Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 640

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Big Explosion

“You don’t have to,” Jonathan said impassively when he saw that Geoffrey was about to turn around to
leave. Geoffrey lowered his head. “I’m sorry, Mr. Goldstein. I messed up the first task you assigned

“It has nothing to do with you.” Jonathan chuckled. “It’s pointless to check the records for the month
before the last. Those guys would have already been sent to every part of the country in a month. We
have no way of knowing their itinerary even if the ones who crossed our borders are foreign intelligence

Also, I’ve worked with Karl for three years, so I know him well. Doveston’s current military arrangement
wouldn’t have been so messy if he had it planned out. They have resources from three states, yet their
major forces are concentrated in Horbah.

No doubt they are giving away the administration of Terrandya and Baridoki on a silver platter. It merely
facilitates infiltration into those two states, and that is a huge taboo in military strategy.”

Jonathan’s brows furrowed when he recalled the happenings of the past few days. He continued,
“Going forward from the point of time of the incident in Mysonna, I think it didn’t take more than two
weeks when Karl decided to betray us. Even if Jetroina and the other nations had started preparing to
invade Doveston after they received news about Karl’s betrayal, it would at most be within that timeline.
Hence, you investigating for a month is more than enough. I’m certain Terrandya and Baridoki have
been infiltrated, but we have no idea what method they used to erase their tracks.”

Here, Jonathan lifted his head and glanced at Geoffrey. “Oh right, the intelligence network in Doveston
and Asura’s Office have lost all lines of communication. Did you manage to contact anyone in

“I can contact Camden Lamont, the chief in Baridoki, directly,” Geoffrey said casually.

Jonathan was stunned when he heard that. “You can even reach Camden? Both of you are in different
regions. How did you get in touch with him?”


Geoffrey hesitated but decided to tell Jonathan the truth.

“Seamus had plans to take over the entire intelligence network in Doveston early on but didn’t get a
chance, so he planted his men beside Camden, Knox, and the rest to find their weaknesses. Camden
may seem loyal to Seamus, but he doesn’t intend to work for Seamus forever, so he planted a spy next
to Seamus too.”

Jonathan looked at Geoffrey speechlessly.

I always thought the division of labor in Asura’s Office was clear-cut and the control over the hierarchy
was strict, but I didn’t expect the internal struggle to be this bad. This issue is giving me a headache
although I know their greed for benefits is the cause of it.

“The chiefs of two states wanted to cause each other’s downfalls and even planted a spy. I suppose
you have bribed the spy since you know the details so well?”

“Um… The spy didn’t take the bribe.” Geoffrey rubbed the tip of his nose sheepishly before he
admitted, “I’m the spy, Mr. Goldstein.”

Jonathan was utterly lost for words as he stared at the harmless look on Geoffrey’s face.

This is not even a matter of disorder anymore. This is a fine kettle of fish.

“Camden assigned you to spy on Seamus. After gaining Seamus’ trust, Seamus then tasked you to
investigate Camden. Working as a double agent, you took down Seamus by borrowing the knife in my
hand. Then you even obtained an opportunity to gain access to the core of Asura’s Office.”

Jonathan carefully described Geoffrey’s every move as he played it out in his mind.

“Wait. Why do I feel you’re toying with us?”

“No way. I wouldn’t dare to toy with Asura,” Geoffrey hurriedly said. “Camden was the one who dragged
me in. Seamus was being way too careful, and he wouldn’t trust anyone easily, so Camden sent his
men to search for young men like me who have a grudge against Seamus. He secretly trained us, then
sent us to Seamus’ side. That’s when the subsequent incidents followed.”

Jonathan waved his hands furiously at his explanation.

“Enough. I’m seriously considering one thing now, and that is if I should kill you on the spot. Your
strategy is too immaculate. I’m even a little afraid that everything you did was to get to the core of
Asura’s Office.”

Geoffrey immediately puffed out his chest and raised his head. “I can prove myself to you anytime you
want, Mr. Goldstein. I am loyal to Asura’s Office.”

“Enough. Don’t give me that.”

Jonathan felt his head ached.

“Since you can contact Camden, then reach out to him immediately and have him run a check on the
foreigners who crossed Baridoki’s border. Jetroina is our main focus.”

“Mr. Goldstein, even though I’ve taken over the position as the chief of Terrandya’s intelligence
network, Camden and I are still of equal rank. Moreover, I was one of his people in the first place. He

might be resistant to taking command from me…”

A hint of hostility flashed past Jonathan’s eyes.

“I know you want to fulfill your goals by taking advantage of other people’s reputations, Geoffrey. I don’t
care if you use my name, but you better stop playing mind games like this with me next time.”

“Yes, Sir,” Geoffrey said, bowing his head instantly as a shudder ran down his spine.

Jonathan snickered. “Tell Camden if he doesn’t obey Asura’s Office’s command, I’ll kill his entire family
line in three days.”

“Yes, Sir.” Geoffrey turned on his heels and left the room.

Jonathan looked out the window with a frown.

I’m not killing senselessly, but the current state of Chanaea is way too unstable. Heavy punishment is
necessary in times of chaos. If we can’t instill fear by ruthless means where there’s unrest, more
people will die.

Right then, there was a flicker in Jonathan’s eyes.

He saw the center of a building turn into a huge ball of fire.

It’s an explosion!

Jonathan dashed to take cover beside the window. A soft blast of an explosion sounded in Jonathan’s
ears around ten seconds later.

That’s around four thousand meters from here!

Not only Jonathan, but nearly half of the city’s population saw the rising flame.

Geoffrey, who had just left, ran back into the room.

“Where’s the explosion, Mr. Goldstein?”

Geoffrey was on his way to the elevator when he heard the employees shouting about an explosion.

Indeed, when he returned to Jonathan’s room, he spotted the fire and dark clouds of smoke coming out
of a building through the window.

“That is… the top floor of Tempest Tower!” Geoffrey exclaimed once he recognized the building. “That
used to be Seamus’ office, Mr. Goldstein! Two kilograms of TNT?”

Jonathan turned to look at Geoffrey in shock.

“Didn’t you f*cking send someone to dismantle it?”

Sweat dotted all over Geoffrey’s forehead.

“We require specialists for dismantling, moving, and destroying explosives that are embedded within
the layers of the safety deposit box. We can’t dismantle it on the spot. Not many people know about the
office. Other than Seamus and I, there’s no way the others could’ve gone there. Unless… Unless
there’s someone else investigating Seamus secretly… Someone that even I am not aware of.”

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