Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 631

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Change In Jetroina

Given the dense crowd on the flyover, not even Jonathan dared utilize his spiritual energy.

However, Seamus reacted differently, seemingly finally regaining his senses. His fluctuating spiritual
energy rose continuously before he rolled over and leaped off the flyover, disappearing into the traffic

Superior Realm, Jonathan thought to himself.

With a chuckle, he leaped and went after Seamus, his footsteps as light as a feather.

None who had reached Grandmaster Realm could escape from Jonathan, let alone Seamus, an
intelligence officer who had only reached the Superior Realm.

After a chase across merely two streets, Jonathan arrived beside Seamus.


As soon as he uttered that single word, Seamus’ body could no longer move, as if he was frozen in

“Sir, you must have some benevolence. I just want to live. I beg of you. Please show me some mercy.”

Seamus stood there all stiff, his face pale, while his voice trembled as he spoke.

“Is Terrandya’s intelligence network still intact?” Jonathan questioned in a harsh tone while standing in
front of Seamus.

Setting up an intelligence network would take not a few days but a few years or even a decade’s work
by countless people.

Although Jonathan was irked by the fact that Seamus had his own agenda, he also acknowledged that
other industries must’ve had parasitic individuals like Seamus, and Asura’s Office was no exception.

While people like them might be abominable, they were usually incapable of stirring up a ruckus.

It wouldn’t be too late as long as the intelligence network was still intact.

Seamus nodded vehemently upon hearing Jonathan’s question.

“It is… The intelligence network is my livelihood, so I kept it well-maintained. I can hand it over to you in
its entirety if you so wish to. Just please spare me this once, Sir. I’ve learned my lesson now…”

With a wave of his arm, Jonathan blocked Seamus’ mouth with solidified pure spiritual energy.

“Where do you usually work on processing our intelligence? Take me there,” Jonathan demanded

“Yes, of course!”

Given the fact that Jonathan currently had a chokehold on both Seamus’ life and assets, the latter
dared not refuse and immediately deferred to Jonathan’s demands.

They took a taxi and headed for Jinrich Tower in Sparaville.

At sixty-eight stories, Jinrich Tower was a landmark of Sparaville, functioning as an office for various

The only exception was the top floor, which was modified by Seamus into his personal vacation home.

For Seamus to have owned a five-hundred-square-meter vacation home at a location with high land
prices, Jonathan had to admit that he was far less capable than Seamus when it came to enjoying life.

While standing before the glass window wall, Jonathan could take in the landscape of Sparaville as he
glanced out of it.

“I need Doveston’s intelligence during the past few days,” Jonathan requested nonchalantly.

Before that, Karl was already one of the rare ones in Asura’s Office who had achieved an advanced
phase in the Grandmaster Realm.

The fact that Karl chose to defect from Asura’s Office at that point gave Jonathan ample reason to
believe that he must’ve gotten an opportunity to break through into God’s Realm.

That was Karl’s only way to have a shot against Jonathan.

On the other hand, neither would Jonathan know where to start while going against someone who
owned the world’s top high-technology forces if he didn’t make some preparations.

Besides, he would like to try and predict Karl’s next moves if he could get a grasp on the latter’s
preparations during the past few days.

Following Jonathan’s orders, Seamus jogged to the side and unlocked a briefcase.

He then retrieved a laptop from within, which he handed over to Jonathan respectfully.

“Sir, during the past three days, only five intelligences from Doveston proved useful, and among them,
only two have to do with the Eastern Army,” Seamus reported with an ingratiating attitude while
standing next to Jonathan.

“First off, the Eastern Army had begun marching in the direction of River Onxy at the border. They had
mobilized over eighty thousand men. Food prices have also been gradually rising in Doveston, so it
would be safe to assume that the army is currently stocking up on food. The next intelligence has to do
with Jetroina.”


Jonathan’s gaze suddenly went cold the moment he heard that name.

Even with Chanaea and Jetroina’s long-standing feud aside, Jonathan had been paying close attention
to Jetroina ever since he stirred up a ruckus in Jetroina during his last trip there.

Given Jetroinian’s temperament, they would definitely do something about that.

At that time, Chanaea was in an upheaval, so it would be quite a hassle if Jetroina were to begin
pressuring Chanaea too.

“Speak up. What’s with Jetroina?”

Although Jonathan was on alert, his expression betrayed nothing.

Seamus bowed at him the moment he heard that.

“Sir, we’ve discovered a lot of spies from Jetroina at Doveston. We had initially planned to get rid of
them, but Hades told us that a new batch would be soon dispatched even if we got rid of them. Thus,
we mobilized a lot of men to monitor them. With that, we had the initiative by staying in the shadows
while the spies operated under our surveillance. A week ago, we realized Jetroina’s spies had begun
meeting up and relocating at a rapid pace, their destination being Horbah.”

While listening to Seamus’ report, Jonathan glanced at the laptop he was holding with a frown on his

“Karl is building a fortress at Doveston after defecting from Asura’s Office. To him, this is an opportunity
to claim his territory, and he did succeed in earning himself a spot in this power game in Chanaea.
However, this is also a great opportunity for both Remdik and Jetroina. With Yaleview in the middle,

Asura’s Office couldn’t possibly march north. Things would be bad if they surrounded Karl from the
north and the south.”

Jonathan had a stern look on his face while muttering. It wasn’t clear whether he was explaining the
situation to Seamus or just talking to himself.

“Although the Eastern Army, with cutting-edge technology, is recognized as one of the best troops in
the world, Remdik’s Medved Army is still a force to be reckoned with. If both countries were to launch a
combined assault on Doveston, I fear what happened a century ago will repeat itself.”

Despite Jonathan’s quiet voice, his tone got increasingly chilly.

Seamus was sweating nervously while standing beside him.

He realized he had caused a huge delay for his faction. He would be considered negligent if such
important intelligence were to be detained with him for a few hours, let alone when he had been holding
onto them for a few days.

If Jetroina and Remdik were to launch an assault within the coming few days, Seamus would never be
able to make up for his mistake.

He knelt on the floor with a thud.

“Mr. Goldstein, I know now what I’ve done wrong, I might be a gold-digger and a spineless wimp, but I
would never become a spy for Jetroina. I never thought—”

Before he could finish, Jonathan cut him short with a wave of his arm.

“Seamus, I’ll give you one last chance. Hand over Sparaville’s intelligence network, and you won’t have
to suffer.”

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