collaboration between Wilbur and the Salladay family, and
the rest of the respectable families are planning to negotiate cooperation with Karl. However, in my
opinion, working directly with Asura’s Office would be a better bet. We, from the Osborne family, have
come here with the intent of asking you to join our side. What do you say?”

Jay stopped his speech at that point and waited for Jonathan to react.

Holding the phone in his hand, Jonathan remained quiet for some time.

If I don’t choose to cooperate with the Osborne family, I’m afraid everyone in Edenic Heights will die.
But if I agree, drastic changes will happen to the situation in Chanaea as well as to my cultivation path
in the future.

“Jay, when I left the army half a year ago, I’d already cut ties with Asura’s Office,” Jonathan replied

Jay snorted coldly. “Jonathan, I figure there’s no need for us to dwell on this trivial topic. You know
better than I do about who is actually in control of Asura’s Office. I only need an answer from you. Will
you agree to this deal or not?”

Right after Jay was done talking, a shriek rang out.

“Josephine!” Jonathan shouted into the phone speaker because he recognized the voice.

Josephine had let out that hysterical yelp.

“Let me see Josephine. Otherwise, I’ll never cooperate with you!” Jonathan yelled anxiously.

The call was hung up. The next second, Jonathan received a video call invitation.

He accepted the invitation with slightly trembling hands and was met with the scene of Josephine being
pinned against the couch by an elderly woman in her sixties.

Standing beside Josephine was a handsome man. He was pressing a dagger against her abdomen.

That man was none other than Jay.

Staring at the face that resembled Broderick, Jonathan gritted his teeth.

“This is our first time seeing one another, Jay. I hope you’ll survive and stay well until the day I hunt you

“I’ll be at the Osborne residence. You can find me there at any time.”

Jay flicked his wrist. Josephine immediately reached out to grab the dagger.

Fresh blood flowed along the blade and trickled down on Josephine’s slightly bulging stomach.

She was drenched in sweat at that moment, evidently scared out of her wits. She wanted to protect her
unborn child, but she was just a helpless, weak woman.

Even if she mustered her strength to grasp the dagger, there was no way she could win against a
cultivator’s brawn.

“Save our child, Jonathan!” she screamed at the camera lens in a hoarse voice.

Ever since Edenic Heights was ambushed twice and Josephine managed to guess Jonathan’s identity,
she had chosen to support him silently.

She had quit her job and stayed inside the heavily guarded and defended mansion to allow him to
focus on his work without worry.

Back then, if those people had used her to threaten Jonathan to yield to their request, she could’ve
opted to end her own life without hesitation.

However, things were different now, as she was pregnant.

As a mother, she couldn’t bear to witness her child die in her womb.

“Jonathan, agree to his request. I beg you. Please accept his terms. Our child cannot die…”

At that instant, sacrificing for the greater good or differentiating between good and evil was no longer
important to her.

Josephine was not unprincipled or inadequately resolute, but she was still a human and an ordinary
mother. She simply couldn’t allow her child to die before her eyes.

“I promise!” Jonathan uttered while looking at the bloody dagger. “I accept all the Osborne family’s
terms. Let my wife go, and I’ll agree to your requests.”

Jay gradually loosened his grip and allowed Josephine to hold the dagger tightly as she pleased.

He took out his handkerchief and casually wiped his hands. “Tend to her wound.”

Following Jay’s order, Jason moved into the picture.

“Mr. Goldstein, Mrs. Goldstein merely sustained a minor injury. I’ll treat her. I’m sorry that I failed to stop
them this time.”

Looking at Jason, who was seemingly mumbling to himself while he bandaged Josephine’s hands,
Jonathan remained silent.

Judging by the bloodstain on him, Jonathan understood he had put forth his best effort.

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