Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 639

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A Huge Problem

Upon saying that, Joselle once again lay down on the large tree stump and closed her eyes.
Meanwhile, Ryan was lost in thought as he stared at the lock of hair in his grasp.

He was almost certain of it. There was something not quite right with Joselle. Putting aside her outward
appearance and the time and place at which she appeared, the fact that she had said no demon beast
would dare to approach him with the lock of hair made her seem more terrifying than a demon beast.

However, Ryan was left with no choice. Because of the continuous days of fleeing for his life, his body
was riddled with severe injuries.

Even if those injuries were not life-threatening at the moment, they would eventually become a problem
if left untreated.

After all, a cultivator was still a human. Spiritual energy did not make a person omnipotent. A deep
wound on the body could become inflamed and eventually take his life.

Most importantly, while Joselle might have acted strangely, she did not exhibit any murderous intent
toward Ryan from the moment of her appearance until now. This gave Ryan a measure of reassurance.

Their surroundings were pitch black. Although Ryan was a cultivator, his vision only enabled him to see
roughly ten meters ahead. Any further than that distance were unknown dangers.

If the lock of hair was not as strong as Joselle had claimed it was, Ryan would likely die halfway down
the road.

Should I go?

Ryan turned to look at Joselle. He realized that her chest was heaving gently. She appeared to be

“Joselle, did you say that Jonathan is your slave?”

“Yes, he is. But he ran away.” Still, Joselle did not open her eyes. She spoke as if she were in a dream.

“The power of that lock of hair can last up to ten days. After ten days, it will lose its effect when my aura
fades away. When that time comes, there are only five safe locations within the abyss for someone with
a weak Superior Realm cultivation level like yours. They are located within the Four Symbol Formation
and the valley here. If you dare venture out to other places, you will die without so much as leaving a

Ryan felt conflicted when he recalled the bizarre creatures he had encountered. “Then why did you
save me?”

Joselle opened her eyes as Ryan spoke

It was only a glance, but the fury in her gaze made Ryan back away several steps and collapse butt-
first onto the ground.

Joselle laughed happily as she observed the sight before her.

“You won’t know about this since it’s your first time here. Once this place has been sealed shut, it will
only reopen in three years. The reason I saved you was so that I would have someone to talk to and
relieve my boredom. Otherwise, with a cultivation level like yours, you’re no different from an ant in the
abyss. I grow weary of your indecisiveness. If you don’t intend to go, stop disturbing my rest.”

Upon saying that, Joselle fell silent and closed her eyes once again.

Amidst the gust of wind from the mountain, Ryan gripped the long lock of hair in his hand and turned
around to leave.

If Joselle had looked for a reason to deceive him, Ryan would rather die than listen to her advice to
heal his injuries.

However, Joselle had directly told him her motive. With this, Ryan was able to relax.

He was aware that Joselle definitely had other intentions, but this also provided him with some clarity.
Although Joselle was using him to achieve a certain purpose, at the very least, he did not have to worry
about his safety in the meantime.

Joselle opened her eyes as Ryan’s figure was engulfed by the dark night.

Her eyes flickered, and her pitch-black pupils momentarily turned into narrow pupils akin to a cat-like

“I am not worthy of your trust, but you can rely on the sap from the Flaming Tree. The sap is the life
essence of the Flaming Tree. Once it’s been drained, the Four Symbol Trap Formation will be broken. I
will finally be able to escape the place that has held me captive for thousands of years! I’m so curious
about the world outside. There are airplanes that can fly, cars that can move, and even television. A
world like that should belong to me!”

Joselle stared at the pale white light above the sky. The energy within her surged, and the spiritual
energy fluctuated until it reached the Divine Realm stage.

Across heaven and earth, rune chains linked to Joselle emerged from under the tree stump.

An invincible shockwave dispersed in four directions, causing the fallen leaves surrounding her to
scatter. A mysterious symbol appeared on the ground.

Throughout the valley, runes began to flow everywhere.

Perhaps it was time to break the Four Symbol Trap Formation of two thousand years.

Meanwhile, at the Grand Hotel, Sparaville, Jonathan could not accept the fact that the university
student-like person who stood in front of him was actually a shrewd intelligence officer.

However, as he thought of a young child like Donald, his concern was alleviated.

Donald was Jason’s disciple, and the former became deputy head of the special medical team in
Asura’s Office at the age of fourteen. Truly, each one was more monstrous than the last.

Geoffrey sat across from Jonathan and handed over the tablet in his hand to the latter.

“Mr. Goldstein, I’ve checked all the information on the foreigners in Sparaville. I’ve also instructed my
subordinates to investigate them in detail, but we could not find anything amiss.”

A tinge of gloominess flitted across Jonathan’s eyes as he glanced at the messages displayed on the
tablet. “Something’s wrong.”

Geoffrey hurriedly stood up. “Have you encountered a problem, Mr. Goldstein? I’ll fix it immediately.”

Much to Geoffrey’s surprise, Jonathan only shook his head slightly in response to the question.

“There is no problem. However, that itself is a huge problem,” Jonathan mumbled as he flipped through
the information on the tablet. “There are always foreign intelligence officers within Chanaea. It’s the
result of globalization. It’s a great power. Since Chanaea constantly cast its eyes on other countries, it’s
one of the reasons. Although it’s not possible for the intelligence officers to make a trip between the
countries daily, it’s also unusual for them to stay put for a month. Moreover, the absence of intelligence
officers from Jetroina entering Terrandya for the past month is extremely abnormal.”

Jonathan continued muttering to himself, “This doesn’t make any sense… Now that Karl has betrayed
Asura’s Office and taken control of Doveston, it’s the best time for Remdik and Jetroina to attack.
Remdik’s Medved Army has a hold on the critical point fifty miles north of River Onxy. It makes no
sense for Jetroina to stay put.”

Geoffrey, who stood by the side, also frowned.

Jonathan’s analysis was reasonable. However, the more reasonable it sounded, the more it
represented his dereliction of duty.

Jetroina was bound to make a move. However, they had managed to impeccably evade Geoffrey’s
intelligence network. That meant Geoffrey had no reason to exist.

“Mr. Goldstein, perhaps Jetroina’s intelligence officers and other personnel were aware of Karl’s
movements and made arrangements in advance. Perhaps they have already planted their people in
Sparaville. I can move the schedule ahead by a month.”

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