Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 638

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In Despair

At that moment, Ryan looked haggard. He was covered in blood. Behind him were about ten young
wolves with peak cultivation of Superior Realm.

Upon receiving the news about Jonathan, Ryan also arrived at the peak of Summerbank Mountain.
When he bumped into a group of disciples of Phoebus Sect at Triplex Manifesta, he did not hesitate to
use his secret technique—Blood Devouring Technique. Immediately, the disciples with cultivation
turned into dried husks after being devoured by Ryan.

After Ryan got wind of Jonathan and the others’ location from the remaining disciples, he went down
the mountain and headed toward Summerbank Abyss.

Unfortunately, Ryan and Jonathan coincidentally passed through the same wave of fog.

After bypassing the fog, Jonathan could still control the opening and closing of the Three Ultimate
Formations. However, because of the fog, he could no longer feel what was happening inside,
therefore trapping Ryan inside by accident.

Having entered the formation for half a day, Ryan felt as if he was in heaven. He was deeply impressed
by the immense spiritual energy contained inside.

However, when he encountered a black beetle, he finally understood how terrifying the abyss was. For
the next few days, Ryan felt as if he had become an icon of bad luck.

While trying to avoid the black beetles, he hid in the water and was almost killed by a bloodsucking
worm the size of a child’s arm.

When he finally escaped to the shore, however, he encountered a surprisingly quick viper. After that, he
was chased by a black bear, tiger, and even a wild boar with huge tusks.

As the formation was created in ancient times, the demon beasts that persevered had a cultivation of
Superior Realm and above. Weak and poisonous bugs like the beetle would stick together as they
were large in numbers.

Ryan’s cultivation was at most in the advanced phase of Superior Realm. Although he was nothing in
the eyes of experts like Jonathan and respectable families, he was invincible to normal humans.

However, on this land, Ryan was at the bottom of the food chain. Just when it was getting dark, Ryan
finally shook off the wild boar. Before he could figure out why the boar had given up on pursuing him,
several demon wolves surrounded him.

As the demon wolves had almost the same cultivation level as him, he was dejected.

No one could make it out alive after being surrounded by more than ten strong cultivators of the same
cultivation level.

Besides, Ryan was not a super lucky person. When he leaped through the forest, he started to feel the
spiritual energy in his body.

If he could not find a way to get away from the demon wolves, he would be dead meat.

Although he had used the fog to conceal himself back then, he was currently too far away from it. He
would not make it even if he ran there.

After bypassing a hill, Ryan rushed toward the bottom.

The demon wolves behind him stopped and stood on the hill.

Upon hearing the sound behind him fading away, Ryan turned around, only to see that the demon
wolves had given up going after him.

Did I escape?

Ryan’s heart leaped with joy, but quickly, his expression darkened.

The reason the wild boar gave up going after me was that I entered the wolves’ territory. Now that the
wolves have stopped, does that mean…

At that thought, Ryan quickly kicked the tree trunk in front of him.

He could feel a slight pain in both his legs when the wood split. However, this action dispelled the
energy for him to run forward, allowing him to flip backward and land on the trunk of a large tree. Then
he looked at the valley while gasping for air.

Ryan had never noticed it before, but he finally saw what was different about the valley.

Above the horizon, there were waves of fog that extended down into the valley, and among the trees,
something seemed to be glowing faintly.

When the spiritual energy whirled into his eyes, Ryan looked down.

In the faint light, there was someone lying there.

How could there be someone in such a scary place?

Since Ryan became a cultivator, he no longer believed in ghosts.

However, everything seemed off to Ryan. It was odd for someone to appear in such a place, let alone
cause the wolves to feel scared.

When Ryan turned around and saw the pack of wolves standing in the same place, he gritted his teeth
and headed down to where the person was.

There’s no way I can escape here by myself. Since there’s someone down there, that person should be
able to think like a human. That person should know how to communicate with me, right? Even if I die, I
want to know at least what’s happening here!

Ryan took around ten minutes to reach the figure, who was three hundred meters away.

Fallen leaves were scattered everywhere in the valley. In the middle was an ancient tree that had been
chopped off. It was a meter taller than the pile of fallen leaves on the ground. In fact, the tree mirrored a
bed made by nature itself.

As for the figure surrounded by rays of light, it turned out to be a woman with a gorgeous figure.
However, she was stark naked.

Perhaps the woman had heard something, for she opened her eyes with a moan.

Upon seeing Ryan, the woman sat up.

“Who are you?” The woman looked at Ryan curiously. “Are you here to play with me?”

If one were to encounter a naked woman lying in the valley asking if they were there to play with her,
not to mention that it was nighttime, most would be struck with fear just by that thought.

Although Ryan was also afraid, he suppressed the urge to escape. He clenched his fists and forced
himself to stay.

Since the woman could talk and communicate, Ryan needed to ask her about this weird place.

I’m going to die anyway. I might as well make my death a quick one.

Suppressing the fear and anxiety in his heart, Ryan asked the woman politely, “My name is Ryan
Leiter. May I know what your name is?”

“Me?” The woman blinked at Ryan. “I’m Joselle Goldstein.”

Instantly, Ryan could feel the spiritual energy within him whirring at warp speed.

Jonathan Goldstein and Joselle Goldstein.

If anyone came up to him and clarified the duo had nothing to do with each other, he would never
believe it.

However, since Jonathan was not there, no one would recognize him.

“Are you afraid?” Joselle asked Ryan while smiling cheekily.

Ryan nodded slightly. “I couldn’t find my way out since I entered the abyss. I’ve been getting hunted
down by all kinds of beasts these past few days.”

“Are you talking about those?” Joselle pointed at the top of the valley.

Ryan turned around. However, he could no longer tell if the demon wolves were still there, as he was
too far away.

“Those wolves are delicious. Jonathan cooked them once for me, and it was absolutely scrumptious.”


Upon hearing Joselle’s words, Ryan stared at her alertly. “Who is this Jonathan? Based on your
surnames, both of you seem like you’re from the same tribe.”

“That’s not the case. He’s my slave, and he’s also the one who gave me my name,” Joselle replied

“You can’t go out, and neither can I. Both of us are stuck in the same boat. You’re injured quite badly
too. If you don’t get yourself treated in time, you probably won’t be able to play with me.”

While saying that, Joselle fell into deep thought. With a wave of her hand, she chopped off some hair
and presented it to Ryan. “This hair has my aura. If you take them with you, no demon beasts will dare
to get close to you in a short period. If you head thirty miles ahead, you’ll see a Flaming Tree growing
on top of human bones. Its leaves are like flames swaying in the wind, while its sap can revive the
dead. Anyway, I need to sleep now. You should go and treat your injuries.”

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