Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 658

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In Sparaville, Terrandya, Jonathan was sipping water while relaxing in the garden. He had spoken to
Josephine on the phone earlier and was relieved to learn that Edenic Heights was safe.

Ever since he left Tayhaven, he had been feeling a little uneasy. He had left Tayhaven before, but with
Zachary stationed there, he had never had to worry about the safety of his family.

Perhaps it was Josephine’s pregnancy or the recent overactivity of Yaleview forces and respectable
families because Jonathan would always be worried about the safety of Edenic Heights.

I guess it’s true that the more people you care about, the more likely you are to be overly cautious.
Jonathan sighed resignedly as he thought of that.

In the past month, the situation in Chanaea had been a bit chaotic.

First, Northern Crimson Prison was destroyed, and Karl betrayed Asura’s Office with the Eastern Army,
causing the Mysonna Army to lose supplies and be pursued and killed by the West Region Army.

Although Kane and Andy had led their people to kill the entire West Region Army, it was difficult for
them to restore Mysonna’s previous military forces in a short period of time.

Following that, Edenic Heights was under attack, and the respectable families led by the Osborne
family began to strike at Jonathan officially.

Then, the situation in Doveston became tense.

Karl’s Eastern Army and Aidan’s Medved Army from Remdik were stationed on opposite sides of River
Onxy, hundreds of miles apart. They appeared to want to start a war as they had done a few years ago.

After that, Wilbur from Yaleview and the Salladay family joined forces to depose Joshua.

In addition to the individuals from Team Oracle he had just met, Chanaea as a whole was in disarray
and crisis.

Is the three years of peace merely the calm before the storm?

Jonathan furrowed his brows as he thought about the current situation.

At that moment, Geoffrey walked out.

“Mr. Goldstein, the results of the facial recognition are in. Zebedee and his people entered the country
through the airport this morning. We couldn’t locate them because their identity information has been

Jonathan immediately took the tablet.

Zebedee’s and his people’s faces could be seen clearly on the screen.

After leaving the airport, they boarded a bus. The identity of the person who picked them up was

“Have you located this bus?”

“I told someone to look for it. This bus belongs to Leopard Transport. However, it shouldn’t be operating
today. The employees of Leopard Transport speculated that the driver might have accepted the job in
private. Neither the bus nor the driver has been located as of yet, and the GPS system on the bus is no
longer operational. The other party appears to be quite professional. It’s possible that this bus has
disappeared from the planet.”

Jonathan nodded slightly.

“Check with the insurance company whether there is any compensation for large-scale car accidents
today. It’s hard to destroy such a large vehicle without anyone noticing.”

“Got it!” The next moment, Geoffrey looked at Jonathan hesitantly. “Mr. Goldstein, I’m not sure if I
should say this or not.”

“You can say whatever you want,” Jonathan responded calmly.

Upon hearing that, Geoffrey turned his head and looked inside the mansion.

“Mr. Goldstein, Nina Chastain’s resume seems a bit too polished, and the circumstances surrounding
her appearance are also a little strange. Although I’ve checked the surveillance footage and believe
that she has nothing to do with the explosion in Seamus’ office, I still want to remind you of this. You
shouldn’t keep a woman like her by your side.”

Even though Jonathan appeared calm in response to Geoffrey’s words, he was taken aback on the

He had a general idea of Geoffrey’s methods based on how he had dealt with Seamus.

Geoffrey’s calmness, his capacity for planning, and his ruthlessness toward himself were all incredibly
rare traits despite his lack of cultivation level and status as a mere mortal.

If Jonathan kept Geoffrey by his side, the latter would undoubtedly become Asura’s Office’s right-hand
man in the future.

However, Jonathan had never imagined Geoffrey would one day have the courage to criticize him in
front of him.

“Are you trying to teach me what to do?”

Lifting his head, Jonathan looked at Geoffrey with interest.

As soon as Geoffrey heard that, he quickly lowered his head.

“I wouldn’t dare…”

“It’s fine.” Instead of reprimanding Geoffrey, Jonathan smiled and asked, “Tell me, how do you think I
should deal with Nina?”

Geoffrey secretly raised his head to look at Jonathan. He was finally convinced that Jonathan was
serious after seeing no murderous intent in his eyes.

“Mr. Goldstein, I suggest getting rid of suspicious individuals like Nina right away.”

As Geoffrey spoke, he stretched out his hand and made a slicing motion on his neck.

Jonathan shook his head slightly.

“I wouldn’t have asked your opinion if that’s what I wanted to do.”

At that moment, Jonathan’s spiritual sense was on Nina, who was inside the mansion.

She had had a hard time because of the laxatives and had fallen into a deep slumber.

Staring at Nina’s heaving chest, Jonathan turned to look at Geoffrey.

“If she isn’t a spy from Jetroina, there’s no reason to kill her. However, if she is, I need all the
information she has. She’s more useful when she’s alive than when she’s dead.”

“If it’s okay with you, Mr. Goldstein, I can get her to talk by using a few tricks.”

Jonathan used his spiritual sense to look at Nina’s face closely. Moments later, his spiritual sense
gradually dwindled like a tide as he sensed her regular breathing.

“It’s just a suspicion that there’s something wrong with her. No matter what, she’s a woman. Don’t use
ruthless interrogation techniques on her. Avoid using methods that would ruin her face and body.”


Geoffrey whipped around and walked inside.

Jonathan lowered his head and took another look at the tablet he was holding. Right then, a sudden cry
broke out in the mansion but was quickly suppressed.

“I hope there’s nothing wrong with you. Otherwise, you won’t be able to live.”

In less than half an hour, Geoffrey came out with gloves on his hands.

“Mr. Goldstein, she didn’t confess anything. However, untrained, ordinary people would have spoken a
long time ago. I’m almost certain that she’s related to Zebedee because she was able to endure it.”

“What method did you use?” Jonathan asked, looking at Geoffrey curiously.

“It’s nothing. I simply fed her things, like cockroaches.”

Nodding slightly, Jonathan turned and walked into the mansion.

In the living room, Nina was retching while holding the trash can.

Jonathan frowned at the sound and asked, “Nina, what is your relationship with Zebedee Makino?”

“I really don’t know what you’re talking about…” Nina replied while throwing up and sobbing.

“Really?” questioned Jonathan with a smile.

“I really have no idea. Please let me go, Mr. Goldstein. I was wrong. Please have mercy on me.”

Before Nina could finish speaking, a dagger appeared out of nowhere in Jonathan’s hand.

“If that’s the case, there’s no reason to keep you alive.”

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