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Chapter 666

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Fair Battle

The street was filled with screams and hysterical cries. People who saw Jonathan nail the manager to
the wall started running away frantically.

Jonathan, who was at the entrance of New Renaissance, slowly walked out with his Heaven Sword.
“Zebedee, you’re here later than I thought.”

The two Grandmasters beside Zebedee took out their swords. They had already lost their confidence in
fighting against Jonathan, who was like a plague to them.

Instead of being chased by Jonathan again, they would rather give their all to fight against him now.
Just as they were about to charge toward him, Zebedee, who was between them, shouted at them.

They looked at him with determination. “Mr. Makino, let us distract him and provide you with an
opportunity to kill him.” “That’s right. We’re fighters from Jetroina. We won’t back down.”

Zebedee felt comforted upon hearing that, but he shook his head.

“We have already lost too many men this time. You guys are elites from Jetroina. We can’t lose you all
in Doveston. Also, don’t forget, we’re on a mission. Now, as the person in charge of this operation, I
order you guys to inform all the spies in Doveston to commence the mission in advance.”

They were taken aback by Zebedee’s words.

“But we are the most important ones in this mission. The others are here to support us…”

“The Eastern Army is in a battle with the Medved Army now. There can’t be too many high-ranking
fighters,” Zebedee replied calmly. “Destroying the Eastern Army’s supplies is just us being thorough.

Now that we’re down in numbers, we should let the spies do it. Even if their abilities are limited, they
should be enough to make the situation in Doveston chaotic. Go!”

With that, the other two turned and ran off.

“Soul-sealing!” Jonathan bellowed and the two Grandmasters felt their spiritual energy thickening

Upon seeing that, Zebedee swung his broken blade.


With Zebedee in the center, the force field tens of meters wide exploded and blocked Jonathan’s
spiritual energy.

“Jonathan, you were after us before. Now you have destroyed our way out. I have no other option but
to kill you.”

As Zebedee said that, he slowly walked toward Jonathan with the broken blade in his hand.

Two daggers flew out from behind Jonathan and toward the two Grandmasters.

Clang! Clang!

Zebedee used two shurikens to intercept his daggers.

“Jonathan, we both know it’s only a waste of energy to use such tactics. We are both God Realm
cultivators, so these tricks are meaningless. I can’t kill you because of your protective magical item,
and it’s the same for you. You can’t kill me. Let’s have a fair battle today. To be honest, everything I
have done since I became famous was to attack Chanaea one day. However, I have not been able to
fight with any top cultivators from Chanaea yet.”

Upon hearing Zebedee’s words, Jonathan looked at the handbell in his hands and kept it in his storage

“Okay. I, too, wish to know how strong a God Realm cultivator is.”

Jonathan meant it when he said those words.

After all, he had only fought against three God Realm fighters.

The first was Garrison from the Osborne family. However, the man had shrunk himself into the handbell
and been reduced to minced meat.

Jonathan presumed that Garrison had only obtained the bronze handbell for a short time or did not
battle against anyone since obtaining it.

Therefore, he did not know how strong the recoil of the bronze handbell was.

The second person was Vladimir from Phoebus Sect.

They had gone against each other at Summerbank Abyss.

Vladimir had the formation plate and could control it well, so he had an advantage.

Therefore, it was an unfair battle.

The third person was Joselle, an existence from ancient times.

Her cultivation level had once been suppressed to God Realm when Vladimir’s sealing formation was
almost completed.

However, Jonathan had still been crushed by her since she had already surpassed the Divine Realm.

These three battles did not allow Jonathan to understand the power and strength of a Divine Realm

Fighting Zebedee would be his first real battle with a God Realm fighter.

“Zebedee, if you tell me everything about your plan, I can arrange for you and your spies to return to
Jetroina safely.”

“Do you think I’ll believe you?” Zebedee replied with a smile. The next moment, he swung his broken
blade and aimed below Jonathan’s abdomen.

There were around ten meters between them, but Zebedee’s broken blade sent a strong pressure
flying toward Jonathan.

Jonathan ducked to the right and let the pressure cut a corner of his clothes. He crouched on the
ground as if he was a cheetah.

While he was on all fours, he applied strength and the ground exploded.

Then, he appeared in front of Zebedee with his Heaven Sword.


Zebedee stomped on the ground.

Just when Jonathan’s sword was ten centimeters away from him, a mud pillar rose before him.

Jonathan’s Heaven Sword pierced through the pillar and was brought up by the mud pillar as though he
had met a humongous wave.

This massive strength caused Jonathan’s entire body to rise upward.

Zebedee appeared above the mud pillar which was in front of Jonathan.

His blade was pointing at Jonathan’s neck.


Jonathan slammed his right hand on the Heaven Sword.

Immediately, a hole as big as a fist appeared in the mud pillar.

The Heaven Sword flew out, and Jonathan did a backflip to avoid the blow from Zebedee.


Zebedee extended his hand toward Jonathan.

At that moment, the ground around Jonathan seemed to be boiling. The rocks exploded and rose up in
the air to form a ribbon made of soil particles. Then it flew toward Jonathan.

Jonathan shook his wrist slightly, and the Heaven Sword came flying back.

If one looked closely, one would be able to see there was a thin thread around the hilt of the Heaven

The other end of the thin thread was on Jonathan’s bracelet. In other words, the thin thread was part of
the bracelet.

This bracelet was the Wandering Dragon. Jonathan had found it in Vladimir’s storage ring and thought
it was only a bracelet.

After that, when he realized that the bracelet was made of an extremely long thin thread, he decided to
tie it to the Heaven Sword.

Holding his Heaven Sword, Jonathan bellowed coldly, “Slash!”

Many rays of sword light dispersed in all directions.

The ribbon made of soil particles dissipated under the sword light.

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