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Chapter 633

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Two kilograms of TNT?

When Jonathan turned to look at Seamus, he saw that the latter had turned pale while staring daggers
at Geoffrey.

“Geoffrey, not only have I groomed you for three years, but I also rescued you from the grasp of your
mortal enemy. So, how could you do this to me?”

Seamus was utterly devastated by Geoffrey’s betrayal.

The former had started his career as a peddler of information.

People like him had built a network where he lived and was naturally on good terms with everyone.

Even though he made a decent living, he didn’t derive any satisfaction from his job, which required him
to behave in an obsequious manner to everyone.

Three years ago, when Asura’s Office was established, Hades was rapidly expanding its intelligence
network throughout the country.

Since he was in dire need of talent, someone of Seamus’ skills was naturally an invaluable resource,
especially when the latter was capable of establishing himself in a place like Terrandya.

On top of that, reality had also validated the decision to recruit Seamus back then.

After joining Asura’s Office, Seamus used all the resources at his disposal to develop the intelligence
network and was soon in control of Sparaville.

In Seamus’ own words, as long as he was around, nothing in the city would get past his attention.

It was during that time that a bloodless war ignited between the chiefs of the intelligence networks
within Terrandya’s eighteen cities.

This was part of Asura’s Office’s plan for recruitment, for they were short-handed on account of being

If they were to rely on selecting chiefs through appointments, there wouldn’t be enough candidates for
the role.

Therefore, by using cities as foundational building blocks, they would appoint a state chief from
amongst the group of city chiefs, and that person would be chosen from the internal strife that had
been planned.

Not only could Asura’s Office pick out the most capable intelligence officer, but the chosen one would
also gain the respect of all the other members of the organization.

Consequently, Seamus was picked from amongst all the other city chiefs of Terrandya.

After the strife, only five city chiefs, including Seamus, remained out of eighteen. The other thirteen had
died under a variety of mysterious circumstances.

The result inadvertently cemented Seamus’ position as the true leader of Terrandya’s intelligence

Just by looking at Seamus’ rise over the last three years, one couldn’t help but feel impressed. In
addition, many saw his actions as that worthy of a hero.

As for Seamus, he didn’t rest on his laurels upon taking on his new role. Instead, he leveraged his
intelligence network to gather information on all the government and corporate secrets within
Terrandya. Thereafter, he made a killing by using the information for blackmail.

As the inherent nature of an intelligence officer’s job was building relationships, Asura’s Office turned a
blind eye to Seamus’ actions despite being aware of them.

Given Seamus’ ruthless methods in securing his position, it became a habit for him to exercise extreme
caution in whatever he did. Also, he found it difficult to trust anyone, and Geoffrey was the only

One year ago, Seamus saved him from being beaten to death by a bunch of gangsters due to a
gambling debt the latter owed.

Even since then, Geoffrey worked for Seamus.

Despite making a few mistakes along the way, he was forgiven by Seamus every time.

Having made countless enemies in recent years, Seamus knew that for true stability to be achieved, he
needed to appoint a successor to maintain his authority after he stepped down.

Initially, he planned to groom Geoffrey for the role. That was the reason why he kept the latter by his
side all the time.

Although Geoffrey was known as the assistant, everyone was cognizant that it was Seamus’ attempt at
familiarizing the former with the work process.

But now, Seamus realized that he had been under Geoffrey’s surveillance all this while, which was a
revelation he couldn’t accept.

“Geoffrey, how could you have done this to me? You’re the only person I trust!”

As the man lay in the pool of blood, his deep voice was filled with hysteria and despair.

“Why can’t I do this to you?”

Geoffrey turned around to face Seamus.

“Seamus, even if Mr. Goldstein didn’t come, you would still have died within the next few days. Your
mistake was to have trusted me. All I needed to do was to spike your coffee, and you would just die in
your sleep. Obviously, you should still thank Mr. Goldstein. If he hadn’t appeared, it would be
impossible for me to kill you in such a humane manner.”

After a brief pause, he continued, “Based on my plan, I was going to sever your limbs, dig your eyes
out of their sockets, and cut your tongue before exiling you to one of the southern cities. You might still
live on for many years, but it would be a fate worse than death.”

The bitterness of Geoffrey’s words shocked Jonathan, let alone Seamus.

What sort of hatred is he harboring to drive him to such cruel lengths?

“Why?” Seamus gave Geoffrey a deathly stare. “I groomed you and even treated you like my own son.
Give me a reason.”

“Your son?”

Geoffrey gradually strode up to Seamus.

“Did you really think that you saved me back then? Those men were in cahoots with me, and it was all
a charade to trick you, you fool.”

The revelation dumbfounded Seamus.

“A charade… Your body was covered by countless cuts left by a sword. You would have died if I hadn’t
rescued you back then. How can you still call it a charade?”

“Only with real wounds can I truly gain your trust,” Geoffrey sneered.

“My father was Wheelan Lowe, intelligence chief of Avenport. Two years ago, you massacred him and
all his relatives in a power struggle. After the fact, you pretended to be surprised. I sure you haven’t
forgotten about it?”

“Wheelan Lowe…” Seamus’ eyes opened wide in shock as the face conjured up in his memory
superimposed on the young man in front of him. “You’re Wheelan’s son? How is that possible? I do not
doubt that I killed his son.”

“That was my elder brother,” Geoffrey replied through his gritted teeth.

“My father once abused his company position to obtain a fortune through corrupted means. In order to
avoid detection, he tampered with my mother’s pregnancy report. Back then, my mother was carrying
two babies, but only one was recorded to be born. As for me, I was raised in a different family.”

“Twins? But you don’t look like the other person—”

Jonathan interjected before Seamus could finish, “It’s normal for fraternal twins not to resemble each

Turning his attention to Geoffrey, Jonathan pointed at the safe deposit box behind the latter.

“Just now, I used my spiritual sense to probe its contents and found two brick-like objects underneath
the memory chip. If you hadn’t told me about them, I would have assumed they were the concrete
shelves within the safe deposit box and fallen into the trap. Therefore, I must admit I owe you a debt of
gratitude. To repay you, I’ll give you an opportunity to make a wish. I’ll definitely fulfill it if it’s within my
capabilities to do so.”

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