Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 657

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Offer From The Zink Family

“Asura’s Office?” Eva’s expression turned grim as she looked at the masked man. She had thought the
masked man was the backup plan Joshua had come up with while staying hidden for the past ten

Little did she know that the masked man was working for Jonathan. At the same time, however, a trace
of doubt flashed across Eva’s eyes. Isn’t Jonathan Goldstein the only God Realm cultivator in Asura’s
Office? Who is this mysterious man who appeared out of nowhere?

“Hey, you said you’re from Asura’s Office. Do you have any evidence?” Eva had to bring back more
information despite the fact that she had no way of verifying it.

Although all families had been wary of Asura’s Office’s military power since its establishment three
years ago, they had never taken Asura’s Office seriously due to the presence of high-ranking

The feeling was similar to that of a hunter facing a wolf in the jungle with a gun.

Are wolves scary? Yes.

However, is it necessary to be afraid of them? Not really!

Following the appearance of the masked man, Eva eventually became a little confused.

Even if Jonathan’s Asura’s Office had used every resource available in the mortal world to train high-
ranking cultivators, cultivating a God Realm cultivator in three years was simply impossible.

There were only two possibilities if the God Realm cultivator in front of her was truly from Asura’s

The first was that Asura’s Office had actually discovered a way to cultivate a second Jonathan.

The second was that some forces had formed an alliance with Asura’s Office, such as respectable
families or ancient sects.

In either case, it was a big deal.

Eva had to gather as much information as she could.

With a straw in his mouth, the masked man sat on the roof and extended his hand to reload the sniper

“Whether you believe it or not doesn’t matter. What makes you think that I’m obligated to show you

The masked man grinned as he pointed the sniper rifle at Eva.

“Eva Salladay, I’d really like to try to see if I can shoot your head from this distance.”

Hearing that, Eva frowned and slowly moved backward.

Although she had summoned the ferocious beast, Hadrolodon, of The Hundred Beasts with God Realm
cultivation, the God Realm cultivator in front of her was still a formidable foe.

His cultivation level, as well as the sniper rifle in his hand, posed a great threat to her.

With the addition of Joshua, who was holding the Hailstorm Fan, it would be difficult to predict who
would win if the battle started.

“The Salladay family should, of course, show some respect now that Asura’s Office has stepped in.
Joshua Whitley is now yours. I’ll leave right away.”

Eva backed away slowly, putting The Hundred Beasts between herself and the masked man.

With a roar, Hadrolodon morphed into pure spiritual energy, entered The Hundred Beasts, and
vanished into the distance with Eva.

It was not until Eva’s figure completely disappeared that Joshua let out a sigh.

He pulled out a black pill and popped it into his mouth. Then the spiritual energy in his body surged

“That’s a Spirit Rejuvenating Pill that can restore one’s God Realm cultivation. As one might expect
from the wealthy and powerful Whitley family,” exclaimed the masked man when he noticed the
changes in spiritual energy in Joshua’s body.

The fan in Joshua’s hand was half-opened. Streams of spiritual energy poured into it rapidly, and the
ribs of the fan flickered continuously.

“Who are you?” Joshua inquired while giving the masked man a stern look. “I’m not sure if there are
any other God Realm cultivators in Asura’s Office besides Jonathan Goldstein, but I’m certain that no
one from Asura’s Office will come to my aid.”

Hearing that, the masked man chuckled and put away the sniper rifle that was almost as tall as a

“As expected, a person who can reach the top in ten years is no slouch.”

Having said that, the masked man reached out and slowly took off the mask.

Soon, the slightly pale face beneath the mask was revealed.

He was a very attractive young man who, at most, looked to be in his late twenties.

His appearance alone could rival those of well-known celebrities.

It was a stark contrast to his hoarse and husky voice earlier.

“Who are you?” Joshua asked again, raising the Hailstorm Fan in his hand.

Moments later, the young man leaped to the ground from the roof and stood in front of Joshua.

Opening his mouth, he spat out a button-sized voice changer and chuckled.

“Joshua Whitley, allow me to formally introduce myself. My name is Hayden Zink, and I’m from

The moment Joshua heard Hayden’s words, he was a little surprised.

The Zink family from Pollerton was not a small family.

According to the mortal world’s power hierarchy, respectable families were at the top, followed by
prominent families, first-class families, and so on.

The cultivator world, on the other hand, had a much simpler power structure.

There were only two kinds. Except for the respectable families, the rest fell into the category of non-
respectable families, and the Zink family of Pollerton was regarded as the most powerful among the
non-respectable families.

Some people once said that the Zink family was one of the emerging families that had the best chance
of becoming a respectable family.

However, people at Joshua’s level knew that the Zink family could only ever be the Zink family.

It was because they were nothing more than the Osborne family’s minions.

“In recent years, the Zink family has been mentioned on equal terms with the eight respectable families
and is known as the family that can fill the void left by the Whitley family’s fall,” said Joshua as he
looked at Hayden doubtfully. “Did the Osbornes ask you to save me?”

Hayden shook his head. “If the Osborne family had sent me here, I would have killed you instead of
saving you.”

After determining that Hayden had no intention of killing him, Joshua straightened up while holding the
Hailstorm Fan.

“Not the Osbornes? The how did you find me?”

Hayden smiled and said nothing.

“Joshua, be it our families, ages, or cultivation levels, I have to regard you as my senior. Stop asking
how I found you. I won’t answer you. This time, I’m here to talk to you about collaboration.”

“What collaboration?” Joshua scowled as he fixed his gaze on Hayden. “You should be aware that I’m
no longer at the top. I’m not sure what else you can get out of me.”

Joshua was well aware of his predicament.

In the past ten years, he had only done three things: hid himself, waited for the Secret Realm to open,
and developed Yaleview forces.

In fact, he once considered setting up his forces outside of Yaleview, but there were simply too many
spies from the eight respectable families.

Joshua could not be certain that the respectable families were no longer keeping an eye on him even if
they had ultimately put their guard down against him.

Following his departure from Yaleview, his ten-year plan was shattered in an instant.

As long as he possessed the three secret treasures, the eight respectable families would continue to
hunt him down.

He even considered escaping to the neighboring country of Merania to hide from the eight respectable
families. That was why he found it a little puzzling when the Zink family suggested working together.

Hayden smiled and stated, “Joshua, if you work with me, I can help you avenge the Whitley family. You
should think about it.”

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