Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 645

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Teaming Up

“What?” Harvey and Graeme both leaped to their feet in unison. “Say that again!” Graeme shouted at
the guard. He got so worked up that his spiritual energy went out of control, causing the furniture
around him to start breaking. That showed just how shocked Graeme was.

“There’s trouble in Yaleview… Eva from the Salladay family has teamed up with Wilbur to assassinate
Joshua. His cultivation level is revealed to be in the middle phase of God Realm, and he has gone
missing after making an escape. His fate is currently unknown.”

Harvey activated his force field to suppress the outburst of Graeme’s spiritual energy. Any higher and
Graeme’s spiritual energy would probably start hurting Colton and the others.

“Did you find out anything else?” Harvey asked the guard coldly. “That was the only information we
received from Yaleview. Because of the urgent nature of the situation, I’ve come over to report it as
quickly as possible,” the guard replied respectfully.

“Have all our spies in the country get to work! We must locate Joshua at all costs!” “Understood!” The
guard then turned around and left the room. Harvey walked up to Graeme and said, “Calm down,

Graeme lowered his spiritual energy levels after hearing that, but the look in his eyes remained icy-cold
as he exclaimed, “I can’t believe Herman Whitley managed to slip right through our fingers!”

Harvey got a little worried when he heard that. Herman was the patriarch of the Whitley family two
generations ago. He had managed to escape the assault from the eight families.

Back when the Whitley family was in its prime, even Graeme had had to address Herman politely
whenever he saw him. Harvey led Graeme to the side and sat him down on the couch.

“According to the rules of the respectable families, children around the age of five who are found to be
suitable for cultivation need to be sent to their ancestral grounds, where they will be trained and
screened. Joshua is currently a Divine Realm cultivator, so he must’ve been well-trained before the
Whitley family got annihilated. Looks like this is Herman’s last-ditch effort to protect the family,” he said
with a sigh.

Colton and Zidane stared wide-eyed at Harvey in shock after hearing that. Being the heirs of a
respectable family, they had never experienced conflict in life, let alone heard about it.

After all, a respectable family like theirs couldn’t possibly have survived all those years without being
incredibly powerful and independent.

Those who even remotely tried to hurt them would likely end up dead. However, everything changed
when Joshua’s cultivation level was revealed. It was over ten years ago when the eight respectable
families had teamed up to annihilate the Whitley family.

Not wanting to give the Whitley family a chance to retaliate, they acted swiftly and suddenly. That was
how they caught the Whitley family by surprise and managed to wipe it out.

Following the annihilation of the Whitley family, the eight respectable families proceeded to massacre
all of its remaining family members and relatives, including the distant ones.

When did Herman plan this? No one has ever heard of Joshua. Did Herman start the preparations for
the Whitley family’s backup plan right after Joshua was born? That was thirty years ago! If that really is
the case, then Herman is a lot more terrifying than we imagined.

Graeme let out a sigh as he glanced at Zidane and Colton.

“Someday, you two will be the ones managing the Blackwood family, so I don’t mind letting you two in
on some of its secrets. You two are well aware that the eight respectable families are looking for a

certain something that belongs to the Whitley family, right?”

Colton and Zidane nodded in unison. The Blackwood family wasn’t the only one looking for it. All the
other respectable families had kept at it as well. However, no one knew what they were actually looking

“It’s a storage magical item. After the eight respectable families destroyed the Whitley family’s ancestral
grounds and looted their treasures, they realized the most important ones were nowhere to be found.”

Harvey nodded slightly in response. “The three magical items are Troop Summoner, Formation
Crusher, and Hailstorm Fan.” “Those are magical items listed on the Supreme Arsenal!” Zidane

Harvey let out a sigh as he continued, “The functions of those three magical items are as their names
would suggest. The Troop Summoner is capable of summoning soldiers, the Formation Crusher can be
used to destroy formations, and the Hailstorm Fan can conjure up thunderstorms as well as formations.

All three of those magical items are extremely powerful, but no one has seen them ever since the
Whitley family got annihilated. We used to assume the other respectable families had found the
magical items and were hiding them from everyone else. But now that Joshua’s cultivation level has
been exposed, it is highly possible that the magical items are with him.”

Colton, who was standing at the side, furrowed his brows when he heard that.

“Uncle Harvey, Joshua has been concealing his cultivation level while ruling over Yaleview. Now that
Wilbur has exposed his cultivation level, Joshua will be targeted by all the respectable families. We
need to catch him now, or it’ll be a lot more difficult in the future.”

Harvey nodded in response. “That’s not all. The fact that Herman has Joshua as a backup plan
suggests he might have several others.”

As everyone in the room fell silent, Graeme said solemnly, “Even if Herman has made such
arrangements, I doubt he’d expect Joshua to pull off such a brilliant and sneaky move. He went from
being humiliated by the heirs of respectable families to the commander-in-chief.

Had he not chosen Wilbur, Joshua would probably have made Yaleview Army his own private armed
force. If the Whitley family has identified the locations of the eight respectable families’ ancestral
grounds, Joshua could destroy them all simply by bombarding them from afar. Oh, and let’s not forget
about the Salladay family.

The fact that they only sent Eva to help Wilbur with the assassination is proof that they don’t know
Joshua’s background at all. Otherwise, they’d have surely sent all of their most powerful elders after
Joshua just to ensure his death.”

The look in Harvey’s eyes grew solemn after he heard Graeme’s words. “Father, are you saying the
Salladay family’s original goal was simply to team up with Wilbur to compete for power?”

Graeme slowly stood up and replied, “It’s highly possible. The Salladay family is the most powerful out
of the eight respectable families, and yet, they’re still trying to gain more power. I imagine they’ll soon
end up sharing the Whitley family’s fate. With the exception of sects and respectable families, there are
only a few God Realm cultivators in Chanaea.

Jonathan from Asura’s Office, Wilbur from Yaleview Army, Karl from Eastern Army, and Joshua, who is
currently on the run. Now that the Salladay family has teamed up with Wilbur, the other respectable
families are bound to team up with the others as well.”

A glint flitted across Graeme’s eyes as he added, ”Find a way to contact Lauryn. Tell her to sort out her
relationship with Jonathan and to refrain from coming home. As for you, Harvey, you are to contact

Pentonius and have him return at once. I want him to meet up with Karl before the other respectable
families do!”

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