Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 667

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Jonathan could feel a change in the surrounding spiritual energy from the brief face-off they had. The
force field he previously expanded was based on the surroundings of his center, which included the
front, back, left, right, and top.

This was a subconscious response. After all, once these five directions were blocked, he could surveil
the actions of the surrounding people. However, Zebedee’s expanded force field also included a sixth
direction, the bottom.

Those ribbons entirely made from mud had been supported by Zebedee’s spiritual energy. The glow of
the sword from Jonathan was able to return the dust to its natural state because he was able to cut the
spiritual energy.

The mud around Jonathan emitted a muddy smell as they fell to the ground. “Is this the unique evasive
technique of Jetroina?” Jonathan’s eyes glimmered as he laughed.

Zebedee made a gesture with his hand and continuously filled the ground with spiritual energy. “’Fifth
move, Wooden Escape!”

Pure spiritual energy surged up. Specks of green suddenly appeared on the ground beneath
Jonathan’s feet. Then, the ground surrounding Jonathan seemed to have pressed an acceleration
button as the grass started growing at a wild speed.

At that moment, it was already winter in Kransbay. All flora had long wilted, yet the plants now
surrounding Jonathan looked like a dense forest in summer.

As he looked at the dense forest that appeared around him within seconds, Jonathan suddenly felt a
sense of danger. The next moment, a tree vine protruded from the ground and wrapped itself around

Jonathan’s ankle.


Jonathan jumped and the tree vine split in response.

However, it seemed like a switch had been flipped with that split. As they twisted toward Jonathan,
numerous tree vines protruded from the ground like fresh shoots after the rain.

In mid-air, the Heaven Sword shot out ray after ray of cold glow.

Those numerous tree vines were sliced and fell to the ground.

However, before Jonathan could breathe a sigh of relief, his spiritual sense sensed that those tree
vines had quickly taken root and became thicker and stronger as they reached for him.

“One begets two and two begets four. This is Endless Growth, part of my Wooden Escape formation!”
Zebedee said coldly.

The tree vines surrounding Jonathan were endless. Every time he wielded the Heaven Sword, more
tree vines would come toward him.

Within a few breaths, numerous green tree vines had bound Jonathan in the middle.

From afar, Zebedee held out his left hand once more.

“Muddy Burial, give him a ruthless death!”

Outside of the greenery, countless soil particles flew from the ground and up to ten meters in the air.

From afar, the crowd had their mouths opened wide in shock.

They looked at the scene in front of them as if it was a miracle.

In the commoners’ eyes, this technique that caused the ground to stir and greenery to grow was
considered a technique used by immortals and God.

In mid-air, the mud and soil that were gathered together formed an earthly waterfall as it struck
Jonathan heavily, who was at the bottom.

The surrounding soil continuously churned toward the middle. The ground looked like a big mouth with
an endless pit as it engulfed Jonathan.

Even though Zebedee was in the advanced phase of God Realm, he still felt breathless after doing all

“Is he dead?”

As he stared at the ground that had sealed perfectly, he tried hard to sense beyond the ground with his
spiritual sense.

A person’s spiritual sense was like water. It would enter and fill up any space until there was none left.

Usually, when a cultivator in the Grandmaster Realm used it, their spiritual sense would pass through
houses by flowing through the connecting gaps of the rooms.

It was also possible for it to pass through walls and other solid items. However, it would be harder to do
so, and greater energy must be used.

That was how Zebedee was looking beyond the ground at the moment.

His spiritual sense inched downward until it passed through the tree vines, and he could finally see
Jonathan’s figure.

And at the moment when the spiritual sense touched Jonathan, his eyes opened without warning, and
a spiritual sense shot like a sharp arrow from the center of his eyebrows.

It flowed along Zebedee’s spiritual sense and stabbed his consciousness.

It was a method of using the spiritual sense to harm a person by Vladimir from Phoebus Sect.


Two angry screams could be heard from above and below ground.

Zebedee grabbed his head and fell backward.

And at that moment, the ground in front of Zebedee shook uncontrollably.

Zebedee wanted to use Earthly Escape to suppress and seal the ground once more. Yet, the pain in
his conscience made him unable to gather his spiritual energy to form a formation effectively.

As a burst of fire erupted, the entire ground began to crack rapidly.

With a loud boom, flames shot into the sky.

Jonathan dropped to his feet on the ground with a long magical stick in the light of these flames.

His hair and eyebrows were burnt, and most of his clothes were ablaze. If it weren’t for his spiritual
energy protecting his body, he would have been burned to ashes by the spiritual fire.

All this while, Jonathan had thought of the long magical stick as a stick that could be used to start a fire
and never thought highly of it.

However, now it seemed that this thing was definitely a treasure.

His spiritual energy trembled slightly, and the flames surrounding him were put out immediately.

Following the tremble, Jonathan’s hair and eyebrows had completely turned into ashes, and his
handsome face turned blank, making him look like an egg.

“Zebedee, those evasive techniques of Jetroina are quite powerful. They almost suffocated me to
death,” Jonathan said as he used the flaming stick in his hand to point at Zebedee.

“Do you have any other techniques? You can use them all together.”

At that moment, Jonathan had gone crazy from fighting.

This feeling of being in between life and death was the best to make a person evolve.

Jonathan had a greater insight and understanding of their battle when he was buried underground.

Hence, he desperately needed to fight to maintain his enlightened state.

He had a feeling that if he were to get through this battle, there was a possibility he could enter the
advanced phase of the God Realm.

When faced with a Divine Realm ancestor from a respectable family, Jonathan must find a way to
break through quickly.

Even though his Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique was powerful, the Divine Realm and God Realm
were two utterly different realms.

Jonathan regarded the Grandmaster Realm the same way he regarded ants.

On the ground, Zebedee had forcefully suppressed the chaos in his consciousness as he stood up.

“Jonathan, that was a good tactic.” While saying that, he took out a yellow talisman.

“Since I can’t defeat you with the evasive technique, then I’ll let you have a taste of the real thing!” As
he said that, he put away the broken knife in his hand before making a seal with one hand.

“Clone, emerge!”

Zebedee let out a cold cry before biting his finger and pressing it onto the yellow talisman.

The yellow talisman was ignited mid-air, and a strange energy surged out. The blood on the yellow
talisman had turned into thin lines of blood, wandering and intertwining with the energy of the talisman.

In the next moment, the space around it distorted, and the energy of the yellow talisman quickly
solidified before finally becoming a whole other Zebedee.

“What the heck?”

With wide eyes, Jonathan stared at the exact same person in front of him in shock.

The technique of creating multiple clones, which was every boy’s dream, actually existed.

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