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Chapter 630

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You Cannot Run For Your Life

There was an unmissable hint of sarcasm in Seamus’ tone. At that very moment, there was only sheer
contempt on his face. Jonathan stared at him, nonchalant as ever. “So a person in charge of a
particular area even has the gall to question Asura’s Office now?”

Seamus waved his hand hastily. “No, no, no, don’t get me wrong. I have no fear in everything, but I
don’t have the audacity to get on my superior’s nerves. You shouldn’t jump to a hasty conclusion and
accuse me of that.”

He chuckled as he stretched out his hand, placing it on the tabletop between them in the car. “Mr.
Lachy, I only intend to trade for some information.”

Jonathan looked at Seamus’ hand. A black bank card came into sight after the latter moved his hand
away. After picking it up and flipping it over, he saw the image of a gold dragon on the other side.

“Wyvern Gold Gard.” Jonathan fiddled with the bank card and smiled. “If I’m not mistaken, this card is
only issued to account holders with a saving of at least one hundred million.”

Seamus’ eyes lit up. Leaning against the seat, he guffawed. “Ha! You’re right. The representative from
Asura’s Office is seemingly knowledgeable. I’m impressed. Mr. Lachy, there’s three hundred million in
this card. You can withdraw cash with it from any Wyvern Bank worldwide. Just treat it as a token from
a new friend.”

“Um, I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to accept it.” Jonathan turned him down with a smile. Seamus
poured two glasses of red wine and handed a glass to Jonathan.

“You don’t have to overthink. After all, nobody else knows about it. There’s nothing inappropriate.
Besides, I’m not thinking of obtaining any military information from you by giving you this card. I only

wish to have a clearer insight into the stance of Asura’s Office. It’s not something confidential either.”

Jonathan nodded lightly and put the Wyvern Gold Card in his pocket before taking the glass of red wine
from him.

There was a flicker of disdain in Seamus’ eyes when he saw Jonathan keeping the bank card.

Unequivocally, money can do magic! The headquarters of Asura’s Office assigned him for an
inspection, so what? See, I manage to bribe him effortlessly.

Jonathan put his glass of red wine aside and grinned at Seamus. “Mr. Cornell, I’ve already kept the
card in my pocket. What do you intend to know? Just cut to the chase.”

“What more do I intend to know? We’re only earning a living under Asura’s Office and in no position to
build castles in the air with ambitious plans. We’re only striving hard for a better life.”

Jonathan relaxed his body and leaned against the seat upon hearing his words.

“I got it. Mr. Cornell, you don’t mind which side you need to take, don’t you? Most importantly, you’ll
only bow to the winning party, right?”

“You’re smart! I’ve been putting effort into managing the intelligence network in Terrandya all these
years. Now that Karl quits Asura’s Office and embarks on something new elsewhere, I presume an
intense battle will unfold between Asura’s Office and him. Anyway, I’m only a lowly small fry. Before one
of them emerges as the final winner, I don’t wish to step on anyone’s toes. Hence, I need your
information very much.”

Jonathan massaged his forehead as he leaned against the seat and heaved a sigh.

While he was at the helm of Asura’s Office previously, he could effortlessly order his eight Kings of War
to launch an attack by leading their troops of millions of soldiers.

It never occurred to him that the subordinate of Asura’s Office would dare to have such an absurd idea.

However, it was not at all surprising because even Karl, one of the Eight Kings of War, had ended up
betraying them. Thus, it was normal that Seamus, too, had such wishful thinking since he was only the
person in charge of the intelligence network in a small region.

Nevertheless, Jonathan could not help feeling frustrated as the irritating matter bugged his mind.

Rubbing the bridge of his nose, he said, “Seamus, you’re targeting me instead of aiming for my
information, aren’t you?”

Hearing that, Seamus, who was pouring wine, momentarily froze.

“Oh? Mr. Lachy, what do you actually mean?”

“It’s simple. You intend to bribe me with three hundred million, hoping I’ll put in good words for you if
Asura’s Office defeats Karl, don’t you? If Karl wins or the battle turns into a standoff, you’ll use me to
obtain information from Asura’s Office to curry favor with him instead. In short, you’ll have no fear of
anything as long as you can manipulate me. By then, regardless of who’s leading, you’ll only need to
go with the flow to stand to benefit. I guess that’s why you stopped getting in touch with Asura’s Office
a few days ago. You’ve been scheming to make a deal with anyone assigned by Asura’s Office to look
into the matter, haven’t you?”

A sharp-witted Jonathan saw through Seamus’ ulterior motive and made a perfect analysis.

Looking at Jonathan, Seamus clapped his hands admiringly. “Mr. Lachy, you’re indeed an extraordinary
man. I’m impressed. So are you interested in working with me? Of course, I’ll share half of my benefit
with you.”

Jonathan sat up straight and stretched himself. “What if I’m not interested?”

Seamus’ face turned grim.

“Mr. Lachy, is it because you’re not satisfied with the amount I offer? Just name your price. I promise I
won’t bargain with you.”

“Are you sure you won’t?”

“Yes. I can assure you that I won’t.”

“Fine. If you want me to help you, give me your life, then.”

Seamus’s expression darkened.

“Mr. Lachy, does that mean there won’t be any possibility for us to collaborate again?”

Jonathan unleased his spiritual energy in his right hand. He rubbed his face hard a few times before
revealing his look.

There was intense weariness in his eyes when he turned to look in Seamus’ direction. “Seamus, don’t
you think it’s preposterous for me to shoot myself in the foot? Anyway, it’s as easy as snapping my
fingers to finish you off anytime.”

Seamus was dumbfounded. When realization dawned on him, he stammered, “Y-You’re Asura?”

Did I just dig my own grave?

Without a second thought, Seamus smashed the car door and fell out of the car.

It was peak hour at the moment. Even though the Lincoln was not speeding on the highway, it was still
moving at quite a steady pace of approximately seventy miles per hour. After Seamus fell out of the car,
his body rolled on the road and was out of sight in the blink of an eye.

Jonathan released his spiritual sense to envelope the car. At the same time, he activated the force field
of a Grandmaster and stepped hard on the brake.

With that, the Lincoln screeched and came to a halt. Seconds later, Jonathan opened the door and got
out of the car.

By then, the driver in the driver’s seat had met a tragic fate with a broken neck.

Behind, Seamus could be seen trying to flee by scurrying away.

“One hundred million! Stand in his way, and I’ll reward you with one hundred million!” he yelled at the
top of his lungs at the others.

Nevertheless, they turned a deaf ear to him. Catching sight of Seamus with half of his body in a
horrendous gory mess, they assumed he had lost his mind. Petrified, they moved aside to stay away
from him.

Jonathan advanced toward him at a mind-blowing speed.

“Do you think you can run for your life?”

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