Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 643

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The Scheme Of Respectable Families

Nina was stunned by Geoffrey’s pale face. “I just wanted to follow that mister from earlier. Surely it isn’t
necessary to kill me?” Geoffrey’s hand trembled as he pulled out a pistol from his sleeve.

“I don’t care why you’re approaching Mr. Goldstein, nor am I interested in what you’re up to. You only
have two options now. Eat it now, or I’ll shoot,” he threatened.

Nina was about to part her lips to say something when she glanced at Jonathan, who was less than
twenty meters away from them. At that moment, she realized her conversation with Geoffrey was
definitely within Jonathan’s earshot.

“You’re crazy!” Nina scolded, gritting her teeth as she took the pill and tossed it into her mouth. “There.
I swallowed it. Happy now?”

Seeing that, Geoffrey put away his gun and hurried after Jonathan. “Keep up. And stay within ten
meters. Anywhere further than that, you’ll die.”

Several people in the crowd noticed Nina’s form shifting slightly.

However, she shook her head slightly and looked up to the sky with a regretful expression, making
Jonathan stop in his tracks. “What a waste. All those years of entrepreneurship have gone to waste. I
hope everything will be better in the future,” she murmured.

Jonathan, who stood in the distance, had spread his spiritual sense about one hundred meters around

Though Nina was standing twenty meters away with her back facing him, his spiritual sense allowed
him to watch her every move as if she was standing in front of him.

Of course, everyone else was also within his area of detection. However, there was no spiritual energy
detected. Was Nina really shaking her head because she felt bad for the company?

Meanwhile, Harvey Blackwood sat upright in the middle of the conference room at the Blackwood
residence on Dyadgon Mountain.

Harvey was Lauryn’s father and the current patriarch of the Blackwood family. He had perfected his
cultivation level at Grandmaster Realm and could advance to God Realm at any time.

Sitting beside him was a grey-haired elder.

He was around his seventies or eighties, yet his cheeks were rosy, and his eyes sparkled as if he was
brimming with energy. Anyone who glanced at him would feel fearful. Clearly, he was someone who
had been in a powerful position for a long time.

That person was none other than Lauryn’s grandfather—Graeme Blackwood. He was the Blackwood
family’s ex-patriarch.

Even though he had followed the family’s rules and resigned from his position as the patriarch, he still
had a say over the family’s major matters.

At the same time, sitting in front of Graeme were two similar-looking youngsters. One of them was
Colton, who went to the mountain resort in Edenic Heights to get Lauryn back, while the other was
Lauryn’s brother—Zidane.

“Colton, you met Jonathan during your trip to Tayhaven this time, right? So? What are your thoughts?”
asked Harvey, putting down his cup.

Hearing that, Colton got to his feet and nodded. “Uncle Harvey, Grandpa, I think Jonathan is in the
advanced phase of God Realm. He doesn’t go easy on his opponents and attacks them with any

means necessary. If not for the strong connection among respectable families, we should never be
enemies with this kind of person.”

Colton’s words made Harvey furrow his brows. They were called respectable families because they
had elites in the God Realm leading their families.

According to ancient texts, the spiritual energy of heaven and earth was ten thousand times more
abundant in ancient times. During that time, everyone could cultivate, and there were many people who
had high cultivation levels. In fact, achieving Postcelestial Realm was a piece of cake.

One of the descriptions in the text even described the era as a time when countless Divine cultivators
existed, and God Realm cultivators were one of the weakest.

Then again, that was the ancient times. They were currently in the Age of Degeneration, where the
spiritual root of heaven and earth had collapsed, and cultivation resources were scarce.

The reason the respectable families had been expanding over the years was that they monopolized
many resources, including the most vital aspects – wealth, soulmates, techniques, and territory.

If one could not get their hands on the cultivation resources, they could not advance to God Realm.

Subsequently, they would not be able to overthrow the respectable families, and the respectable
families could continue monopolizing the resources. In the end, it became a vicious cycle.

However, all that had changed over the past few years. In fact, in Chanaea alone, Jonathan and Wilbur,
the soldiers who left Valley of Elites, were confirmed to have advanced to God Realm.

One of them established Asura’s Office, while the other led Yaleview Army.

During those years, when the eight respectable families were recuperating and could not do much, the
duo seized the moment to reveal themselves.

Just a few days ago, the third person finally appeared. That person was Doveston’s Prince of Diyouli,

Though there was no clear evidence, all the respectable families knew Karl would not dare to betray
Asura’s Office when he had not advanced to God Realm.

Jonathan and Wilbur were less than thirty years old, and Karl was thirty-two.

Yet, they managed to break through God Realm using their own resources with no families backing
them in the beginner phase. One could only imagine how many resources they owned.

People like them could become unimaginably powerful if they were recruited into respectable families
and trained from a young age.

Unfortunately, the talented trio was against the eight respectable families, which was a headache-
inducing matter for the latter.

Not to mention how Jonathan and Wilbur were in charge of the military from the inside out.

As for Karl, who had betrayed Asura’s Office, he only had about one hundred thousand men in his
army and seemed to be the weakest among the trio.

Still, Eastern Army was the world’s most advanced war unit.

No matter how powerful cultivators were, they stood no chance against Eastern Army’s rocket missiles
that could track targets.

Alas, the Eastern Army was currently surrounded by enemies, which was a hard nut to crack that left
everyone at a loss for words.

And now, Colton had brought them the news of Jonathan’s cultivation level in God Realm, which felt
like a massive rock that crushed everyone’s heart.

Back then, when Lauryn and Irving came back from Summerbank Abyss, they had told everyone how
unfathomable Jonathan’s cultivation level was. They even advised Harvey to maintain a neutral stance
and not mess with Jonathan.

However, there was no way the Blackwood family could do that when they had an alliance with
respectable families.

Harvey cast Graeme a glance. “Dad, it looks like Lauryn wasn’t lying. The Zeigler family must’ve also
heard about it, but it’s been several days, and there’s still no news from them. I’m afraid the Zeigler
family is up to no good.”

“Up to no good?” Graeme chuckled.

“Since when did respectable families have good motives for each other? Any respectable family can
easily deal with a cultivator in the beginner phase of God Realm, but they’re cautious when it comes to
dealing with one who’s in the advanced phase. Grandpa, he’s just a God Realm cultivator. In our family,
we have a total of five God Realm cultivators, including you.

Besides, we have an elder who’s a Divine Realm cultivator, right? Why should we fear a mere cultivator
in the advanced phase of God Realm when we have such power?” uttered Zidane with disdain as he
counted the number of powerful cultivators in their family. As he spoke, a smug smile appeared on his

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