Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 649

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The Fall

Realizing Geoffrey had forced her to swallow a bunch of micro-explosives, Nina felt as if she was about
to go mad. Unlike her, Geoffrey was a sea of calm.

“Since I’m no match for you in combat, there’s no other way to make sure you follow orders.” With that,
he turned around and headed out.

“The same old rules apply. Move outside a ten-meter radius, you’ll explode. Just so you know, I have a
heart-rate monitor on me. In the event my heart stops beating, the bombs will also go off.”


The desire to kill Geoffrey burned within Nina. However, on the account of the explosives, she resigned
herself to leaving with Geoffrey while enduring the excruciating pain she felt.

Upon stepping out of the room, she glared at Jonathan before following her captor into the elevator.
Standing opposite her, Zebedee was gripped with shock underneath the indifferent expression on his

Jonathan is covering Nina’s retreat? The greatest spy that Jetroina has trained managed to embed
herself by Jonathan’s side?

“I’ll hold Jonathan back. The rest of you, split up and escape.” Zebedee changed his plan upon the
realization. In Jetroina, he was known as the holy master and revered by all.

As he possessed the cultivation level of advanced phase God Realm, the absence of any rivals allowed
his ego to swell uncontrollably.

Naturally, he didn’t fear Jonathan and was confident in his ability to defeat the latter. Nonetheless, it
wasn’t lost upon him that with Nina by Jonathan’s side, he could strike at the latter at a time of his own

Killing Jonathan there and then would have resulted in Nina’s efforts going to waste.

Upon the loss of Jonathan, a new military leader would be chosen to lead Asura’s Office. As a
consequence, additional time and effort would be required to find out his identity, more so if an
assassination was needed.

Therefore, between an unknown enemy and one who could easily be tracked, even a fool could see
the latter as the obvious choice.

Unfortunately, it never crossed Zebedee’s mind that Nina wasn’t with Jonathan by choice.

Instead, she was now a pawn in both Jonathan and Geoffrey’s hands.

Given that her life was in grave danger, there was no way she could still act as a spy, let alone deliver

Those were the results of the strange coincidence that occurred.

Nevertheless, neither Jonathan nor Zebedee had a full picture of what was truly going on.

Amidst Zebedee’s instructions for his subordinates to retreat, Jonathan pulled out a tortoise shell from
his storage ring.

With a fling of his arm, the tortoise shell expanded rapidly in the air until it sealed off the entire corridor.

Knocking on the impregnable tortoise shell, Jonathan broke into a devious smile.

“What do you think? There’s no escape for you. Now, die!”

Dissolving into an afterimage, Jonathan lunged at the Grandmasters with his sword.


As the Heaven Sword and broken blade smashed into each other, Jonathan and Zebedee broke away
upon the impact.

With a flick of his wrist, Jonathan whipped out two short blades and sent them flying at another two

In response, Zebedee let flew two darts to intercept Jonathan’s blades.

At that moment, both Jonathan and Zebedee had a clear understanding of the situation.

If both of them were to engage each other, their battle would likely end in a stalemate.

However, if Jonathan were to target the Grandmasters first, he would be able to slaughter all of them
within a few minutes.

Once Zebedee was the only one left, Jonathan planned to defeat the old man through a brutal battle of

Having seen through Jonathan’s intent, Zebedee’s main goal now was to hold the man off and protect
his subordinates’ retreat.

Even though they had been exposed and had compromised the mission to sever the Eastern Army’s
supply lines, these Grandmasters were still capable of wrecking enough chaos to overwhelm Asura’s
Office if they were allowed to infiltrate Doveston.

“Leave through the rooms’ windows. Quick!” Zebedee instructed.

No sooner had Team Oracle heard the instructions than they swarmed into the rooms on both sides of
the corridor.

The sturdy wooden door that stood in their way collapsed upon the weight of their sword.

As screams of horror and curses rang out, Jonathan sneered and threw a bronze handbell.

“Did you actually think that you can stop me?”


Following a strange ripple, the bronze handbell floated above Jonathan’s head and bathed him in a
gentle golden hue.

Thereafter, Jonathan lowered his stance before dashing forward with the Heaven Sword pointed at

Correspondingly, Zebedee swung his broken blade at Jonathan’s face.

Nonetheless, the latter didn’t dodge and burst out through Zebedee’s flank.

A jarring sound that resulted from friction rang out in both their ears.

Harnessing his spiritual sense, Jonathan resisted the reverberation of the bell. His attempts at blocking
Zebedee’s attacks rapidly drew upon the spiritual energy within his body.

As the tip of the broken blade flew past Jonathan’s eyes, it was kept out by the glowing runes within the
golden light.

I won the gamble!

Within a single move, Jonathan had gotten past Zebedee, which was enough to provide him with the
opportunity to seize the advantage.


Roaring, Jonathan charged into a room on the left.

Lying on the bed inside was a naked couple. The man suffered a bloody cut on his neck that had yet to
open up. At the same time, the broken window was evidence that someone had just escaped through


Using his spiritual energy, Jonathan weaved an invisible rope and connected it to the hilt of the Heaven
Sword. Thereafter, he flung the sword forcefully in the direction below the window.

Just like cutting through butter, the Heaven Sword pierced through the floor and shot out of the

It wasn’t until an agonized scream was heard that the sword flew back in.

Jonathan swiftly followed up by chopping his hand onto the ground.


His strike opened up a ten-meter hole in the floorboards beneath his feet.

However, before he could do anything, Zebedee was already behind him, brandishing his broken blade.


The bell rang out again.

Standing within the protection of the bell, Jonathan felt his vitality diminish slightly. It was quickly
followed by the floor giving way underneath them.

Just like that, both Jonathan and Zebedee fell toward the twenty-ninth floor.


In mid-air, a mischievous glint flashed across Jonathan’s eyes as his magical staff extended rapidly in

With one end pressing against the twenty-ninth-floor ground, the other end struck Zebedee on his
chest, sending him flying back up to the thirtieth floor.

“You’re not going to get me that easily!”

Upon landing on the ground, Jonathan kept his staff and barged into the room.

His spiritual sense told him that there were seven Grandmasters on the twenty-ninth floor.

As for the rest, they were spread across the twenty-sixth and twenty-fifth floors.

This must be due to the difference in cultivation levels. The stronger and braver ones are capable of
falling five to six floors before escaping into the room. As for the seven of you, you only dared to fall
one story, and this is where all of you will die!

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