Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 634 Ascension

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Jonathan’s words caused Geoffrey to fall into deep thought. Thereafter, he—without any hesitation—
picked up the fruit knife on the table and stabbed it into Seamus’ neck, causing him to struggle violently
before breathing his last.

It was then that Jonathan gave Geoffrey an icy stare. “Geoffrey, this is the time I need the intelligence
network. Hence, you had better have a d*mn good reason for killing him.”

Getting back up to his feet, Geoffrey turned toward Jonathan. “Mr. Goldstein, I did it because I want to
take over his role as chief of Terrandya’s intelligence network. Although Seamus is now dead, I alone am
sufficient to fill his shoes.” “You?”

Jonathan chuckled at Geoffrey.

“After listening to your backstory, I don’t deny that you’re superior to Seamus when it comes to being
cunning and ruthless. Having said that, it also means that you’re a loose cannon on top of the fact that
you’re capable enough to control the intelligence network of Terrandya.”

“Mr. Goldstein, I understand your concerns, but I can prove myself to you,” Geoffrey replied with a smug

“Over the last two years, Seamus has gathered a tremendous amount of wealth, estimated to be in the
hundreds of billions. That was the reason why he became extraordinarily cautious after the incident at
Mysonna. He feared offending either side. Furthermore, I was the one managing Terrandya’s intelligence
network over the last year, even though he was officially in charge. Now that he’s dead, I’m entirely
capable of taking over without any disruptions.”

The confidence Geoffrey demonstrated gave Jonathan food for thought.

This young man might have the demeanor of a jovial university student, but this is the first time I have
seen someone display such sharpness and brutality. A person like that is no different from a double-
edged sword, extremely effective when pointed in the right direction but dangerous when wielded
wrongly. Seamus had learned it the hard way.

After dwelling on the matter, Jonathan finally spoke.

“In that case, is being the chief of Terrandya’s intelligence network your answer to the one wish I grant

Jonathan assumed that Geoffrey’s sole goal was to take over Seamus’ role.

Little did he expect to see the latter shake his head.

“Mr. Goldstein, if you hadn’t appeared, I would’ve taken over Terrandya’s intelligence network after killing
Seamus anyway. But now that you’re here, why shouldn’t I go for broke? Since you owe me a debt of
gratitude, I would like to join Asura’s Office as a core member once the matter in Terrandya has been

Jonathan was suddenly intrigued by Geoffrey’s suggestion.

He had previously recognized the latter’s extraordinary talent but still didn’t expect Geoffrey to make
such an audacious wish.

Asura’s Office might have been established for three years, but its core still comprised the same batch of
followers from the very beginning.

It was a situation where Jonathan lacked the courage to do so than the political will.

Asura’s Office’s rapid expansion had ignited jealousy and fear amongst many other factions within

Even if Jonathan wanted to take in new blood now, he still had no way of discerning where the loyalty of
these new members lay.

If any of them were to turn out to be a mole for other prominent families or Yaleview, it would result in the
destruction of Asura’s Office from within.

Considering the circumstances, Jonathan suddenly saw hope and opportunity in Geoffrey.

“Geoffrey, since your wish wasn’t for me to look past your mistakes, what makes you think that I would
spare you?”

“It was a gamble,” Geoffrey confessed.

“With Seamus’ death, Terrandya’s intelligence network is in tatters. But now that you need them as your
spies, I’m betting that’s the reason why you won’t kill me.”

In a blinding flash, a long sword appeared in the air and plunged right into Geoffrey’s chest.

Despite that, Geoffrey—eyes closed—stood steadfastly still.

As blood began to stain his white shirt, he maintained his posture as if he didn’t feel anything at all.

“Are you not afraid of death?”

Opening his eyes, Geoffrey flatly answered, “I am! However, the moment I made my decision, I accepted
the fact that I would die at your whim. Thus, there’s no point in resisting or being afraid.”

With a slight wave of his hand, the sword flew back into Jonathan’s grasp before returning to his ring.

“I admire your guts and admit that you’re a ruthless man.” Smiling, Jonathan added, “If my sword were to
move deeper by half an inch, your heart would’ve been pierced by it.”

“Does that mean you’ll allow me to join the core of Asura’s Office?”

“Impossible!” The smiling Jonathan elaborated, “The core members of Asura’s Office have gone through
many trials and tribulations before gaining my absolute trust. As for you, I have barely known you for
more than an hour, so what trust is there to talk about? Besides, I would be a fool to put Asura’s Office at
risk for the sake of repaying a debt of gratitude.”

“For now, you can take over Seamus’ role as chief in Terrandya. As for joining Asura’s Office, I’ll provide
you with a platform. Once Eshistan’s intelligence network has been dealt with, you’ll have a place within
the organization’s intelligence team.”

“Thank you, Asura. I, Geoffrey Lowe, will serve you to the best of my abilities,” Geoffrey declared with a

“Mr. Goldstein, I have previously learned that you were looking for information about Horbah. I can
provide you with a report immediately. Currently, the Eastern Army has retreated to Kransbay, a city near
River Onxy. The spies from Jetroina have also gathered there, which is where the Eastern Army’s main
base is located. From a military perspective, Jetroina’s goal is the same as what the Eastern Army was
doing in Mysonna. They are looking to cut off the supply lines belonging to the main forces on the

Geoffrey’s words caused a grim expression to descend upon Jonathan’s face, for Karl’s betrayal had
become the latter’s biggest problem.

To make matters worse, two days into the Eastern Army’s declaration of independence, they had already
been targeted by Jetroina.

After the chaos I have wrecked upon them, Jetroina shouldn’t have the capacity to stir up any trouble.
But given the massive scale of Karl’s movements, I’m afraid some other faction might be behind this


Doveston bordered three countries—Merania, Remdik, and Nardor, while overlooking Jetroina across the

Nardor was a weak country and posed no threat to Doveston, even if the entire nation was mobilized.

As for Merania, the largest inland country, they had always maintained a neutral stance.

As a result, the only possibility left was Remdik.

North of River Onxy, the Medved Army and Eastern Army deployed by the river. As for the spies from
Jetroina, they began to gather in Kransbay, showing no fear of being exposed.

Although the events seem unrelated on the surface, they were anything but that.

Leaning back into his chair, Jonathan frowned deeply.

“Geoffrey, check all recent flights and ships from Jetroina. As these spies are not the Eastern Army’s
special forces, they are certainly not enough to cut off Karl’s supply lines.”

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