Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 665

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One Step Ahead

“You can’t?” The manager was slightly taken aback. “What do you mean by you can’t, Sir?” As he
spoke, he could not turn his eyes away from the black card on the table.

Gosh! Did I misinterpret this person? Could that be a fake black card and could he be a scammer? But
from his calm demeanor, he doesn’t look like one.

In actuality, the manager had encountered customers who dined and dashed. Those people either
displayed cowardice or were full of excitement. To him, some of their glances even felt like a

However, none of them could remain calm like the person in front of him right then. Jonathan raised his
head to look at the manager. “I’ve told you. I’m waiting for the others. I’ll pay when they’re here.”

“But you’ve been eating for more than one hour. How would I know if the people you spoke about
existed or not?”

The manager was still smiling as he fixated his gaze on Jonathan. However, he started activating the
spiritual energy in his body secretly.

“Sir, there wasn’t any case of dining and dashing since the opening of our restaurant. I reckon you
wouldn’t want to be the first person doing that,” the manager uttered.

At that moment, Jonathan was momentarily stunned as he could feel a wave of spiritual energy
charging toward him.

Jonathan was a God Realm cultivator. He thought it was rather funny to be threatened by the spiritual
energy of a Superior Realm cultivator.

It feels like seeing a three-year-old child swinging his fist toward me.

Noticing his expression, the manager thought Jonathan was frightened by his spiritual energy and
cultivation level.

He put more effort into threatening Jonathan with his spiritual energy.

Usually, an ordinary person would feel a fluttering pulse and could hardly breathe in the face of the
overwhelming pressure of spiritual energy.

In contrast, Jonathan felt pleased and satisfied in the face of the manager’s spiritual energy.

Although a Superior Realm cultivator could only channel out limited spiritual energy, as a cultivator
himself, he felt refreshed when the concentration of spiritual energy around him increased.

“I’ve already said that I’m waiting for the others. I’ll pay the bills when they’re here. As for your spiritual
energy… I think it’s best if you stop embarrassing yourself.” Jonathan picked up the black card and
kept it in his pocket. “Although it feels comfortable to have more spiritual energy, I’ll kill you if you intend
to test me again.”

Jonathan unleashed the spiritual energy in his body when he finished his sentence.

Like a shock wave, his spiritual energy swept through the manager. The overwhelming pressure sent
the manager flying backward, causing him to slam against the Jetroinian-style divider.

“A Grandmaster…”

Sensing Jonathan’s spiritual energy, the manager clumsily crawled out of the place.

At the same time, Jonathan could sense that two people had just quickly scanned his body by using
spiritual sense.

They are probably the two Grandmaster Realm cultivators.

Jonathan activated his force field to stop the two Grandmasters’ spiritual sense from flowing.

“Continue to serve the food. I haven’t had enough,” instructed Jonathan.

The manager trembled slightly upon hearing Jonathan’s words. He scrambled to his feet and fled the

Along the corridor, the manager kept turning around, worried that Jonathan would come after him.

Just when he reached a corner, he bumped into a tall and sturdy middle-aged man dressed in a martial
art uniform.

The man seemed to be in his forties, and he wore a stern expression.

Anyone would tremble upon meeting the man’s gaze. A glance was enough to send a chill down one’s
spine as he looked like an evil spirit from hell.

His eyes were filled with tons of emotions—greed, violence, malice, and many more.

“What’s all the fuss about?” the middle-aged man asked coldly while grabbing the manager by his

“Mr. Murakami… There’s a cultivator in there…”

“I know!” Letting out a cold snort, Kenkage Murakami casually shoved the manager aside. “Scram!
Stop embarrassing yourself here!”

As he spoke, he straightened his martial art uniform. Then he reached out and knocked on Jonathan’s

“Come in,” Jonathan said softly as he looked at the door.

Kenkage opened the door and entered the room.

Taking a cold glance at the divider that had collapsed, Kenkage asked, “Is our food not to your liking,

“No. All the dishes are very appetizing,” Jonathan replied impassively.

Kenkage walked up to Jonathan and slowly sat down in front of him.

“I know you’re a Grandmaster, Sir. However, if you have the intention of making a scene at New
Renaissance, you won’t be able to leave here.”

Looking at Kenkage, Jonathan questioned, “You’re from Jetroina. Am I right?”


“How long have you been here?”

“My mother is a Chanaean, while my father is a Jetroinian. I came to Chanaea when I was ten years
old. It’s been thirty years since then. Why? Do you have to investigate my background when you’re
having a meal here?”

“Of course not.” Jonathan smiled. “As the restaurant owner, you’ve been keeping a high profile,
socializing with the upper classes of Kransbay for thirty years. I just wanted to know how much
information about Doveston you have gathered throughout the years.”

Following that, Kenkage leaped to his feet almost immediately like a startled rabbit.

He activated a Grandmaster force field, and a dagger appeared in his hand.

“Who exactly are you?” Kenkage asked while pointing the dagger at Jonathan. “That’s impossible! I’ve
been hiding it for thirty years. I’ve never made a mistake. There’s no way for you to find out about it.”

“A dagger is generally used to slash open one’s stomach. It’s impolite for you to point it at others.”

After saying that, Jonathan raised his glass of wine and downed it all at once. “I was going to let you
stay alive for a little longer. But now that the people I’ve been waiting for have arrived, I shall end your

In a flash, the wine glass had been slashed into two.

At the same time, Jonathan had already leaped into the air with a smile.

Clutching the hilt of the dagger with his left hand, Jonathan pressed the nape of Kenkage’s neck
downward with his right hand and slammed the latter’s head against the table.


Kenkage let out a blood-curdling scream following the crisp cracking sound of the table.

Jonathan took the opportunity to snatch the dagger from Kenkage’s hand and stabbed him in the

Their movements were as quick as a bolt of lightning.

It was not until the dagger was stabbed into Kenkage’s abdomen that the broken wine glass in mid-air
fell onto the chair.

Jonathan withdrew his Heaven Sword.

“Since you want to use the warrior’s way, I’ll offer my help to behead you. Rest in peace!”

Kenkage’s head fell right after Jonathan swung his sword.

Concurrently, a weapon akin to a silver needle pierced through the door, heading straight for the front
of Jonathan’s head.


Following the flash of a beam of golden light, the floor under Jonathan’s feet exploded and crashed
through the door.

Clank! Clank!

As clanking sounds rang out incessantly, innumerable weapons were fired at Jonathan from all

Nevertheless, none of the attacks could break through the defense of Jonathan’s bronze handbell.

“Your death awaits!”

The woman standing before Jonathan was a Grandmaster in the beginner phase. With a wave,
Jonathan retracted the bronze handbell on top of his head and allowed the Heaven Sword to pierce
through the woman’s throat, pinning her to the wall.

The scene at the hall of New Renaissance turned chaotic. All the customers started fleeing.

Outside the restaurant, Zebedee was standing across the road. He wore a gloomy expression while
holding a sword in his hand.

It’s Jonathan’s aura! I know it too well. He’s here!

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