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Chapter 647

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A Gracious Host

At the moment, Nina was deeply conflicted. A miserable feeling descended upon her as she stood
face-to-face with Jonathan. Geoffrey’s investigations showed that she was innocent not because she
had wiped her history clean.

Instead, she simply had an unremarkable background. The better one’s acting was, the better a spy
one made.

While hiding amidst the enemy, a spy who wasn’t called up could be anyone, be it a vegetable seller or
a white-collared worker. In fact, one could even be an unemployed bum who stayed home all day.

Some spies—while lying in wait—would even get married and start a family. Nevertheless, once they
were issued a mission by the organization, they would deliver the required information right away.

As for Nina, her clean background was the result of her masquerading as a Chanaean for twenty years
—from kindergarten up to university.

Just like ordinary Chanaeans around her, she studied, fell in love, started a business, and joined the rat

In order not to raise any suspicion, Jetroina would only contact her once a year, never issuing any

That was why the background checks yielded nothing about her.

Her mission was to be deployed when a grand strategy was put in place, such as the current situation
where Jetroina and Remdik formed an alliance to attack Karl.

Previously, Nina had paid a handsome price to rent a shop in the same building as Seamus for her
cosmetics business. It was part of her preparations in the event she was called up for duty.

Ten days ago, she finally received orders to assume her role as a spy.

Once she had executed the mission related to the Eastern Army’s rear, she would be able to return to

However, she discovered that Seamus was dead before she could even get close to him.

Coincidentally, Team Oracle was also preparing to eliminate Seamus in their attempt to sow chaos in
Horbah, Baridoki, and Terrandya.

Unfortunately, the bomb went off before Nina could stop them in time.

Subsequently, in an attempt to hide her identity, Nina killed the cultivators who were sent to assist her
from Fairlake. Moreover, she even created the illusion that her heart was pierced by glass shrapnel
from the explosion.

It was after all that that she encountered Jonathan.

Initially, she assumed he was a member of Terrandya’s intelligence network. Little did she expect fate
to embed her by Asura’s side.

By then, it was impossible for her to dissociate herself even if she wanted to.

How did this happen?

When Nina dropped to her knees with a pleading look on her face, the puzzled Jonathan furrowed his

“What are you doing? By cultivating with me, you can obtain the resources you want. Isn’t that what
you’re aiming for?

“It is what I want…” Nina elaborated wryly, “But what I aim to be is just the treasured partner of
someone powerful and not participate in a powerful organization such as Asura’s Office. Mr. Goldstein,
I beg of you, please let me go. I have saved up some money and am willing to give it all to you, all

Even though Nina was already on the brink of tears, Jonathan simply shook his head.

“Nina, I trust the results of Geoffrey’s investigation and the fact that you’re innocent.”

He leaned into her ear as he spoke.

“Having said that, Agent 009, whom I sent to Zedfield has a record that’s manifold cleaner than yours.
He’s also one of the best spies in Asura’s Office. Be it you or someone else, it’s rare for anyone who
approaches me to truly be innocent. Most of the time, they have an ulterior motive.

“Even though I don’t know what your intention is and neither do I have any evidence, I can assure you
that I’m a patient man. If you stay by my side without exposing yourself for life, I’ll treat you as my
servant accordingly. However, the moment I catch you making a mistake, I’ll make sure you suffer a
fate worse than death. Do you understand?” Jonathan threatened with a smile.

By then, Nina’s face had lost all color, and tears were streaming down her cheeks.

“M-Mr. Goldstein, I-I really don’t know what you’re talking about… I just want to leave. I beg of you…
Please let me go…” she choked, for she was already terrified of Jonathan.

Despite Nina’s reaction, the latter was a sea of calm.

It wasn’t because he was cold-blooded, but because he was inherently cautious after being plotted
against countless times in the past.

Factions from within and beyond Chanaea have continuously tried to get close to him, not only to take
his life but also to annihilate Asura’s office.

As for the women who tried to do so, be it Yasmin, Lauryn, or even Nina, all of them had their own

In the event any information about Asura’s Office was leaked to its enemies, the ensuing
consequences would be devastating. Mysonna, where almost a hundred thousand soldiers were killed
or injured, was an example of that.

As a result, Jonathan didn’t dare let down his guard toward those who appeared by his side for no

“There is a way to leave me,” Jonathan remarked.

“What is it?” Nina asked, grasping at straws.


After turning off his tablet computer and heading out, Jonathan was slightly stunned the moment he
opened the door.

He was greeted by the sight of ten glowering men walking in his direction.

At the sight of him, the group, too, was slightly taken aback. Despite the minute reactions, they didn’t
escape Jonathan’s notice.

“Hold on.”

Jonathan stepped out the door and blocked the men’s way.

One of them, who was nearest to Jonathan, raised his right hand by reflex.

It was the typical stance of a sword drawing technique that was ingrained into the muscle memory of a
trained swordsman at the first sign of danger.

Suddenly, an old man within the group let out an exasperated snort before shoving the man in front of
him aside.

He was none other than Zebedee.

As for the group, they were members of Team Oracle whose operation was stopped by the explosion.

“What are you doing?” Zebedee barked at his subordinate.

“I hired you to protect me, not cause any trouble.”

Thereafter, Zebedee walked up to Jonathan and nodded with a smile.

“Young man, is there any reason you’re blocking our way?”

“Not at all. I mistook you for someone else.”

Jonathan stepped aside with a polite grin.

After giving him a cordial nod, Zebedee led his men past the former.

With a slight twitch of his ear, Jonathan picked up the racing hearts that passed him by.


Staring at their silhouettes, Jonathan let slip a word in Jetroinian, causing the group to stop abruptly in
their tracks.

By the time they turned around, they were greeted by the sight of Jonathan staring at them while
holding a long black staff that was emitting sparks.

“That was easy. Gentlemen, now that you have arrived in Chanaea, let me be your gracious host.”

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