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Chapter 660

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The Demon Inside

Since the last phone call, Karl had unilaterally cut off all contact with Asura’s Office. This action
represented Karl’s self-esteem and implied that he had officially left Asura’s Office.

Not only did Karl cut off all contact, but he also destroyed all the communication equipment Asura’s
Office had provided for the Eastern Army previously.

After all, complex equipment was more likely to be implanted with a tracking program. Naturally, Karl
wanted to terminate any possibility of being traced by Asura’s Office.

However, it was for this very reason that created such an awkward situation. No one could get in
contact with Karl. The Medved Army of Remdik had been deployed along the north of River Onxy.

On the other end, Jetroina was up to something else.

Jonathan wanted Karl dead at once for the death of the fifty thousand soldiers of Mysonna.

However, under such circumstances, the only thing on Jonathan’s mind was to inform Karl to set up his

With the Eastern Army’s capabilities, God Realm cultivators would never dare to attack them head-on if
the army received the news in advance and was prepared for the battle.

Not even the spirit shield of cultivators of Grandmaster Realm and God Realm could protect them from
the bombing of cannonballs.

This was the collision of technological power and a cultivator’s strength.

The intensity was apparent.

Adept cultivators were not sure about other army.

But for an army like the Eastern Army, everything was in control as long as the enemy was within the
range of artillery fire.

If it failed, then they would fire another round.

As long as the news could be delivered to Karl, the situation in Doveston would be temporarily

As for what happened in Mysonna, everything could be put off in the face of foreign enemies.

“Mr. Goldstein, I’ve told you everything I know. You have to let me go,” Nina yelled at Jonathan on the

Jonathan turned around and shot Nina a frosty glance.

“Although I can’t get my hand on your identity, I can sever your relationship with Jetroina.”

“What are you planning to do?”

Nina looked at Jonathan, her eyes wide.

“Are you saying—”

“That’s right. I’ll bring you to Zebedee and show him you’ve betrayed him.” Jonathan turned to look at
Nina. His gaze was unusually calm. “Only then you’ll lose Jetroina’s trust. Even if you stay in Chanaea,
you can never become Jetroina’s spy.”

“You’re risking my life!”

Nina almost had a mental breakdown.

Jonathan had gone overboard this time.

Losing their trust was not the most important thing. If Nina did betray Jetroina in front of Zebedee, she
would not live to see another day.

Although Nina was a spy, she was sent to Chanaea when she was just a little girl.

Back then, she was only about five years old. Although Nina had been brainwashed, she had adapted
to everything in Chanaea after years of influence from the Chanaeans.

Nina only wanted an ordinary life away from threats, yet everything went out of control after she met

Jonathan did not kill her, but his actions kept pushing her to the verge of death.

“What good does that do to you, Jonathan?”

With tears in her eyes, Nina looked at Jonathan.

“I only want to live an ordinary life. Why must you force me?”

“Ordinary life?” Jonathan snorted. “Your information shows that you grew up in Chanaea. You must
know the history of the Chanaean war then. Don’t you know the crimes of Jetroina? No matter how
innocent you pretend to be, you are still a spy for Jetroina. If I’m right, you were the one who planned
Team Oracle’s entry into Sparaville, right? Do you think it’s over after they discontinued Karl’s logistical
supplies? After several days of stalemate, the people will cross River Onxy and take the lives of the
Eastern Army who have lost their supplies. No war ends without a life taken!”

After listening to Jonathan, Nina shouted, “I have no choice but to be a spy. Why can’t I live? Are only
powerful and high-ranking people like you worthy of living?”


A slap in Nina’s face sent the noise-canceling earphones in her ears flying.

“The soldiers should handle the war. But every time, the heaviest casualties happen to the civilians.”

Following Jonathan’s words, the spiritual energy in Nina’s body fluctuated rapidly, while the surrounding
spiritual energy began to rush toward Nina’s body.

A glint of murderous intent flashed across Jonathan’s eyes.

The spiritual energy a cultivator absorbed had to go through a lot of tempering during their cultivation.

It was not something to be done in a rush.

From how Nina absorbed the spiritual energy, there was no time to refine them. There wasn’t even
enough time for her elixir field to rest.

Clearly, Nina was planning to blow herself up.


Jonathan activated his Grandmaster Realm force field within a ten-meter radius, with him as the center.

Pure spiritual energy was all over her body, but Nina could use none of it.

She cast a spell and retracted her cultivation method.

Inside her meridian, the pure spiritual energy from her cultivation had clashed with the spiritual energy
she had absorbed.

In an instant, she spewed out a mouthful of blood.

“Break!” Jonathan slammed his right hand hard on Nina’s lower abdomen.

Nina let out a dreadful cry.

Just then, blood mist scattered throughout the helicopter.

Nina’s face was ashen. She curled up and fell on the seat.

At that moment, she was like a rag bag, and the spiritual energy in her body dissipated crazily.

On the side, Jonathan stretched his right hand forward, using his spiritual energy as the force field to
compress Nina’s dissipated spiritual energy and pour it into his meridian.

Although Nina was strong, she was only in Grandmaster Realm.

Her spiritual energy was nothing to a God Realm cultivator like Jonathan.

It didn’t matter to Jonathan if he absorbed Nina’s spiritual energy.

“Jonathan…” With blood all over her nose and mouth, Nina looked at Jonathan. “You promised not to
take away my cultivation. You’re going back on your words. Let’s see if you can break through to Divine
Realm in the future.”

Nina spoke with a baleful glance.

However, she was right.

Cultivators had to be mindful of their words after they entered God Realm.

In ancient times, God Realm was known as Spirit Ascension Realm.

Everything below Grandmaster Realm was to enhance one’s body strength.

But when one reached God Realm, one had to begin to focus on spiritual cultivation.

The spirit was the light to the body, and the body was the treasured raft.

To truly achieve transcendence, the spirit and the body had to match when one reached a certain
height in cultivation.

From Spirit Ascension Realm to Divine Realm, a cultivator had to be mindful of the word “void.”

The void here did not refer to the body but to the emptiness and flaws in the mind.

Only those who had a clear mind, no shame, and were fearless could overcome the demon of Divine
Realm when they entered the realm.

That was also why cultivators with high cultivation levels refused to make promises about anything.

Nina had threatened to blow herself up so that Jonathan would take away her cultivation. She did this
to plant the seed of a demon in his mind.

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