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Chapter 652

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Head Of The Family

Back in the Osborne family’s ancestral land on Wasahurst Mountains in Quadfield, Drieso, Mason lay in
his rocking chair and watched as the wind dispersed the fog on the mountains idly.

A slightly plump Everett walked into the courtyard. “Uncle Mason, Xavion has been sent to Doveston,”
he reported.“Mm.” Mason nodded and turned around to look at Everett. “Everett, look at the fog in the
mountain. Has it changed?”

Despite not knowing why Mason would pose that question to him, Everett knew that there must be a
reason behind Mason’s question. Turning to the fog, Everett pondered for a moment before answering,
“It looks the same as usual, but changes at all times.”

“It looks the same as usual, but changes at all times,” Mason repeated. After repeating the same
sentence a few times, Mason flashed a smile.

“Everett, your answer is perfect. Hmm, seems like I didn’t teach you for years in vain,” he announced

After a pause, he asked, “How long have you been with me? I mean, helping me deal with the family

As if sensing what he meant, Everett quickly replied, “It will be fifteen years a few days later.”

“Fifteen years.” Mason rose to his feet. “How many fifteen years in your life do you have? You worked
hard for fifteen years but only managed to be an elder. The Osborne family owes you a lot.”

Hearing his words, Everett gave a slight bow and came to him.

“Uncle Mason, please don’t say that. I’m part of the Osborne family, too. Thus, it is my job to help you
within my capabilities. After all, I do get to enjoy the benefits of being part of the Osborne family, right?”

Mason was clearly pleased with his reply. “Everett, I will make it up to you.”

Everett quickly gave him a salute and said, “Uncle Mason, I dare not take merit.”

Hearing that, Mason laughed and shook his head. “Don’t say that. Jay is outside, right? Tell him to
come on in.”

“Of course.”

Everett immediately landed his spiritual sense on Jay and vibrated it. Sensing the vibration, Jay
lowered his head and hurried into the courtyard.

Jay was the young master of the main branch of the Osborne family and also the future successor of
the family. Thus, he was adored by Mason, who he called “Grandpa.”

Alas, after Mason realized what he did and chopped all his lovers into minced meat, he would tremble
in fear whenever he saw Mason as though he was a rat who had seen a cat.

“Grandpa.” After entering the courtyard, Jay didn’t even dare to raise his head and promptly got on his
knees in front of Mason. “Grandpa, I’m sorry. I won’t do it again—”

Before he could finish, Mason cut in and announced, “I don’t mix business with personal affairs. I
summoned you here today to talk about business. Call me Old Mr. Osborne.”

Mason sounded calm, but Jay felt as though his energy had been depleted.

He knew right then that his grandfather would never summon him for personal affairs anymore.

Nevertheless, he had no other choice.

Tears streamed down his cheeks and fell to the ground.

Gritting his teeth, Jay balled up his fists and greeted, “Greetings, Old Mr. Osborne. May I know why you
summoned me here?”

Seeing their actions, Everett let out a long sigh.

Jay was his nephew whom he had watched grow up. In fact, Everett didn’t hold back in nurturing Jay.

Never in his wildest dreams did he expect that Jay would turn out this way.

Mason gazed at Jay. “Jay, I want to help you hide the truth, but no secret can remain hidden forever.
Many people in the family already know about your matters,” he revealed.

Jay’s face turned pale as he slumped to the ground.

Seeing that, Mason let out an icy snort.

“Fortunately, your Uncle Everett cleaned up after you. Those who knew about your matters have been
killed by his men. There is no evidence lying around.”

At once, Jay crawled to Mason on his knees. “Grandpa, I won’t do that anymore. I shall stay by your
side in the ancestral grounds to learn from you. I won’t leave your side.”

Since the evidence was gone, Jay assumed that a lid had been put over the matter.

He had no idea Mason would use his spiritual energy to send him flying five to six meters away.

“It’s too late,” Mason declared calmly. “Jay, do you think the Osborne family members are fools? Even if
there isn’t sufficient evidence, do you think everyone else will choose not to trust the rumor?”

Jay collapsed to the ground as fear crept up his heart.

“Grandpa, what should I do? What should I do?”

“What should you do?” Mason glanced at the fog and sighed.

“You might be the firstborn son, but after what happened, you won’t be able to convince everyone.
From today onward, you are no longer the head of the family.”

After a pause, he ordered coldly, “Everett.”

Everett put on a solemn expression and went to Mason in a respectful manner. “Yes, I am here.”

“Today, as the eighty-ninth head of the Osborne family, I hereby appoint you, Everett Osborne, as the
successor to my position. If anything happens to me, you’ll take over the Osborne family. My order will
take effect today and will be relayed to all core members of the family by tonight.”

“Uncle Mason…” Everett was confused.

He did not expect to be the next head of the family as he was just an insignificant figure in the family.

“Accept my order!” Mason roared.

Hearing that, Everett straightened his back and got on his knees.

“I, Everett Osborne, member of the one hundred and seventy-eighth generation of the Osborne family,
accept your order!” he replied.

With that, Jay’s era had ended before it could even begin.

When Everett stood up, Mason seemed to have aged instantly.

The head of the Osborne family would often pass on the baton to his grandchild.

Among the hundreds of patriarchs, only two didn’t hand over the position to their closest relatives, and
Mason was the third to do so.

He had no other choice.

After everyone learned about Jay’s doings, if the branches refused to listen to him, no one would be
able to control them after Mason’s death. By then, the Osborne family would be doomed.

If someone used that as an excuse to launch an attack on Jay, he would die for sure.

Mason was vicious and sensible enough to make Everett his successor.

His decision could also protect Jay. Jay might not be the next head of the family, but he could lead a
peaceful life as a normal member of the family.

Even after Mason’s death, Everett would remember how Mason appointed him as his successor and
protect Jay on his behalf.

There was only so much Mason could do as Jay’s grandfather.

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