Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 646

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Please Forgive Me

All eight of the respectable families had heard about what happened in Yaleview. Sure enough, they all
decided to send their men over to Horbah in Doveston.

Apart from wealth and power, the respectable families also competed for control over the military over
ten years ago.

Although the soldiers were nothing compared to those from Asura’s Office, Yaleview Army, and Eastern
Army, they were good enough to keep the other respectable families in check.

After defeating the Whitley family, the eight respectable families suffered heavy casualties and
prioritized their recovery over their military forces. That led to the birth of a few key individuals, who
were later known as the eight Kings of War of Asura’s Office.

As the soldiers were no longer bound to the respectable families, they started abusing their power and
committing lots of crimes.

To maintain order, Chanaea had set up eight armed forces all over the country.

Three years ago, Jonathan joined the armed forces and helped expedite the process tremendously. It
wasn’t long before order was restored to Chanaea.

Jonathan then elected the Eight Kings of War after taking into account their accomplishments in the

That marked the end of the eight respectable families’ control over the military power in Chanaea.

Since neither of them had a significant advantage over the other, they were okay with the outcome.

After all, the eight respectable families prioritized being more or less equal in power with one another.

However, the Salladay family secretly forming an alliance with Wilbur disturbed that balance.
Regardless of whether Wilbur had chosen to side with the Salladay family, the alliance would still tip the
scale of power in the latter’s favor.

With six hundred thousand soldiers from Yaleview Army on their side, the Salladay family had an unfair
advantage over the other respectable families.

Naturally, they didn’t take too kindly to that.

Jonathan’s Asura’s Office was out of the question as he was determined to stand against the
respectable families. Lauryn had made that very clear the last time she returned home.

As such, Karl was the only one they could try to ally with.

Although Karl was also against the respectable families, he betrayed Asura’s Office and ended up with
the Medved Army bearing down on him.

Since Karl was stuck with nowhere left to go, the respectable families believed it would be easy to ally
with him if they lent him a helping hand.

Karl, who was staying thirty miles south of River Onxy, had no idea that the turn of events in Yaleview
had made him a prime target for the seven respectable families.

Meanwhile, in Sparaville of Terrandya, Jonathan had a deep frown on his face as he lounged on the

He was reading through a report sent by a sleeper agent he had planted deep within Zedfield.

Ever since the death of Agent 018, Jonathan had ordered all of his spies to go into hiding.

With Wilbur’s cultivation level reaching God Realm and Yaleview under total control of the Yaleview
Army, Jonathan didn’t want his spies to lose their lives in vain.

This report was sent by Agent 009. Asura’s Office has lost contact with him, so it’s highly possible that
he has been compromised and killed…

“Geoffrey, I need you to do me a favor. Look up a man named Federico Laderman. His ID card number
ends with 061125. I want you to ensure that his children are well looked after and treated fairly. Do not
let anyone harm them.”

“Yes, Sir! By the way, Mr. Goldstein, who is this person?”

“He’s a spy I planted in Yaleview. I’ve long since gotten rid of his true identity by faking his accidental
death. He risked his life to send me this intel, so his sacrifice is priceless.”

“Got it. I will make sure his family and children are treated fairly and well provided.”

Jonathan nodded without looking away from his tablet.

Joshua is in the middle phase of Divine Realm and has disappeared without a trace. Wilbur and the
Salladay family are working together, forming a powerful alliance between a respectable family and the
Yaleview Army. Did the Salladay family plan this ahead of time? Lauryn once advised me to work with
the Blackwood family. I imagine her moving into Edenic Heights was also an intentional act. If that
really is the case, then Karl and the remaining Kings of War are the ones most affected. The quickest
way for the other respectable families to stop the Salladay family is to ally with the remaining forces…

With that in mind, Jonathan turned to look at Geoffrey and asked, “Is there still no update from the guys
at Baridoki?”

“I mentioned your name when I contacted Baridoki’s intelligence department. Camden was scared
sh*tless and is currently carrying out investigations. However, due to how advanced the maritime
transport industry is over at Baridoki, it will take at least two days to perform a detailed investigation,”
Geoffrey replied.

“Two days? If Jetroina’s cultivators really are infiltrating the country, they would’ve made it to Horbah by
then! Tell Camden to either provide me with his findings by dawn tomorrow or choose how he wishes to
be executed!” Jonathan exclaimed with a frown.

Speed and efficiency are key when it comes to gathering intel. If the information in Agent 009’s report is
true, then it would be of no use to me if I received it two days later! Asura’s Office will not tolerate such
incompetence and inefficiency!

While Geoffrey ran off to make the arrangements, Jonathan stared at Nina, who was sitting in front of

The look in his eyes was as cold as ice. He didn’t even care if Nina had heard his conversation with
Geoffrey earlier.

“What’s the matter? You haven’t recovered yet?” he asked with a chuckle.

“I might need a few more hours,” Nina mumbled weakly while clutching a pillow in her arms.

With a faint grin on his lips, Jonathan said, “I have a very special identity. You’ll need to undergo a
thorough background check if you wish to work with me. Now that I know for sure that you’re clean, you
are allowed to remain by my side from here on.”

Nina simply smiled weakly at him after hearing that.

Geoffrey had forced her to swallow a tiny explosive device while he ran a background check on her.
After making sure that she had a clean record, he forcefully fed her lots of laxatives to help remove the
explosive device.

Had it not been for her cultivation level, the laxatives alone could’ve landed her in the emergency room.

Nina had a conflicted feeling in her heart when she looked at Jonathan.

“Mr. Goldstein, may I know what you actually do?”

“I’m Jonathan Goldstein of Asura’s Office. Everyone calls me Asura,” Jonathan replied honestly.

Nina sat up and stared at him in disbelief. “You’re Asura?”

Jonathan nodded. “You wanted someone to help you, right? Well, I’m the only one in Chanaea who can
provide you with the best resources.”

The next thing he knew, Nina knelt in front of him and pleaded, “I’m sorry, Mr. Goldstein. Please forgive

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