Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 651

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The Waterfall

The Grand Hotel was considered the most luxurious hotel in Sparaville. Usually, only distinguished
guests frequented the place. Alas, the hotel was in chaos that day.

Screams echoed everywhere as everyone who was above the twentieth floor started escaping
downstairs. The four Jetroinian cultivators mingled among the crowd and headed downstairs, trying to
cover their escape with the help of the crowd.

Unfortunately for them, their simple plan didn’t escape Jonathan’s spiritual sense. “Freeze!” Jonathan
growled. With that, everyone within a thirty-meter radius froze in their tracks.

Jonathan’s figure flashed through the corridor. Time was of the essence, so he had to be fast if he
wanted to slaughter more cultivators.

Jonathan sensed that Zebedee was currently above him.

Boom! The ceiling was smashed into pieces, and Zebedee landed in the corridor of the twentieth floor
with his weapon. However, Jonathan had stopped a member of Team Oracle at the stairwell.

“Ah!” the member of Team Oracle gasped when he saw Jonathan. Knowing he had no means of
escape, he decided to go all out and charged toward Jonathan boldly.

Waving the Heaven Sword, Jonathan went down the stairs without even stopping. The Grandmaster
stared at his broken weapon as anguish flashed across his eyes.

Blood spurted out of his chest like a never-ending fountain. He seemed to have exerted all of his
energy after breathing twice. Hysterical cries reverberated in the air around him.

The panicked crowd shoved him frantically until he fell on the staircase before they stepped across his
body and rushed downstairs. Just then, a figure appeared in a flash along the corridor. It was Zebedee.

The screams promptly vanished in an instant. Everyone in the stairwell who was running downstairs
held their necks in pain and slumped to the ground.

Through his spiritual sense, Jonathan saw how Zebedee attacked innocent civilians. However, he
couldn’t turn back to save them.

If he did that, he could stop Zebedee but not the other five Grandmasters. As a result, more people
would die. All he could do now was to kill without considering the consequences.

Utilizing the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique at full force, Jonathan was able to gain an endless
stream of energy as the pure spiritual energy traveled all over his body.

In the blink of an eye, he caught up to the three others who had arrived on the nineteenth floor.

Behind Jonathan, Zebedee’s broken blade was about to stab into his back.

“F*ck you!”

Without turning back, Jonathan swung his left hand backward.

Countless weapons emerged out of thin air in the corridor. Zebedee could sense at least dozens of
weapons using his spiritual sense.

Even Zebedee was surprised at the sheer amount of weapons.

After all, they weren’t ordinary weapons; they were magical items.

One would be in grave danger if one got stabbed by a magical item.

Zebedee raised his sword to block the incoming attacks. Right that moment, Jonathan had stabbed his
Heaven Sword into one of the Grandmasters’ bodies.

Both Jonathan and Zebedee’s spiritual senses overlapped as they observed each other’s movements.

When Zebedee’s sword came for Jonathan, the latter raised his left arm. At once, a golden glow
enveloped his entire being.


Jonathan’s cheeks turned rosy pink as energy coursed through his body. He was on the brink of losing
control of his spiritual energy.

The bronze handbell might be able to void physical attacks and spiritual sense attacks, but the
backlash was much worse.

Behind him, Zebedee relaxed promptly when he realized Jonathan had unleashed the bronze handbell
yet again.

Jonathan only resorted to using the bronze handbell as he couldn’t take action personally, so the other
two Grandmasters on the nineteenth floor should be safe for now.

I only need to hold him back so the remaining four can make their escape.

That was what Zebedee had planned in mind when a loud bang sounded.

Jonathan had stomped on the cement staircase and destroyed it completely. Immediately afterward, he
crashed into the other two Grandmasters with the bronze handbell still above him.

Crack, crack!

The Grandmasters’ spirit shields were crushed instantly. However, Jonathan didn’t slow down and
charged out through the hole in the corridor wall with them in tow.

Hanging midair, the three of them started to fall.

However, the two Grandmasters before Jonathan were horribly deformed.

It turned out that the previous crash wrecked their bones and internal organs. They were as dead as a

A vertical fall from the eighteenth floor, which was around sixty meters above the ground, was deadly.
Even Jonathan would sustain severe injuries if he were to do that.

Midair, Jonathan summoned his magical item that could become different lengths and continuously
injected his spiritual energy into it.

The magical item promptly grew longer and became around ten meters long.

Jonathan swung the staff and aimed it at a window beneath it.

He then threw the magical item in the direction of the window, and it pierced the ground on the
thirteenth floor.

Right there and then, Jonathan used the staff as a lever.

As the magical item bent slightly, Jonathan was able to slow his fall.

Pain shot through his arms as he struggled to hold on to the staff.

His spiritual energy kept surging toward his arms to repair his wounded flesh.

Once the magical item was straightened again, Jonathan retracted his spiritual energy and crashed into
the window on the fourteenth floor with the help of the staff.

Only two more Grandmasters left.

Jonathan stood on a huge office desk as the scene of the building appeared in his mind.

Zebedee had led the other two to the ninth floor through the emergency exit.

I’m running out of time.

Jonathan grew anxious.

The seventh floor was around thirty meters high, so if he were to catch up to them, they could jump to
the ground and make their escape.

A vertical fall of thirty to forty meters was still quite dangerous for Grandmasters, but they would most
probably survive if they were smart enough to use some tricks.

Jonathan wasn’t the only one who was capable of using tools to slow his fall.

Just when Jonathan pulled out his Heaven Sword to go after them, the scene in front of him changed

In a flash, he was standing at the edge of a waterfall, surrounded by a mountain range and forest. He
was no longer in the city.

He quickly released his spiritual sense to check his surroundings within a hundred-meter radius.

Tall trees and plants swayed in the breeze, but there was nothing but silence within a hundred-meter

Glancing at the waterfall beneath him, Jonathan instinctively stepped back.

Nevertheless, he instantly felt himself falling down the cliff.

As he fell, the waterfall appeared behind him in a flash.

It’s the illusionary realm inside the Heaven Sword!

Everything seemed so real, so Jonathan belatedly realized that it was the Heaven Sword’s sword only
after his fall.

He gazed at his balled-up right fist and relaxed without hesitation.

In a split second, the city full of buildings appeared before him.

Jonathan was still plummeting to the ground quickly.

He barely had time to form a spirit shield behind him when a spread of green emerged before his eyes.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Jonathan flipped in the air as cracks sounded in the air.


The alarm of a car blared noisily.

Jonathan had fallen onto a car with a few branches as thick as his arm beneath him. The car’s roof was

The Heaven Sword flipped as it fell. Jonathan turned his head slightly and allowed the tip of the sword
to pierce the roof below him, grazing his ear as it did so.

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