Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 636 Fifty Miles

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Although Nina mentioned that it was a suggestion, one could sense from her tone that she would not
take no for an answer.

The cultivators from Team Oracle looked at Nina with hostility. If it were not for Zebedee restraining them,
they would take advantage of their numbers to make Nina stay even if their cultivation levels were not as
superior as hers.

Zebedee laughed. “Nina, according to the decree that I received, I was only supposed to connect with
you. There was no mention that we have to follow your arrangements upon reaching Chanaea. Further,
in addition to eliminating the Eastern Army’s backup supplies, we have other matters to settle as well.”

“What other matters?” Nina looked at Zebedee frowningly.

Nina was brought to Chanaea at a very young age. Other than the fact that she was not born here, she
was long regarded as a Chanaean.

Having been in Chanaea as an undercover for so many years, Nina knew Chanaea inside out and the
intelligence network in Terrandya.

She worried if Zebedee and his men screwed things up, it would, in turn, jeopardize the operation.

“Ms. Nina, you have done a wonderful job in bringing us in. Team Oracle will take care of the remaining
matters. There’s no need for you to take up any responsibility,” Zebedee said with a laugh.

Nina’s expression turned cold after she heard that.

She tried to maintain her composure and said, “Mr. Makino, I do not doubt your powers as a holy master.
But I must warn you that Chanaea today is not the same as it was in the past. Previously we have

received information that the founder of Asura’s Office, Jonathan Goldstein, had entered our country and
wrecked chaos. Even the Shadow Clan could not stop him. As part of my responsibility, I’m letting you
know that Asura’s Office under Jonathan has a massive influence. Should your whereabouts be leaked,
I’m afraid the mission is bound to fail.”

“Fail?” A cultivator in the Grandmaster beginner phase stood up. He was not pleased upon hearing
Nina’s words. “Ms. Nina, I think you’ve been spending too much time in Chanaea. Have you forgotten
how powerful the Jetroinian empire is?”

At that moment, Zebedee smiled contemptuously. “Karl’s betrayal of Asura’s Office resulted in Jonathan’s
army not being able to advance into Doveston. Now Karl is like a trapped beast; what do we have to

“Well, if you see it this way, all I can say is you know too little about Chanaea.” Nina stood up slowly,
placing her hands behind her back. “Chanaea may be in political turmoil now and is split into three
different territories, namely Asura, Yaleview, and Doveston. However, if Jetroina and Remdik are to start
a war on Doveston, I guarantee that all Chanaean troops will gather at once and retaliate in full force.”

Pacing around the room, Nina continued. “That’s all I have to say. It’s up to you to decide your next
move. But allow me to be upfront; if you choose to proceed, I will back out from this escort mission. I’m
Jetroina’s spy, not Team Oracle’s. I’m not willing to put my life on the line seeing how you act.”

With that, Nina opened the door and walked right out.

As the door slammed shut, Team Oracle members’ expressions became grim.

“Mr. Makino, this woman has no manners at all. How dare she talk to you in this way.”

“That’s right, Mr. Makino. I bet this Nina has forgotten how much she has benefited from Jetroina. Who is
she to question our plan?”

“Mr. Makino, just give the order, and I’ll eliminate her immediately!”

Everyone echoed in unison, hoping Zebedee would teach Nina a lesson.

Instead, Zebedee shook his head lightly. “Who will help us to get into Horbah if we kill her? Don’t forget,
we’re in Chanaea now, not Jetroina.”

Everyone fell silent after hearing Zebedee’s reply.

Zebedee spoke again as the silence continued. “Let me remind all of our propose in Chanaea. Other
than assisting the Remdik Medved Army in cutting off the Eastern Army’s supplies, we have another
more important mission. Every single person on that list must be exterminated. Only then will we be able
to successfully create chaos in Doveston. Nina may be cowardly, but her words are not without reason.
We must exercise caution in our subsequent plans.”

“Yes!” With both hands on their thighs, everyone in Team Oracle lowered their heads and responded in

Meanwhile, fifty miles from the south bank of River Onxy in Kransbay, Horbah, the Eastern Army was
gathering around the river.

Sitting in the makeshift command center, Karl was grim, with a terrifying look in his eyes.

On the screen in front of him, a scene of Aidan resting against a chair could be clearly seen.

“Karl, why do you look so serious? You should be happy now that Doveston belongs to you.” Aidan
swirled the bottle of vodka in his hand and laughed heartily.

Karl’s expression remained grim, with murderous intent in his eyes as he looked at Aidan. “Aidan, I’ll be
happier if you could make the Medved Army retreat three hundred miles now.”

“How’s that possible?” Aidan sneered. “The entire north of River Onxy is Remdik’s territory. I am free to
station my army anywhere; you have no power to interfere.”

Karl continued to look at Aidan without saying anything, but he was contemplating various strategies in
his head.

With River Onxy as the border, the hundred and fifty thousand-strong Eastern Army and the hundred and
thirty thousand-strong Medved Army were in a face-off once again.

Both armies were stationed fifty miles from the border—the ultimate threshold.

Back then, in the three-day battle of River Onxy, which resulted in more than seventy thousand deaths,
the distance between both troops was exactly a hundred miles.

Hence, neither the Eastern Army led by Karl nor Aidan’s Medved Army dared to advance another step.

Once the threshold was crossed, it could potentially spark off a war.

This was the frightening aspect of modern military technology.

Of course, two troops firing shots at each other nearby could still inflict considerable damage.

But these two elite forces, highly ranked in the world, had achieved an incredible feat; extending the
threshold to a hundred miles!

This was a situation where the soldiers did not even know what their enemies looked like but were yet
able to execute them using the modernized weapons in their hands.

“I must say, Aidan, our collaboration is rather… intimate,” Karl scoffed coldly, chewing on a cigar.
“Previously, you agreed to help me advance southwards after I gain control of Doveston. I’m wondering
when you will fulfill that promise.”

“Don’t worry, Karl. Everything is proceeding according to plan. Just wait a while more,” Aidan responded
with a hearty laugh.

Karl nodded, smiling lightly. “Well, let’s wait then. I believe by then; it’ll be the perfect time to act.”

“Relax, Karl. Our alliance is indestructible. Trust me, the whole of Chanaea will soon be in your hands.”
Aidan raised his bottle of vodka, made a toast, and ended the video call.

Meanwhile, at the Medved Army camp, right after ending the video call with Karl, Aidan smashed the
bottle of vodka onto the ground.

“Aidan, calm down. Don’t get yourself too agitated,” a woman with a seductive figure sporting a buzz cut

Aidan turned his head to look at her, his eyes filled with rage. “Natasha, reach out to our contact at
Jetroina. If they’re still not able to cut off the Eastern Army’s supplies, then I’ll send them to hell!”

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