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Chapter 632

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Geoffrey Lowe

“A quick death…”

Looking at Jonathan in a daze, Seamus suddenly crawled to the former’s side and hugged his leg.

“Sir, please give me another chance! I swear to be loyal to Asura’s Office. Please… I don’t want to


The spiritual energy around Jonathan surged, and Seamus was sent flying backward.

Looking at Seamus expressionlessly, Jonathan uttered, “Even if you don’t hand over the intelligence
network first, my people can quickly organize the scattered network after your death. However, I can
promise you that I won’t make things difficult for your family if you hand it over now.”

At that moment, Seamus finally realized what kind of person he had provoked.

Leaning against the corner, he could not stop shaking his head.

“No. Judging by Asura’s Office’s way of doing things, we never harm the innocent, even if they are
enemies. You won’t harm my child when after I die, right?”

Even though it sounded like a question for Jonathan, Seamus was trying to reassure himself.

Seamus knew that he was unlikely to escape death whether he handed over the intelligence network or

Nevertheless, like any other desperate living being, he could not just do nothing and wait to be killed.

Seamus was fully aware of how difficult it was to set up an effective intelligence network.

At this moment, many forces were vying for supremacy in Doveston. Hence, the intelligence network
was the most crucial thing.

If I hold on to this information I’ve been keeping as a bargaining chip for so many years, I might still get
something in return.

After making up his mind, Seamus secretly gritted his teeth. Then, he got up and kneeled before
Jonathan again.

“Asura, I single-handedly built the intelligence network of Terrandya over three years. I have many
secret informants. Most of them have direct contact with me. I think you need my help now. So please,
spare my life. I promise that the intelligence network across Terrandya will be useful to you. There
won’t be any changes in the future.”

After saying that, Seamus bowed to Jonathan.

A few drops of blood fell on the white tiles as Seamus maintained his bow to show respect toward

However, Jonathan shook his head slightly.

As Jonathan used his mind control, Seamus was immediately enveloped by spiritual energy.

“Seamus Cornell, you don’t have the right to bargain with me. Whether you hand over the intelligence
network today or not, you will meet your death.”


A crisp sound rang out following Jonathan’s ominous words.

Seamus’ legs were bent forward at an unnatural angle.

An agonizing shriek rang out as the broken bones pierced out from the bleeding flesh. In an instant, a
pool of blood emerged on the ground.


Seamus never thought Jonathan would be so determined. He crippled me without hesitation.

“Think carefully, Jonathan! If you kill me, the intelligence network in the entire Terrandya will break
down within a short time. Whether it’s to target Jetroina or deal with Karl, the intelligence network is of
utmost importance,” Seamus pleaded.

“Yes, the intelligence network is undoubtedly important, but I’ll never tolerate traitors and threats.”

Jonathan’s fingers twitched as Seamus’ arms were bent backward slowly.

“Don’t worry. After you die, I’ll send all your family to accompany you in the afterlife as soon as
possible,” Jonathan remarked chillingly.

“No, I’ll give it to you! I’ll hand you the intelligence network. Please don’t hurt my child. I beg you…”

Lying in a pool of blood, Seamus was having a breakdown.

Jonathan’s ruthlessness was beyond Seamus’ imagination. At that moment, he could only hope that
Jonathan would take into account his identity as Asura and keep his word.

Putting down the tablet in his hand, Jonathan turned and looked at Seamus.

“I thought you were a tough nut to crack. It turns out you have a weakness too.”

“I’m sorry…” Seamus’ voice trembled due to the excruciating pain.

He added, “There’s a secret compartment in my safety deposit box. You will find a memory chip inside.
It contains the list of all the informants across Terrandya with their contact information and a command
code. As long as they receive the secret code, they will follow the order even if it doesn’t come from
me. All you have to do is to find someone to make the call to complete the handover of the intelligence
network in Terrandya.”

Knock! Knock! Knock!

A knock suddenly came from outside the door when Seamus finished explaining.

Jonathan furrowed his eyebrows as he stared at Seamus. His spiritual sense rushed out like a tidal
wave. Jonathan saw the scene at the door crystal clear.

It was a young man carrying a cup of coffee. Judging by his appearance, he looked like a typical
university student.

“There is a young man in a T-shirt with a cup of coffee. Is he one of your people?” Jonathan probed

Looking toward the door, Seamus was forced to bear the pain and nodded. “He’s my assistant,
Geoffrey Lowe. He’s in charge of my schedule. However, I clearly instructed him not to come here

Upon hearing that, Jonathan got up and walked to the door.


Following a crisp sound, the door was opened.

The young man outside bowed slightly to Jonathan as if he knew the latter would come to open the

“Mr. Goldstein, this is the coffee I prepared for you.”

“Do you know me?” Jonathan glanced at the young man in front of him with a confused look.

With his spiritual sense, everything about the young man was shown in Jonathan’s mind.

I didn’t detect any spiritual energy from him. Besides, he doesn’t carry a weapon. I suppose this young
man isn’t an assassin. However, he acts so calmly despite knowing my identity. That alone is not

Holding a cup of coffee, the young man nodded slightly. “You’re Asura of Asura’s Office, the legend of
Chanaea. You’re the person I revere the most.”

Jonathan turned around and walked back into the house while Geoffrey followed him without hesitation.

Geoffrey seemed to ignore Seamus, who was lying on the ground with appalling injuries.

Sitting on the couch, Jonathan warned flatly, “You’re Geoffrey, aren’t you? Tell me why you are here.
Otherwise, you’ll also die here today.”

Walking up to Jonathan, Geoffrey took out a mini-earphone from his ear.

“Mr. Goldstein, I’ve installed eight surveillance cameras and twelve listening devices in this office. I can
hear all your conversations and see everything.”

Then, Geoffrey took off his glasses and lightly pressed them. The glasses immediately showed a real-
time scene of the room.

Lying in his own pool of blood, Seamus bellowed, “Geoffrey! When did you start spying on me?”

Seamus was the head of intelligence. However, he just found out that his subordinate had been
monitoring his every move. It was no surprise that he was fuming at that moment.

With his mind control, Jonathan used his spiritual energy to seal Seamus’ mouth to prevent the latter
from making a sound.

Jonathan’s interest was piqued as he looked at the listening device and glasses on the table.

“Well, this is the first time I’ve been monitored so openly. What exactly do you want to tell me?” he

“Mr. Goldstein, if I were you, I wouldn’t open the secret compartment of the safety deposit box. Instead
of a memory chip, there are two kilograms of TNT inside. As for the password he mentioned, it was
actually the detonation code,” Geoffrey replied.

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