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Chapter 655

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The Troop Summoner And The Hundred Beasts

Out of all the people who emerged from the Valley of Elites, Wilbur was the one who Joshua was most
impressed with. He had a solid foundation, and he wasn’t afraid to fight.

In order to speed up the eight respectable families’ plan, Joshua had put all of his resources into
training Wilbur to become the Military God of Yaleview Army.

However, he never expected Wilbur’s cultivation level to ascend to God Realm. Joshua could easily
defeat someone who was only a Grandmaster Realm.

However, anyone who reached God Realm was on equal footing as Joshua, even without an army to
back them up. He would have no way of controlling them, either.

There were two things that Joshua had prepared. Firstly, he would wait for the secret realm to open up
based on Herman’s plan. Secondly, he would accumulate his power in Yaleview to pave the way for the

To his dismay, when he realized that Wilbur was no longer in his control, he had pretty much lost one of
his greatest assets.

Regardless, Joshua never thought that Wilbur would instantly team up with the Salladay family and go
against him.

It meant that the plan Joshua had been formulating for ten years was suddenly gone. The only thing he
could rely on from that point was the secret realm, which was something the Whitley family had kept
under wraps for generations.

Joshua quickly chewed on his spaghetti. In just a few bites, he finished the entire plate.

Just then, a small, dainty figure landed on the window frame despite the shattered glass.

It was a messenger pigeon.

Joshua got to his feet slowly. He lightly clutched the bird in his hand, and it was instantly crushed by his
spiritual energy, turning into a pile of meat.

In the next moment, a huge figure leaped over the courtyard walls. It turned out to be an enormous

Eva was sitting on top of the leopard with her gorgeous figure and charming face.

“Joshua, being a cultivator who reached God Realm, don’t you feel embarrassed to have run all the
way to Marsingfill from Yaleview just because you don’t have the guts to fight back?” she taunted.

Upon hearing Eva’s words, the tattered door was pushed open from the inside, and Joshua walked out
steadily with an exhausted look on his face.

“Embarrassing, you say? Well, it’d be equally as embarrassing for me to die at your hands in Yaleview,”
he retorted.

He could feel a headache coming on as he stared at Eva in front of him.

“If it were any other family coming after me, I would have gotten rid of them long ago. The Salladay
family is the only family that can tame beasts. You guys are such a nuisance,” he complained.

Eva had a subtle smile on her face when she heard that. “Well, since you know you can’t run, why don’t
you just surrender, Joshua?”

“Is there any advantage for me to go willingly with you?” Joshua asked with a grin.

“Of course, there is.” Eva jumped to the ground in a swift movement. “You’re a thoughtful person who’s
incredibly skilled at planning. Even though you’re a spy, you never had children or tried to enjoy life like
the others. Considering the fact that you don’t mind toying with the eight respectable families so openly,
you’ve got remarkable courage.”

She continued, “How about this? If you hand over three of the Whitley family’s magical items, I’ll
convince the elders to let you marry into the family. When the time comes, you can live an enjoyable
life. How does that sound?”

While speaking, Eva also jutted out her chest in an attempt to show off her assets.

Joshua, on the other hand, seemed to be scared out of his wits upon hearing that. He hurriedly shook
his head.

“If what I’ve heard is true, you’re already forty-five years old, aren’t you, Eva? I won’t be able to accept
it,” he replied.

“You!” Eva’s face darkened at his response.

Eva’s biggest insecurity was her age.

Even though she was forty-five, she looked to be around twenty-six or twenty-seven.

Someone had once said that if she spent a little less time on her face, she might have ascended to the
advanced phase of God Realm already.

“You’re really asking for it, Joshua.” She swung her right hand outward, and a scroll materialized in it.
“Let me ask you one more time. Are you going to hand over three of the Whitley family’s magical items
or not?”

Meanwhile, Joshua’s spiritual sense was fervently spreading in all directions.

Thirty meters… Fifty meters… Eighty…

“Did you come here alone?” He looked at her in amusement. “Well, it makes sense. Wilbur’s the one
who forced me out, and he’s got a lot of things to take care of in Yaleview. It’s not like Yaleview Army
can spare anyone to come with you, either.”

Joshua seemed to be mumbling to himself. His left hand brushed past his ring. When he raised it
again, he was holding a bamboo board.

“So, you do have the Troop Summoner!” Eva exclaimed excitedly. “In that case, let’s see which is more
superior between the Troop Summoner and The Hundred Beasts. Come on!”

Eva let out a loud roar, and the leopard beside her charged toward Joshua in rage.

Joshua stepped forward and collided with the leopard’s fangs. He was sent flying backward violently.

In the meantime, Eva was making moves in his courtyard. The meter-long scroll was abruptly unrolled
before becoming thirty meters long, fluttering around her.

“Hah!” Eva roared. Beams of light shot out from the illustration on the scroll.

All kinds of beasts came to life from the painting.

There was an ancient ape, a fierce tiger, a giant elephant, and a colubrid snake. Each one of them had
a cultivation level of advanced phase of Grandmaster Realm, and there were ten of them. Even Joshua
couldn’t help but grimace.

“In my name, I summon you henceforth to punish the seas and the skies. I shall sacrifice my blood and
exhaust my energy. Come forth, my soldiers!” he chanted.

In mid-air, the spiritual energy of the bamboo board in his hands burst forth. He made a gesture with his
hand and slide his fingers across the board incessantly.

With one final stroke on the board, the thin layer of spiritual energy in the atmosphere suddenly began
to intensify with Joshua as the center.

The bamboo board was siphoning spiritual energy from its surroundings.

Joshua could feel the spiritual energy in his body surging, and he guarded the field of energy in his
elixir field.

Right then, all the spiritual energy within a ten miles radius had gathered beneath his feet.

Phantom-like streaks could be seen, and it was as if there was an invisible platform of spiritual energy
underneath Joshua.

A wave of murderous energy was created in the midst of it all.

Eva, who was standing far away in the courtyard, had her eyes wide open, and so did Joshua.

When Joshua was just a child, Herman had chosen him to be a spy hiding in the Whitley family.

Then, the Whitley family ended up meeting their demise, and Joshua continued carrying out Herman’s
plan from before to get a ring from a designated place. The three magical items, which were the Troop
Summoner, Formation Crusher, and Hailstorm Fan, happened to be there, too.

Even so, Joshua had left video evidence behind as a reminder to Herman.

Even though those three magical items were terrifyingly powerful, none of them could be used until one
had reached the Divine Realm at the very least. Otherwise, it would attract the attention of others who
wanted to have it for themselves. People’s lives might even be taken because of it.

Because of that, even when he was escaping from Yaleview, Joshua never used the magical items
when he didn’t need to.

The spiritual energy below him formed a platform, and the Troop Summoner was hovering in front of

In an instant, Joshua felt as if the blood in his body had begun to boil.

“Kill her!” he roared, raising his hand to grab the Troop Summoner.

At the same time, silhouette after silhouette was taking shape beneath his feet. Even though their faces
couldn’t be seen, their armor and weaponry made them look like ancient soldiers.

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