Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 659

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Be Quick

Nina was obviously taken aback by the dagger before her. Her eyes were filled with utter terror as she
looked at Jonathan. “Mr. Goldstein, you can’t—”

Before Nina could finish her words, the glint of the blade flashed before her. Ding! A faint sound rang
out as the dagger in Jonathan’s hand stopped an inch away from Nina’s neck.

Nina was pressing an extremely thin blade in her hand against the dagger in Jonathan’s grip. In the
face of Jonathan’s attack, Nina could no longer hide her cultivation level.

She couldn’t be bothered about hiding the surge of her spiritual energy as she stood up and yelled,
“Jonathan, how have I offended you? Why would you want to kill me?”

Since she started following Jonathan, she had swallowed two tiny explosive devices and had been
forced to drink laxatives in less than two days.

In order not to reveal her identity earlier, she had also been fed around ten cockroaches and stinkbugs.

No matter how mentally strong Nina was, she was still an ordinary girl at the end of the day.

Despite the cruel interrogation methods, she still gritted her teeth and endure them. But how could she
keep her composure and not hate Jonathan?

If Jonathan had trusted her at this point, Nina would have let it be and continued lurking around him.

However, she had withstood all the tests, yet Jonathan still tried to kill her without having any evidence.
She could no longer put up with it.

Jonathan retracted the dagger and grinned at Nina.

“You’ve performed very well, but here is the problem. I don’t know whether you have heard that it’s
rather weird when one is too ordinary. Tell me, who exactly are you?”

“I am just an ordinary rogue cultivator,” Nina said through clenched teeth.

Jonathan shook his head slightly. “Nina, to be honest, many things have happened recently. Yaleview,
the respectable families, and the warlords all want to attack me. I don’t know which force you are
working for as a spy. But now I have made my decision. It doesn’t matter whether you are innocent or
which family sent you here. If you cannot tell me where Zebedee is in five seconds, I will kill you right

He would rather kill the wrong person than let her go.

Nina desperately wished to kill him to vent her anger.

However, facing someone like Jonathan, who was in the middle phase of God Realm, Nina knew well
that whatever she did would only be in vain.

Just like what Jonathan had said, a simple thought was enough to crush her if he wanted to.

If one were to compare both of them, Nina was no different from a three-year-old child in front of

She had thought that she could still take Jonathan down with her even though she couldn’t kill him.

However, after witnessing Jonathan kill ten Grandmasters from Team Oracle while being chased by
Zebedee, Nina completely lost all thoughts of fighting back.

“If I tell you, will you spare my life?” Nina asked after tossing the blade in between her fingers away.

“One can only talk when there is reciprocity between two parties. Do you think you have the chance

Nina nodded slightly.

“Indeed, I am incapable of making a deal with you, but my information can change the situation in
Doveston. If I live, Doveston will be peaceful for a long time. If you kill me, with your current intelligence
capabilities, it will take you at least two days to locate Zebedee. In fact, two days could change the
whole situation in Chanaea. You won’t lose anything in this deal!”

Changing the situation in Doveston and affecting the situation in Chanaea… What exactly is Jetroina
trying to do?

Jonathan looked at Nina and said, “I reckoned Jetroina would stir up a mess, but I’m still clueless about
the details of your plan. Tell me, then. I promise you can live if the information you provide is useful.”

“Stop playing games with me,” Nina snarled. “Not only must you guarantee that I live, but you also have
to provide me a new identity and must not hurt me in any way, including my cultivation, which you
cannot take away.”

In one breath, Nina stated a long list of additional conditions and amendments to the deal in order to
gain more security for herself.

She had taken all of Jonathan’s tactics against his opponents into consideration.

Having ruthless tactics was essential for someone who was able to establish such a huge organization
as Asura’s Office in three years.

That was especially the case when Jonathan had drawn the dagger earlier without hesitation to kill her.
She was utterly terrified.

Smiling, Jonathan nodded.

“I promise that as long as you provide me with the correct information, you will get the appropriate
arrangements and will not be harmed at all.”

After staring at Jonathan for a couple of seconds, Nina slowly opened her mouth and said, “You should
head to Horbah immediately. Jetroina wants to restart the battle in Mysonna and cut off Karl’s supplies.”

Following that, Jonathan leaped to his feet.

An almost infinite sense of murderous intent started to spread across the room.

Jonathan had been on the battlefield for three years and had experienced countless battles of any size.
Although he played an important role most of the time by defeating the enemies effectively with his
skills, when it came to planning strategies, he had Hades and a few veterans to take care of it.

However, as Jonathan had been in a high-ranking position for so long and with his unnoticeable
influence, the big picture he had in mind was definitely not simple.

Previously, he had deduced that Jetroina might use the opportunity when Karl was removed from
Asura’s Office to make a move, but he did not expect his enemy to be so ruthless.

The scene of the two irrelevant organizations, Medved Army from Remdik and Team Oracle from
Jetroina, joining forces and the map of the entire Doveston and the distribution of cases instantly
formed in Jonathan’s head.

They are cutting off the supplies and attacking River Onxy. With Yaleview Army in the way, Asura’s
Office couldn’t deploy its troops to the north. If Jetroina took the opportunity to launch an attack when
Medved Army and Eastern Army were in battle, Horbah, Baridoki, and Terrandya would fall into the
hands of Jetroina and Remdik!

“Tell me where Zebedee went in Horbah.”

Nina was rendered immobile by Jonathan’s spiritual energy.

“Jonathan, you promised not to hurt me!”

“I won’t.” Jonathan looked at Nina coldly. “But if your answer doesn’t satisfy me, I can lock you up so
that you will never see the sun or the faintest light for the rest of your life.”

“How could you?” With tears in her eyes, Nina glanced at Jonathan. “The most possible place for
Zebedee to go is Kransbay in Horbah. I know there is a point of contact for Jetroina there, called New
Renaissance, but I have never been there myself.”

Jonathan squeezed Nina’s shoulders before turning around and walking out.

“Geoffrey, have a plane ready and contact the authorities in Horbah to investigate New Renaissance.
Inform Hades using the method I told you about. Tell him to think of a way to contact Karl and let him
know about these! Be quick!”

With that, Jonathan dashed out of the mansion while yanking Nina.

However, what he didn’t know was that a private plane had landed at an airport in Jadeborough.

The hatch door opened, and a young man alighted.

It was Jay.

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