Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 641

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Nina Chastain

“That even you’re not aware of?”

Jonathan noticed Geoffrey’s fingers twitching slightly. He looks scared. If he dares to kill Seamus in
front of me, how is it possible that he breaks down to this extent just from an explosion?

“No. There’s no way it’s the work of Camden and the Eastern Army. It can’t be them. It’s also not those
from Eshistan because they have no reason to assassinate Seamus at this point.”

Jonathan was stunned to hear those words from Geoffrey.

He then turned to look in the direction of Tempest Tower.

“If it isn’t Eshistan, then it can’t possibly be anyone from Yaleview and Asura’s Office. Maybe the culprit
is the ones that you couldn’t find out about.” Jonathan was already walking toward the door as he
spoke. “Since you’ve planted some spy cameras in Seamus’ office, go and get the surveillance footage
immediately, and do your job well as an intelligence officer.”

Once he left the room, Jonathan rushed down, leaving only an afterimage of him behind.

He stayed on the thirtieth floor. If he took the elevator, it would cost him a few minutes to wait for an
elevator to arrive.

He didn’t have that few minutes to spare.

Jonathan leaped down the stairs. A few jumps later and he arrived at the tenth floor.

Right as he unsheathed his sword, a window at one of the balconies exploded. Jonathan leaped
through the broken window and plunged along with the broken glass.

He stood at the base of Tempest Tower and watched the fire above him with a solemn look.

He had used less than five minutes to cross four thousand meters. That was already the maximum limit
compared to an average human crossing a distance of five thousand meters in less than thirteen

Most importantly, the four thousand meters from his room to the explosion site was the displacement.
The actual distance was longer.

No matter who you are. I’ll catch you for causing a huge commotion in Chanaea.

Looking at the people fleeing with fear from the tower, Jonathan stomped his right foot on the ground

A shapeless spirit shield began to spread out at a rapid rate, covering a radius of one hundred meters.

That area was already the maximum distance Jonathan could maintain.

And that was only possible from the crazy condensation ability of the Ancient Sacred Dragon
Technique. It removed every speck of impurity from Jonathan’s spiritual energy.

Other elites in the Divine Realm could only extend a force field with a radius of lesser than fifty meters
with all their might.

Although the spiritual energy had diminished significantly from extending the force field to such an
extent and it might not be able to entrap a cultivator in the Superior Realm, it was sufficient to sense
the people within it.

Amidst the screams, fear, panic, and people running amok everywhere, numerous figures were
projected in Jonathan’s mind.

With a gentle tap of his foot to the ground, Jonathan dashed into the building in a flash against the flow
of the crowd.

Seamus’ office was on the top floor—the fifty-eighth floor—of Tempest Tower. Even Jonathan’s force
field couldn’t cover that distance.

Jonathan’s expression turned grimmer as he sped upward.

If each floor was about three point three meters tall, fifty-eight floors equaled to about two hundred

Once a tower like that caught on fire, one could imagine the rate at which the fire could spread with the
help of blowing wind.

Luckily, the explosion occurred only on the top floor, so only the top floor and the floor below were
affected. The rate of fire spreading downward was much slower than upward.

Jonathan raced past the crowd and went up the stairs at lightning speed.

The only concern the people had was saving their lives. They couldn’t care less about Jonathan.

Jonathan’s eyes dimmed when he reached the thirtieth floor. He felt two weak spiritual energies above

He arrived at the fifty-seventh floor less than thirty seconds later and saw a short-haired woman and an
injured young man lying on the floor.

Is that them?

“Hey, what are you guys doing?”

With a sword in his hand, Jonathan stared at the short-haired woman coldly.

The latter was dressed like an office worker. With ashes in her hair and soot on her face, she was
pumping spiritual energy into the injured young man lying on the floor.

His breathing seemed abnormal.

“This person is suffering from severe internal bleeding. All of his organs have stopped functioning.
What you’re doing will only speed up his blood loss and make him die faster. He won’t live,” Jonathan
stated impassively.

The woman gave the young man on the ground a hard shove before sitting on the floor, hugging her
knees together and sobbing.

“Why was there an explosion? Why!”

Jonathan felt the woman’s spiritual energy. Superior Realm.

“I’ll ask you again. Why are you here?”

Jonathan pointed the tip of his sword at the woman’s neck without hesitation.

The woman raised her head to meet Jonathan’s eyes. “This is my company. Why can’t I be here? I
worked so hard for so many years to start this company! I invested tens of millions into it! Everything is
gone! Come on, kill me!”

The woman rose to her feet and walked over to Jonathan. Her sudden approach caught Jonathan off

“This is your company?” Jonathan was filled with confusion as he felt the surroundings that seemed like
an abandoned site.

“So, what if it’s mine? It’s gone! Everything is gone! All my investment is gone!” the woman shouted at
Jonathan with despair in her eyes.


The woman was frozen on the spot.

She looked at Jonathan in shock when she felt the obstruction in the air.

“Grandmaster Realm! You’re a Grandmaster?”

“Whatever you say. What is your relationship with the guy on the floor?”

“H-He is my employee. He was sitting right next to the window when the explosion happened.”

Jonathan covered the young man’s wound with his spiritual sense and confirmed there was a lot of
broken glass in them.

This guy really died from having broken glass cut into his stomach. I have to say it is surprising for a
cultivator to die with such injuries.

Jonathan withdrew his force field and released his spiritual energy with him at the epicenter.

As though a hurricane had blown past the top three floors of Tempest Tower from the center, all the fire
and smoke were swept away by a blast of spiritual energy.

The crowd outside fled with terror in every direction when they saw the huge mass of fire erupting from
the top floor, thinking that there was a second explosion.

The woman’s eyes widened at Jonathan.

“I’ve met a Grandmaster before. They don’t have such strong spiritual energy as yours. You’re… in the
God Realm?”

Jonathan didn’t answer and merely stared at her.

“I’m curious that you’re here at this hour. What’s your name?”

“Me?” Nina looked at Jonathan in a daze. “I’m Nina Chastain.”

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