Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 664

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Settle The Bill

“Prepare a military helicopter and some food supplies for me.” Winston spoke first while looking at Karl
smilingly. In response, Karl found four phones from the overturned table at the side and distributed

“This is the internal satellite phone of the Eastern Army which can only be used to contact me. You can
also use it to track the Blood Squad’s location. I’ll be counting on you to save my family.”

Without any further ado, the four men took the phones and headed outside. In the next few hours, the
Blackwood family and Osborne family each sent an elder over. They were David Blackwood and
Xavion Osborne, who set out right away after getting the location tracker from Karl.

With that, six of the eight respectable families had dispatched their people. As for the Salladay family, it
was likely that they wouldn’t show up since they had already entered a collaboration with Wilbur from
the Yaleview Army.

There was also no news from the last remaining Gray family. If they had the intention of working with
Karl, they shouldn’t be sitting back at this time.

Seeing that it was getting dark, Karl finally gave up waiting. “Dominick, tidy up this place.”

Following Karl’s order, Dominick entered the tent with a few soldiers and started cleaning up. Soon,
everything was neat and in order. The other men then left, leaving Dominick with Karl.

“Commander, I have a question,” Dominick began. Karl smiled at him and said, “Don’t worry. I will
never allow those families to use the Eastern Army as a cat’s paw even if it costs my life. Any other

“No, Sir!” Dominick puffed up his chest. Karl nodded.

“Go and pay attention to the situation on the northern side of River Onxy. We have fought with Medved
Army before, so you should know their capabilities.”

Dominick immediately left to carry out the order. Meanwhile, Karl sat before the fireplace with furrowed
brows. Now that he had dragged six respectable families into this, he knew they might end up dead if
something went wrong.

He really couldn’t afford to fail. After all, he was risking his own family to sow discord between the
respectable families. In Kransbay, Horbah, a helicopter landed in Central Park.

When it was still around thirty meters above the ground, a man leaped out of the aircraft. It was none
other than Jonathan. Although it was only autumn in Harfush, the wind was chilly in Kransbay as the
city was located at high latitudes.

Ignoring the apprehensive look of the people around him, Jonathan whizzed through the streets and
came to a Jetroinian restaurant outside the park.

New Renaissance. As Jonathan looked at the huge signage of the restaurant, he narrowed his eyes.
The next moment, his spiritual sense poured out of his consciousness like floodwater and surrounded
New Renaissance.

Eight Superior Realm cultivators and two Grandmaster Realm cultivators. While sensing the number of
cultivators inside, Jonathan stepped into the restaurant. “Wel—”

Jonathan raised his hand and stopped the receptionist just as she greeted him. “I want you to give me
the most expensive private room, the freshest ingredients, and the best chef. Money isn’t an issue,” he
said as he whipped out his black card.

The receptionist’s eyes gleamed with respect right away. “Sir, please follow me upstairs. We’ll arrange
everything for you right away.” After a long day, Jonathan was exhausted.

According to his estimation, even if Zebedee and his company had left ahead of him, their journey to
Horbah would take longer since they had to hide their identities from the spies of Asura’s Office.

There was no way they could be quicker than Jonathan, who had come here on a helicopter. Having
arrived at New Renaissance before them, Jonathan had the advantage to wait for them.

This also meant he had to settle down first to avoid alerting the enemy. Besides, he was craving food
after starving for the whole day.

Inside the private room, Jonathan sat on the chair casually. To match the theme of the restaurant, the
owner had placed a Jetroinian-style divider in the room.

Just then, the door opened, and a man in a Jetroinian costume walked in.

He was in the advanced phase of Superior Realm.

“Dear sir, it is our honor to have you with us. To show our appreciation, here are two bottles of wine on
the house. We hope you enjoy them.”


Jonathan nodded lightly.

“Since it’s my first time here, I’m not sure what I should order. Take the liberty with the food and serve
me your best dishes. Again, money isn’t an issue.”

“I understand.”

The manager was elated when he heard Jonathan’s generous words.

New Renaissance was the best Jetroinian restaurant in Kransbay and even the whole of Horbah. They
had even boasted that they could offer every kind of delicacy that was available in the world.

To taste the dishes made with the best ingredients, one would have to spend at least a few hundred
thousand here.

However, there were hardly any people who would actually splurge in their restaurant. The arrival of a
black card holder like Jonathan was a once-in-a-blue-moon occurrence.

Now that they finally got one, they would surely take the chance to earn a fortune.

“By the way, Sir, how many are you?”

“Four. The other three are on their way,” said Jonathan calmly.

The manager’s excitement grew.

“Sir, we also offer escort—”

“No need for that. Just hurry and serve the dishes,” Jonathan interrupted a little unhappily.

Not daring to disturb him, the manager hurriedly turned around and left.

Indeed, money was powerful. After Jonathan arrived and flashed his black card, the chefs of New
Renaissance began bustling around the kitchen.

Exquisite dishes were served one after another.

Although there were four servings of each dish, the serving size was quite small. Jonathan finished
everything almost as soon as they were brought to the table.

Nevertheless, it wasn’t totally his fault for having a big appetite.

The preparation process of Jetroinian dishes was quite cumbersome as they had to be served right
away to ensure the best texture and temperature.

Therefore, the dishes were brought out one by one with short intervals in between.

As a cultivator, Jonathan had a bigger demand for food than ordinary people since he needed to get his
energy back. Moreover, he just couldn’t hold himself back as he hadn’t eaten the whole day.

If it weren’t for the fact that the dishes were indeed delicious, he would have snapped over the speed of

One hour passed, and the manager of New Renaissance soon realized something off about Jonathan.

Despite his claim that there were four of them, no one else showed up until now.

The dishes they sent in, which were meant for four, were also finished by Jonathan alone. He didn’t
seem to have the intention of treating the other three.

After giving it a thought, the manager decided to walk in while the waiters brought in more food.

“Sir, are you enjoying the food?”

Jonathan was getting impatient. When the four waiters set down the plates on the table, he did not
even bother to wait for them to introduce the food. Taking his fork, he swiftly gathered the slices of meat
that were plated to look like flowers.

“Yes,” he answered the manager as he lifted the plate and shoved the meat into his mouth. “The food is
good, but the serving speed is too slow. Can you just bring the rest of the food now?”

The manager flashed him a smile and suggested, “Sir, we are almost done serving the dishes. Would it
be possible for you to settle the bill at—”

“The bill?” Jonathan lifted his head and chuckled. “I can’t.”

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