Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 668

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Seven Zebedees

Amidst his shock, Jonathan hastily scanned the two Zebedees before him with his spiritual sense. Both
of them have similar physical bodies and the same cultivation level. This is not an illusion. They are two
identical Zebedees! How is this possible? Even making a clone would need to take more time than this,

However, just as Jonathan widened his eyes and was about to investigate further, the two Zebedees
took out a yellow talisman again in unison.

They produced the same yellow talisman and gestured matching hand seals. “Clone, emerge!” The
strange fluctuations appeared again, and there were now four Zebedees. “What the hell!” Jonathan
couldn’t stay calm anymore.

Although he knew there was no way Zebedee could create another self from thin air and that skill that
could bluff even his spiritual sense must be extremely taxing to the user, Jonathan didn’t dare to drag
that fight any longer.

He’s in the advanced phase of God Realm. If I fight him one on one, perhaps we’ll be equally matched.
However, if there are so many of them, I’m afraid I won’t last for over ten seconds, much less ten
minutes. No matter what Zebedee is scheming, I’ll need to make a move before him. Worse comes to
worst, I’ll skip this epiphany and achieve a breakthrough at a slower pace. If I continue allowing him to
replicate, I may really die here.


Jonathan dashed forward with the long sword in his hand.

Recollecting the scene of how Lauryn had assassinated Sofus, Jonathan swung his sword in a strange
arc and launched himself at Zebedee.

“Heaven Punishment!”

He had perfectly copied Lauryn’s sword technique.

In a split second, the long sword had reached Zebedee.


A crisp sound rang out as Zebedee withdrew his broken blade.

One of the Zebedees rushed over while wielding the broken blade from one side and parried
Jonathan’s long sword.

Meanwhile, the other three Zebedees behind activated the yellow talismans in their hands once again.

The talismans disintegrated, and similar peculiar ripples in the air appeared again. Then, three more
people emerged from thin air.

There were now seven Zebedees.

Jonathan’s scalp tingled as he sensed the genuine God Realm auras from the seven Zebedees around

All of them are in God Realm… This is crazy. How can a human split themselves? This doesn’t make
any sense!

The few Zebedees exchanged glances before dashing toward Jonathan in the next second.

“Damn you!

Jonathan turned around and ran.

Regardless of the method used by Zebedee, Jonathan knew he didn’t stand a chance against seven
identically powerful Zebedees.

He had never cared about the heroic sayings of never backing down even if one would have to
sacrifice themselves in a battle.

If that was a war and his escape would cause tens of thousands of citizens to be harmed, Jonathan
would choose to stand his ground till his death.

However, he was alone at that moment, and if he didn’t flee, he would meet his end right then and

Only a fool will opt to die here.

Deft, quick, and without hesitation, Jonathan mustered all his abilities and took flight.

What was left of him was a mere afterimage as he swiftly bolted and disappeared around the corner of
the intersection.

Commoners aside, even Zebedee was dumbfounded after sensing Jonathan’s speedy decision and

How can a legendary figure like him, well-known in the entire Chanaea and revered even on an
international level, not to mention being the most famous cultivator among the younger generation, do
something as shameless as this?

Jonathan’s behavior was incomprehensible for those who upheld the Jetroinian warrior’s spirit.

Still, Zebedee didn’t have to ponder further on that matter. Since I’ve used the forbidden technique, if I
don’t eliminate Jonathan, the banned technique’s backlash will render me extremely weak. In that case,
I’ll be the one to die. Jonathan must meet his end today!

The seven Zebedees turned into seven afterimages as they went after Jonathan.

The side closer to New Renaissance in Kransbay Central Park had turned into a complete mess
because of their fight.

Many people observing their fight from afar finally had the courage to approach and investigate after
the two disappeared.

Nevertheless, no one could figure out how the scenes earlier had taken place. After all, the effects
were too realistic, even for the purpose of filming a movie.

The weather at Kransbay was cold, especially at night. Although there were lesser people on the
streets, the same could not be said for the cars on the road.

As Jonathan was running on the main street of Kransbay, the traffic there was particularly congested
during the peak hour at night.

A few tables had just been set on the pedestrian walkway when Jonathan flashed across the lane like a
hurricane, causing the tables and utensils to flip and scatter across the floor.

Behind him, the seven Zebedees were even more reckless as they stepped on the hoods of cars in the
middle of the road while pursuing Jonathan.

With every step on a vehicle, the drivers of the cars would be forced to slam on their brakes.

When the Zebedees leaped, the forceful recoil would wreck the vehicles.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A series of the sound of car crashing reverberated in the air.

Jonathan glanced around and noticed the chaotic scene behind him.

He gathered his spiritual energy and sensed at least ten motor vehicle accidents in the few hundred
meters radius areas around him.

This won’t do.

He jumped high in the sky and kicked hard at a thick, ancient tree beside the road.


The tree trunk exploded, and Jonathan relied on that propelling force to land on the ground.

All around him, the seven Zebedees descended as well.

“Why aren’t you running away anymore?” one of them questioned Jonathan coldly.

Jonathan had busted his shoes because of their previous battle. He removed the damaged shoes
dangling around his ankles and tossed them aside.

“We shouldn’t involve the civilians in a fight between cultivators like us. If there is a need to continue
this match, let’s do it elsewhere. What do you say?”

“Jonathan, as a fellow cultivator, you should understand that commoners are mere insignificant beings.
If you care so much about them, you’ll never become a king,” Zebedee sneered.

Upon hearing that, Jonathan chuckled. “I was never suited to become a king. I can fight and kill, but I
am not gifted to rule a country or nation. If I’m not mistaken, although your technique is unique, the
adverse reaction should be pronounced. If I drag this fight longer, I’ll be able to wear you out, am I

“Why have you decided to turn around since you’ve grasped that concept?” An admired look flashed
across Zebedee’s face after he listened to Jonathan’s words. “It seems that you fancy being a hero. But
you should know most heroes do not enjoy a good ending.”

“I think I’ll give it a try!” Jonathan tightened his grip around the Heaven Sword.

He activated his force field and extended his spiritual sense to cover the few hundred meters of space
around him to monitor all seven Zebedees’ movements.

Just as the two were about to make their moves, someone’s phone rang.

“Baby shark, doo-doo, doo-doo…”

“Hold on!”

Jonathan straightened his back and fished out his phone from his pocket. That was a ringtone
Josephine had set for him.

In the past, she had never disturbed him whenever he was away. Hence, a bad feeling rose within him
when he heard the ringtone.

“Hello, Josephine—”

He answered the call, but before he could finish his sentence, another man’s indifferent voice sounded
from the speaker.

“Jonathan, I’m Jay Osborne. I’m currently visiting Edenic Heights as a guest. I think there’s a deal we
should discuss in detail.”

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