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Chapter 661

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Looking at the woman who had gone insane in front of him, Jonathan stretched out his palm and
slashed hard at her neck. Nina’s blood vessels were compressed. She only persisted for a second or
two before she fainted.

It wasn’t that Jonathan didn’t want to kill her, but he couldn’t and didn’t dare to. According to Lauryn, all
the God Realm cultivators from the eight respectable families of Chanaea did not exceed a hundred.

The number was a lot less than expected. Having a God Realm cultivator was the most basic
representation of respectable families.

Besides the eight respectable families, although there were rogue cultivators, there were no more than
ten of them at most. The most representative ones were Jonathan, Karl, Wilbur, and Joshua.

Those from the secluded sect were not included. They had separated themselves from the secular
world from their background and resources.

Based on this calculation, the total active cultivator of Divine Realm in Chanaea did not exceed two
hundred. But Chanaea had a vast population of two billion people.

Although it was now the Age of Degeneration, such a vast population with less than two hundred God
Realm cultivators showed how difficult it was to be a cultivator.

Breaking through to God Realm was already extremely difficult. It was uncertain if even one out of the
two hundred could make it to Divine Realm.

The main reason for this was the Divine Tribulation.

The Divine Tribulation was different from the other tribulations to ascend to become immortal. It was a
calamity that focused on the soul and spiritual sense.

When a cultivator was about to break through to Divine Realm, many imaginations would pop into their
mind, tugging at their spiritual sense.

These tribulations happened in different ways for everyone, so there wasn’t any rule.

Some saw playmates they used to bully when they were young coming for vengeance, while some saw
angels coming to extradite.

Greed, hatred, ignorance, and anger—the illusions were endless. They were ever-changing and hard
to guard against.

Once there was someone who spent his whole life in the illusion and successfully entered the Divine

When he came to his senses, he couldn’t accept that his wife and children, who had been with him for
decades, were all imaginary and false. In the end, he ended his life in front of a crowd.

In short, the Divine Tribulation was ominous. That was why most God Realm cultivators stopped
cultivating at that point.

To avoid the Divine Tribulation, some cultivators even suppressed their cultivation after reaching the
advanced phase of God Realm to prevent them from consummating their cultivation level. They would
only try for the Divine Realm when they were near death.

This showed how scary the tribulation was.

The only way to mitigate the Divine Tribulation was simple. It was to go into seclusion.

Former sages and great talents had once said that the Divine Tribulation came from causality.

A person who concentrated on cultivation from the start, avoiding fights, thefts, and making promises or
debts would not have to fear the Divine Tribulation.

However, those who had reached God Realm must have survived countless battles and reaped many

It was impossible for them to focus purely on cultivation without greed.

Jonathan had no choice but to make a promise to Nina in exchange for information on Zebedee.

Although he was doing what he did to protect himself, the Divine Tribulation did not care about this.

If Jonathan were to kill Nina now, it would mean trouble for him during his Divine Tribulation.

At that moment, Nina had lost her cultivation and turned into an ordinary person.

However, since she was a cultivator previously, Nina’s body was nourished by her spiritual energy. She
wouldn’t get sick that easily compared to others even after she lost her spiritual energy.

Let’s give her a new identity so she can start afresh.

Jonathan thought as he tapped on the shoulder of the helicopter pilot.

“How long will it take to reach Kransbay?”

“Two hours.”

Upon hearing that, Jonathan rested in his seat.

He looked at the buildings below, then shut his eyes.

Karl, I hope the intelligence network of Horbah that you put effort into helps. You are now a sinner. But
if you fail to protect the Eastern Army, the barrier of Doveston is gone too. When that time comes, you
are done for.

Meanwhile, fifty miles from southern Kushburn along River Onxy at the Eastern Army military base, the
security was especially tight that day.

Karl was wearing a military overcoat while sitting in front of a heater in the command tent, gnawing on
half a baked sweet potato in his hand.

In front of Karl sat two males and a female. All three were shooting deadly glares at him.

These three people were lobbyists representing the eight respectable families.

The lady sitting in the middle with short hair and wearing an expensive mink coat was named Kathleen

She was the eldest heiress of the Henderson family. At thirty years old, she was in the beginner phase
of God Realm.

On her left sat a reserved elderly dressed in plain clothes named Winston Leeson, the second elder of
the Leeson family.

He was sixty years old and in the advanced phase of God Realm.

On the right of Kathleen sat a man wearing a cyan blue folk costume named Stellario Mallory, the third
captain of the Mallory family.

He was twenty-seven years old and in the beginner phase of God Realm.

The trio arrived outside the Eastern Army military base one after another. Karl knew they were up to no
good, so he invited all three of them in.

After a round of self-introduction, the four sat quietly for more than ten minutes.

Finally, Stellario, who sat on the right side, couldn’t bear it any longer. He broke the silence after seeing
Karl take another baked sweet potato.

“Karl, what exactly are you planning to do? I’m telling you that the Salladay family has joined forces
with Wilbur. Now, you can choose either to join us or fight us!”

Stellario was handsome and could even pass for a celebrity based on his looks.

However, unfitting his good looks, he had a heavy Belmonian accent.

No one noticed this when he was introducing himself, but all of them were stunned now that they heard
him loudly.

“Are you really from the Mallory family?” Karl chewed the baked sweet potato while looking at Stellario.
“Although I don’t know where your family is from, from how you are dressed, you look like you come
from up west. Why do you have a Belmonian accent?”

“Beats me.” Stellario shrugged. “Usually, the Mallory family could not be bothered to involve in your
affairs. But my grandfather told me that Chanaea has not been peaceful in recent years. It might even
affect the Mallory family. So, he asked me to go out and see the world and learn to speak better for
future uses.”

“So, you went to learn in Belmonia?” Kathleen couldn’t help but chime in.

“Of course. The beef stew there is amazing.” Stellario nodded.

Karl stopped Stellario after listening to the latter.

The four sat quietly while controlling themselves. However, the composure of the other three fell apart
as soon as Stellario spoke.

“That’s enough. Stop talking about beef stew.”

Karl stuffed the last bite of sweet potato into his mouth as he spoke.

“After what happened in Yaleview, you three must be here to ask me to work with you. I know you want
me to use my power to restrain the Salladay family. Now, let’s get to the point and start the negotiation.”

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