Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 635 This Is Chanaea

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A confused look flashed across Geoffrey’s eyes. “Mr. Goldstein, if Jetroina were to send their elites into
Chanaea, wouldn’t it be easier to enter through Horbah? After all, the larger their footprint within
Chanaea, the greater their risk of being exposed. There’s no reason for them to come all the way
through Terrandya.”

Even though Geoffrey’s analysis sounded logical, he had forgotten to take into consideration one factor
—Karl’s current predicament.

“After betraying Asura’s Office, Karl sealed the airport to prevent them from seeking revenge. Therefore,
for the Jetroinians to enter Horbah, they only have two routes. They will either have to board a ship to
Baridoki or take a flight here. Since we have lost contact with the intelligence chief of Baridoki, we’ve no
choice but to start our investigations here.”

“Understood. I’ll get it done right away. I’ll go through the schedules of Jetroinian flights over the last
three months by sundown,” Geoffrey acknowledged Jonathan’s instructions.

“Until then, please stay at Grand Hotel for the time being. I’ve already reserved their presidential suite
before I came in.”

“You made reservations before this?” Jonathan chuckled. “You really are confident in yourself.”

While speaking, Jonathan gave his right hand a gentle flick, causing the knife embedded in Seamus’
neck to be pulled horizontally.

No sooner had the knife moved than Seamus’ head dropped abruptly to the ground.

“Next time, remember that cultivators have strong life forces. If you manage to defeat any of them, you
have to either behead them or stab them right in their heart. Otherwise, you haven’t succeeded in really

killing them.”

Jonathan was already on his way out before he finished.

After throwing the gruesomely severed head a glance, Geoffrey felt a chill down his spine as he watched
Jonathan’s leaving silhouette.

As an ordinary person who knew nothing about cultivators, all he was capable of was plotting.

Hence, he didn’t notice that Seamus was just pretending to be dead.

Naturally, someone as highly-skilled as Jonathan was well aware of it but chose not to reveal it initially.

The main driver of Geoffrey’s courage to negotiate with Jonathan was Seamus’ death, for no one else
but he could deploy Terrandya’s intelligence network within a short time.

Since Seamus wasn’t really dead earlier, Jonathan was never threatened by me the entire time. In fact, if
I had said something to upset him, the head rolling on the ground right now could very well be mine!”

The epiphany caused Geoffrey’s throat to dry out. After gulping by reflex, he ran in the direction of where
Jonathan had gone.

However, Geoffrey was unaware that Jonathan’s thought process was a lot simpler.

With Seamus’ four limbs severed and a knife stabbed in his neck, Jonathan couldn’t care less about the
former’s survival as he no longer posed a threat. Consequently, noticing Seamus’ breath at the last
minute and killing him was just a battlefield habit of his.

Nevertheless, the resulting coincidence still ended up as a traumatizing experience for Geoffrey.

Even when he finally controlled Chanaea’s intelligence network and ranked second only to Jonathan, the
sight of the latter would still send a shiver down his spine.

Inside the presidential suite of the Grand Hotel, Jonathan was sitting down cross-legged.

On his lap rested the mysterious Heaven Sword.

The last time he entered the illusionary realm, he had a dialogue with someone there.

They talked about various topics, and it felt as if time and pace had been transcended. In fact, Jonathan
couldn’t even tell if the incident was real or if it was nothing but a dream.

Nevertheless, his gut told him that everything in that realm was real.

With that, Jonathan produced a sketch from his memories that consisted of the mountain ranges that he
saw. Thereafter, he handed it to Hades and ordered the latter to search for it.

Unfortunately, the endeavor was anything but an easy one, for mountains were unlike city landmarks that
could be easily found on the internet.

Considering how vast Chanaea was and the number of mountain ranges it had, hunting for the generic-
looking mountains in Jonathan’s dreamscape was like searching for a needle in a haystack. Even if one
were to have arrived at the exact location, a slight change of direction was enough to throw one off track.

Therefore, Jonathan figured that he had to unlock the secrets of his dream by using the Heaven Sword.

That was the reason he brought the sword with him and used it for his meditation.

After enveloping the sword with his spiritual sense, he gradually entered a state of cultivation.

Meanwhile, Nina and Team Oracle were having a meal in the suite next door.

“Mr. Makino, the setup over at Horbah has yet to be completed. In order to keep our movements a
secret, I have arranged for cars to take all of you there. We’ll be able to leave tomorrow at the soonest.”

“All right,” Zebedee flatly replied. “Coincidentally, there’s something we need to do in Sparaville.”

“What is it?” Nina asked with a furrow of her brows.

No sooner had Nina spoken than the cultivators beside her got to their feet.


Before the Jetroinian cultivator could finish his sentence, Nina moved up to him in a flash and stomped
her foot down on his abdomen.

“I told you before to speak properly in Chanaea. Are you challenging my authority?”

With a slight twitch of her wrist, Nina stabbed a fork each into the cultivator’s two ears, pinning him to the

In response, the remaining members of Team Oracle sprang to their feet with their blades unsheathed,
ready to lunge at Nina at any moment.

By then, Zebedee was the only person leisurely eating inside the room, as if he was oblivious to the

Despite his seeming lack of action, he had already covered the entire room with his spiritual energy.

Now that everyone was surrounded by his force field, they were susceptible to Zebedee’s control
whenever he willed it. Despite Nina and Team Oracle’s ability to resist with their own force fields, they
were too weak to make a difference due to the gulf in power.

It wasn’t until Zebedee had finished his food that he gradually put down his cutlery.

“Hasn’t Shotaro’s death before we did anything taught you any discipline?”

Despite Zebedee’s casual tone, the members of Team Oracle dropped to their knees with their heads
hung low.

Nina, too, moved her foot away.

“Mr. Makino, my mission is to safely transport you and your men to Horbah. Anything beyond that is not
within my job scope. In the interest of your safety, I strongly suggest that you not leave the hotel until
tomorrow morning. In fact, it would be best if you could just stay in this room. As we’re in Chanaea now
instead of Jetroina, it pays to be extra careful.”

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