Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 642

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Take In A Servant

On the top floor of Tempest Tower, spiritual energy surged wildly to crush everything that appeared as
though it would catch fire again.

Over on the floor directly underneath it, Jonathan looked at Nina frostily while the latter gazed at him
with excitement in her eyes. “Sir, could you let me follow you…”

“Why? Aren’t you going to run your company anymore?” Jonathan asked indifferently. Hearing that,
Nina turned to glance at the messy office behind her, then shook her head slightly.

“Most of the capital I used to start the company was from loans. Now that the company is completely
destroyed, I’ve no way of paying them off. As a cultivator in the Superior Realm, the ordinary folk views
me as an anomaly. However, when I’m in the world of cultivators, I don’t amount to anything much. I
know I have great ambition but little talent. I also despise ordinary wealthy families. If you don’t mind,
I’m willing to follow you while you cultivate and be at your beck and call. Even if I have to do menial
tasks like make tea and serve drinks, I won’t utter a word of complaint.”

As she spoke, she grew increasingly agitated until she finally bent her knees and kneeled in front of

Jonathan could not help feeling a little taken aback when he saw that.

I’m here to arrest someone. How has it turned into a scenario where I’m asked to take in a servant?

Nonetheless, although Nina’s actions were unexpected, he understood the reason behind them.

He knew it was not only Nina. Most female cultivators in their world were in that awkward situation.

Although female cultivators accounted for a certain percentage, they were no match for their male
counterparts when striving for progress.

The situation was not as serious before one reached the Superior Realm. Everyone only had to absorb
spiritual energy continuously, then compress and extract it to use and increase cultivation levels.

However, once someone progressed to the Grandmaster Realm, they couldn’t simply rely on absorbing
spiritual energy alone to boost their cultivation levels. More importantly, one needed to enhance one’s
comprehension through meditation and find opportunities for breakthroughs. A master might pass on
their knowledge to their disciple. Even so, the former only acted as a guide while the latter was still the
person who had to put in the hard work. On top of that, such comprehension was not attainable just by
sitting in an area abundant with spiritual energy. It required combat and unceasing efforts to make up
for any shortfalls.

Many female cultivators, however, were naturally peace-loving people and lacked experience in battle.

That was why high-level female cultivators had always been outnumbered by male cultivators.

As for a Superior Realm cultivator like Nina, she was just like a child from a middle-class family of
ordinary human beings. Her cultivation level had hit a bottleneck and was at the end of its road. Even if
she were to bow down to others, she’d still think of herself as a cultivator and hold the ordinary wealthy
families in contempt. On the other hand, if she were to continue cultivating, she’d never achieve a
breakthrough. In cases like this, the best future for the female cultivator was to find someone who was
at least a Grandmaster and follow them. Of course, everyone understood what such an act implied. A
Grandmaster was considered the strongest in the mortal world. All they needed were some little tactics
and connections to become wealthy. And if those Grandmasters wanted to expand their harem, many
would flock to them with utter devotion. Nina’s eagerness to acknowledge Jonathan as her master
might come as a surprise, but it was by no means incomprehensible.

“Get up.”

Jonathan held out his hand, and Nina’s body moved to stand without her meaning to.

What chance did she have of resisting the powers of a God Realm master?

After a brief silence, he said, “From now on, you shall follow me.”

Nina’s eyes flashed with excitement when she heard that. Then an intoxicating shade of scarlet spread
across her face.

“Please have mercy on me, then,” she said while thrusting her voluptuous chest forward.

The sight of her expression as she left some things unsaid caused Jonathan’s cheeks to flush, and he
hurriedly turned his head away.

“Don’t take it the wrong way. I didn’t let you be my servant to take advantage of you. It’s because this
explosion happened under very suspicious circumstances. That’s why you need to return with me for
investigation,” he said calmly.


Nina was slightly stunned upon hearing his response.

Nonetheless, she quickly nodded and replied, “As you wish. I’ll do everything you say.”

Meanwhile, the severely injured cultivator lying on the floor had already breathed his last.

Jonathan’s spiritual energy had also forcefully extinguished the raging fire on the top floor of the
building. Naturally, firefighters and other professionals like Geoffrey would take over handling the
subsequent matters related to the incident.

Jonathan glanced at the corpse, then turned and led Nina downstairs.

Once they were downstairs, a motorcycle roared up to the front of Tempest Tower.

It was Geoffrey.

He was out of breath as he stared at Jonathan and Nina. For a cultivator like Jonathan, getting from the
Grand Hotel to Tempest Tower would only take a few minutes. For a mere mortal like Geoffrey,
however, it was an impressive feat for him to get there in such a short time.

“Mr. Goldstein,” Geoffrey greeted.

While standing next to Jonathan, he looked at Nina with a frown, seemingly deep in thought.

Seeing that, Jonathan also turned to Nina. “What’s going on? Do you know him?”

Nina shook her head, but Geoffrey nodded. Then their eyes met.

“She’s Nina Chastain, the boss of Emmy Cosmetics located on the second highest floor. I saw her
before on my way to work. I’ve also met some of her employees,” Geoffrey said to Jonathan.

That seems to correspond with what she said. I still don’t trust her, but at least it’s possible to confirm
that one of her identities is really a businessperson.

Meanwhile, Nina was gazing at Geoffrey curiously.

“Y-You know me?”

“Yes. I work at Imperial Ventures on the top floor,” Geoffrey answered calmly.

“Imperial Ventures…”

Nina turned and looked in the direction of the faint trails of smoke still rising from the top of the building.

“Your office exploded.”

Just as she said that, she felt a large hand on her shoulder.

Before she could react, Jonathan had already pressed his thumb firmly against her neck, sealing her
spiritual energy. A second later, her body began tilting toward one side as though she had lost all her

Jonathan pushed Nina gently, and she fell into Geoffrey’s arms.

“I’ve sealed off her spiritual energy. It’s completely safe for three days. Look into her background, and if
you find anything shady, kill her at once.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Even though Nina was mentally strong, she could not help feeling shocked as she listened to the two
men discuss killing her right in front of her.

Does everyone from Asura’s Office have a screw loose? I’m no angel descended from heaven, but I
can be considered a beauty. I can’t believe these two men are preparing to kill me at any time.
Especially this guy next to me, Geoffrey… He’s holding me, yet he has a look of disdain on his face.
He’s not even trying to conceal the dissatisfaction in his eyes. Don’t tell me he’s a sissy.

Jonathan turned to leave. He had used his spiritual sense to check within a hundred-meter radius of
this place and didn’t detect any new cultivators. Since there was nothing to be discovered here, it’d be
a waste of time to stay any longer.

Meanwhile, Geoffrey was staring at Nina in his arms with a frown.

“Can’t you walk on your own? It’s only your spiritual energy that’s sealed. It’s not like your bones are
weakened, so why can’t you stand straight?”

He reached into his pocket and took out a white box as he spoke. Then he tipped out a pill and handed
it to Nina.

“Take this.”

“What is it?” Nina asked doubtfully.

“It’s a small explosive device. If you move more than ten meters away from me, it’ll detonate
automatically. It won’t be a big explosion, but it’ll be enough to split your stomach.”

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