Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 663

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Do Anything To Win

Kathleen and the rest were taken aback by Karl’s words. They shared a glance, confusion evident on
their faces. “Uh… Commander Hamilton, your wife and son are in Remdik?”

“Why do you think I betrayed Asura’s Office? Although I’m disappointed with Jonathan and Asura’s
Office’s current approach, the real reason I did that is for my wife and son.” Karl ate the last piece of
the baked potato and frowned. “They were brought to Remdik by Aidan’s Medved Army. Even though I
said I don’t care, how could I really abandon my family?”

Only then did the people from the respectable families know the real reason why Karl betrayed Asura’s
Office. Suddenly, shouts could be heard outside the tent. “Stop right there!”

A man wearing a down jacket and sunglasses appeared, walking into the tent and dragging a soldier.

“Having fun are we, Karl? I see that you’ve gathered four God Realm cultivators. You can form a small
sect with this number, you know,” said the man, throwing the soldier he was grabbing to the ground.

When the soldier felt the restraints lifted from his body, he swiftly pulled out a dagger from his thigh and
attempted to stab at the man’s leg. “How dare you!”

The man’s gaze was cold, and his murderous intent pierced straight at the soldier. The fireplace
exploded. Sitting on a chair, Karl merely lifted his head. His eyes were calm.

In front of the soldier, two distorted energies could be seen clashing and pressing against each other,
but they didn’t touch a single strand of the soldier’s hair.

“Trying to lay a finger on my men on my turf?” Karl said before reaching out for the hilt of the saber on
the table next to him. “I don’t care who you are and which family you belong to. If you dare to make a
move, I’ll make sure that you’ll never leave my camp alive.”

“Just you?”

The man flicked his hand, and a fist-sized earthen seal appeared in his palm. The instant the seal
appeared, the pressure in the room increased. On the side, although Stellario and the two didn’t move
from their spot, they secretly released their force field.

“Just as I expected, the Welsh family’s Mountain-Breaking Seal is a good item,” Winston, who looked
like a farmer, exclaimed as he stared at the earthen seal.

However, the man looked at Karl in disdain. “Karl Hamilton, my name is Morris Welsh. I am here to
inform you that from today onward, your Eastern Army belongs to the Welsh family.”

“Haha…” As Karl slowly unsheathed his saber, he projected a chilling and murderous intent straight
into Morris’ mind. “The audacity! Don’t you know you have to be humble and polite if you want my

At that instant, not only Karl but Morris and Stellario too made hand gestures in preparation for an
attack. “Karl, if I kill Morris and rescue your wife, will you and your Eastern Army be open to
cooperating with the Mallory family?”

At Stellario’s offer, Kathleen and Winston realized they should do the same and promptly locked their
energies on Morris, who came last. Marked by four God Realm cultivators, Morris was dumbfounded.

What of our agreement in the respectable families’ alliance? Why have I become everyone’s target?
What the hell? Even though the Mountain-Breaking Seal is powerful, I can’t possibly fight all four of
them at the same time! It’s impossible!

Looking at the four of them, Karl calmly returned the saber to its sheath.

As Karl’s fighting intent winded down, so did the rest of them as they dispersed their spiritual energy
simultaneously as if they had practiced before. “You’re dismissed. Do not assign anyone to the main
tent,” Karl ordered the soldier indifferently.

After all, there were five God Realm cultivators in the main tent. If someone managed to get near this
place, it would seriously damage their reputation.

With a pale face, the soldier gritted his teeth and glared at Morris before leaving. Morris’ face darkened.
Nevertheless, he didn’t dare to do anything since Karl and the others were present.

As a result of that scuffle, everything in the tent was a chaotic mess. Fortunately, none present were
mortals, so they weren’t hung up on appearances.

When Karl took and switched on the laptop that was next to him, he projected the screen.

“My Blood Squad is a special force consisting of all Superior Realm cultivators. At this time, they have
already successfully rescued my wife and son from Wildefield. However, they were ambushed by
snipers from Team Alpha, and my squad of fifty soldiers was reduced to twenty-three. As of now, they
have retreated to Lerner River.

In two days at the earliest, they will leave Lerner River and arrive at Redlington. As they go, they will
avoid the Medved Army camp. After that, they will enter the mountainous region in Horbah, Delisgar

As Karl explained, the images of the map, the routes taken, and the indications were displayed on the

“Based on Remdik’s response time, you have only one day to locate the Blood Squad at Lerner River. I
will provide supplies and the real-time location of the Blood Squad members. However, I will leave it to

you to decide when and how you will cross Remdik’s borders,” Karl continued. “I will work with whoever
manages to bring my wife and child back to me safe and sound!”

With that, Karl didn’t say anything more.

Stellario glanced at the map.

According to Karl’s report, the distance of one round trip would definitely go over seven hundred fifty

A single trip would be a distance of about three hundred fifty kilometers. If they wanted to get to Lerner
River and rescue the Blood Squad in a day, the fastest method was by plane.

However, the main focus of this rescue operation was stealth. If they traveled by plane or any other
aerial transport, Remdik’s Medved Army would most certainly shoot them to the ground.

“Karl, you’re really smart. With one move, you made people from the eight respectable families form
rescue teams for your wife and son. What’s more, seven to eight God Realm cultivators will join of their
own volition! My god. This is so exciting!”

Karl looked at Stellario coldly. “I know what you’re all thinking. If you think you can blackmail me into
supporting you after rescuing and taking my wife and son hostage, think again. I will immediately
support the opposing faction. However, if someone decides to prevent me from allying with any one of
you by hindering the rescue mission and going after my family instead, I will also join the enemy

Pausing to let his threat sink in, he continued, “In Chanaea, the true warlords are Jonathan, Wilbur, and
me. Even though my Eastern Army is only one hundred and seventy thousand strong, a number
significantly lesser than Asura’s Office’s one million strong and Wilbur’s six hundred thousand strong,

our military might doesn’t lose out to the two. After all, my army has an overwhelming edge over them
in large-scale attacks. So, I hope you will consider my words and the possible repercussions before
you make a decision.”

At Karl’s thinly veiled threat, the rest, who sat across him, had grim looks on their faces.

Karl’s predictions worried them the most.

Since they wanted to keep the Salladay family in check, they needed Karl’s support.

Of course, it was impossible for Karl to support many respectable families at one time.

Hence, this rescue mission would be divided into two parts.

In the first part, the eight respectable families would work together to ensure the safety of Karl’s family
in Remdik.

In the second part, participating families would do anything to bring Karl’s family members to Karl
unscathed so they could win him over to their side.

At that moment, it would be up to them to grasp that chance for themselves.

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