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Chapter 648

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Exposed Identity

Jonathan was now in a standoff with Zebedee and Team Oracle who numbered thirteen men.

Watching them through the door, Nina didn’t dare make a single move. Instead, she gripped the
couch’s corners so tightly that the veins in the back of her hands began to bulge.

Prior to having her meridians sealed, she—as a Grandmaster—would have been capable of giving
Jonathan a hard time even though she was still no match for him.

What she didn’t expect was Jonathan sealing her meridians out of caution even though she had used a
magical item to suppress her cultivation level to that of Superior Realm.

As a God Realm warrior, is it really necessary to be wary of someone from Superior Realm?

Having her powers sealed and suffering the effects of the laxative, the ashen-faced Nina could no
longer move, let alone flee.

Along the corridor, the ring of the nearby elevator interrupted the standoff.

As its doors opened, Geoffrey stepped out, phone in hand.

“Mr. Goldstein…”

No sooner had he spoken than he stared at Zebedee and his men in shock.

With Jonathan brandishing a magical weapon against a group of hostile-looking men, even a fool could
sense that something was amiss.

Zebedee, with an emotionless gaze, gave Jonathan a look.

“Mister, you know how to speak Jetroinian?”

“A little,” Jonathan replied with a smile as he swung his staff around.

He continued, “So, what are a bunch of Jetroinians pretending to be Chanaeans up to?”

“Pretending?” Zebedee sounded surprise. “Since when were we pretending? We only spoke Chanaean
to you out of courtesy.”

“Is that so? In that case, what are you doing here in Chanaea?” Jonathan probed in a mischievous

From the men’s earlier sword stances, it was evident that they were Jetroinian warriors. To be in
Chanaea at such a sensitive time, it was obvious what their objective was.

Despite that, Jonathan was curious as to why he couldn’t feel any spiritual energy from the group.

Did they seal off their spiritual energy with some magical item or technique? If that’s the case, I have to
get my hands on it. Something like that is invaluable for assassinations.

Zebedee’s men began to chuckle at Jonathan.

“Mr. Goldstein… right? We’re here in Chanaea to make an investment.”

“Tell me your name and entry date into the country,” Jonathan demanded calmly.

“My name’s Zebedee Makino. I’m the head of Team Oracle,” Zebedee answered with a slight bow and
a grin on his face.

The very next instant, the flash of a blade could be seen bearing down upon Jonathan’s lower body.


Amidst the clash of metal, Jonathan stopped the blade with his staff.

As sparks continued to fly from the magical staff, a lava-like substance began to flow along the motifs
on its surface, spreading from where Jonathan’s grip was to both its extreme ends.

In Zebedee’s hands, a meter-long broken blade was emitting an icy frost.

Despite having a contest of strength discreetly, both of them wore a smile on their respective faces.

“Team Oracle is one of Jetroina’s mysterious organizations that report directly to the Emperor.
Obviously, you’re considered big fish,” Jonathan remarked smugly.

As for Zebedee, his earlier calm was now replaced by a cold and hostile look.

“Jonathan Goldstein, also known within Chanaea’s military circles as the legendary Asura. I didn’t
expect to run into you here. Now, die!”

Zebedee had barely spoken when—with a twitch of his tongue—a sharp needle shot out without


A slight wave of Jonathan’s staff deflected the needle away. Immediately after, he raised his right fist
and slammed it on top of his staff while tweaking the spell with his left hand, causing the staff to shrink
into a stick which was shot in Zebedee’s direction.


Holding his sword in front of his face, Zebedee sent the staff flying.

As the spell in Jonathan’s hand changed again, the flying staff extended its length in mid-air with both
its ends stabbing into the walls of the corridor.

Leaping into the air, Jonathan threw forward a magical meteor hammer before grabbing the staff with
both his hands and launching a double kick at Zebedee’s chest.

The latter had hardly blocked the meteor hammer with his blade when he felt a devastating blow to his
chest, throwing him backward.


Crashing through the corridor wall, Zebedee ended up buried in the rubble.

“I expect nothing less from Asura.”

Zebedee’s voice echoed from inside the wall.

Narrowing his eyes, Jonathan stared at Zebedee’s chest.

His kick had ripped off the latter’s suit to reveal the Jetroinian armor plate underneath it.

Since they had fallen out with each other, there was no need for Zebedee to hide his cultivation level

Releasing waves of spiritual energy, he demonstrated the power of advanced phase God Realm to the
extent Jonathan felt pressured by him.

“Just as expected of someone with the title of holy master,” Jonathan commented as he kept his staff
and meteor hammer.

Even though Zebedee had a kick slammed into him earlier, he came out unscathed due to the armor he
was wearing.

Looking at his surrounding subordinates, Zebedee ripped off the suit he was wearing.

“Since our cover is blown, all of you should do as you see fit. As for our battle, you’re not in a position
to interfere,” Zebedee instructed his men while keeping his eyes locked on Jonathan.

“Understood!” the members of Team Oracle acknowledged with a bow.

Thereafter, they pulled out long swords from their magical storage, and without any hesitation, charged
at Jonathan.

Amidst the flash of a sword, members of Team Oracle were sent flying while the swords they were
holding showed a faint crack across the blades.

Holding a long sword, Jonathan stared at Zebedee.

“None of you are leaving as long as I’m here.”

He subsequently turned to Geoffrey.

“Take Nina away with you. If she tries anything funny, kill her!”

“Understood,” Geoffrey grunted in acknowledgment before entering the room with a pistol. Despite the
presence of more than ten Grandmasters less than five meters away, he showed no signs of fear at all.

After all, Jonathan standing in the corridor was a reassuring sight.

Back inside the room, Nina saw Jonathan ordering Geoffrey to take her away as an opportunity for

So, what if my cultivation level has been sealed? As a Grandmaster whose body has been nourished
by spiritual energy, I’m still stronger than an ordinary person. Once I leave Jonathan’s side, I’ll be able
to eliminate Geoffrey easily.

Little did she expect Geoffrey to point a gun to her forehead the moment he entered.

“W-What are you… Mmm…”

Before she could finish, Geoffrey held her mouth and stuffed a couple of pill-like objects down her

“Geoffrey! You’ve got to be kidding me! Again?”

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