Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 629

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First Visit To Doveston

Jason glowered at Jonathan for at least tens of seconds before he finally cooled his head off and put
the scalpel away. Jonathan loosened his grip on his shoulders and stood aside. He turned to cast a
look at Lauryn, only to find that her face had turned ashen, and there was intense fear in her eyes.

As the heiress from one of the respectable families, Lauryn was used to being sought after by others,
be it from the Blackwood family or her sect. She had never suffered from any grievances before.

That time when Jonathan had set her up twice previously was already the worst moments so far in her
life. Now that she had met the mad doctor who hated the respectable families to his core, she was
scared out of his wits.

Staring at her, Jonathan stated placidly, “His name is Jason Carrick. He’s the only successor of the
Carrick family known for their expertise in the medical field in Gerton. About thirteen years ago,
respectable families set their sights on the Carrick family’s expertise in the medical field.

One of the families even wiped out more than five hundred people from his family to obtain their
medical book. If there’s a chance, you could help him investigate the matter and find out which
respectable family was the culprit.”

Lauryn nodded slightly, but she still avoided meeting Jason’s eyes. Even though they were both at the
same cultivation level, she was fully aware that she was no match for him the moment they met.

Jonathan had a hunch that if a battle unfolded between Lauryn and Jason, she might not even be able
to demonstrate half of her combat prowess due to her psychological stress.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Jason Carrick.” Jason flashed her a smile as he stretched out his right hand.

Lauryn turned around and started to throw up again.

Jonathan rolled his eyes at Jason. “Can’t you wash off the blood from your hands?”

Jason looked at the dried blood stain on his hands and casually rubbed it off.

“Mr. Goldstein, I can’t keep an eye on her all the time as I have a lot of matters to settle every day. Why
don’t you seal her spiritual energy right away?”

Lauryn’s eyes widened when she heard that.

However, the next second, she felt a tingling sensation on her neck. On the heels of that, her entire
body gave way as though her bones had suddenly vanished. She would have fallen if she had not held
onto the wall in the nick of time.

“Jonathan, if you want me to stay with him but seal my spiritual energy, I would rather you finish me off

“Don’t worry. Since I’ve promised not to lay a finger on you, I’ll keep my word.” Jason chuckled and
turned to look in Jonathan’s direction. “Mr. Goldstein, you’re heading to Doveston this time to—”

“To kill Karl and avenge those who have lost their lives.”

After sorting out everything in Edenic Heights, Jonathan headed to Doveston alone. While seated on
the plane, he fell into a trance as he gazed at the clouds outside the window.

Apart from killing Karl, he intended to look into another matter—they had lost touch with the intelligence
network of Asura’s Office in Doveston mysteriously. Because of Yaleview, Asura’s Office could not take
the risk of sending their troops there.

Asura’s Office had been getting in touch with Doveston via the Eastern Army openly and the
intelligence network in the shadows.

The intelligence networks nationwide were set up by Asura’s Office. They did not belong to any local
department or King of War and reported directly to Asura’s Office.

When Doveston used to be in peace before Karl’s betrayal, their intelligence network usually only
updated Asura’s Office on trivial matters. However, it had been completely paralyzed after Karl’s

Hades had tried to get in touch with them numerous times after that. Nonetheless, they seemed to pay
no heed to the instructions received and did not update Asura’s Office with any useful information.

Hence, Jonathan suspected that the intelligence network in Doveston was already in Karl’s hands. If
that was the case, he foresaw Asura’s Office would be in a precarious position.

Without the intelligence network, they would not be able to know what the Eastern Army was up to. For
Asura’s Office, the outrageously high-tech armed forces hiding in the dark were undeniably a main
threat for them.

There were three states in Doveston—Horbah, Terrandya, and Baridoki. Horbah shared the same
border with Remdik and it was where the Eastern Army was stationed.

Meanwhile, Terrandya, which shared the same border with Yaleview, served as the information center
and barrier for Doveston.

Then there was Baridoki that faced Kenfort and Jetroina with the ocean in between.

This time, Jonathan was heading toward Terrandya.

Before getting rid of Karl, he had to get a grasp of the situation by investigating the intelligence network
in Doveston.

And Sparaville of Terrandya served as the processing center of the intelligence network in Doveston.

In regards to the issues with the intelligence network, Jonathan had disguised himself as an
investigator named Fletcher Lachy so he could carry out an inspection. He wanted to see what sort of
people Asura’s Office had nurtured.

Right after the plane touched down at the airport, Jonathan hopped into a Lincoln after catching a
glimpse of someone holding a cardboard with the name “Fletcher Lachy.”

The moment he got into the luxurious car, a bald man leaning against the seat came into view.
“Welcome, Mr. Lachy.”

Jonathan simply nodded at him. “You must be Seamus Cornell.” “Yes, I am.” Seamus opened the cigar
box next to him and handed it to Jonathan. “It’s from Corleon. One costs more than one hundred
thousand. Interested in giving it a try?”

Jonathan furrowed his brows when he saw how relaxed Seamus was. He was astounded that the latter
was not the slightest bit apprehensive about his identity as someone from the headquarters of Asura’s

Jonathan’s heart sank. He had a gut feeling that the intelligence network in Doveston had freed
themselves from Asura’s Office’s control.

He raised his head to look at Seamus directly without taking the cigar box.

“You know why I’m here this time, Seamus. The intelligence network in Doveston has not been
updating Asura’s Office with any news for the past week. Don’t you think you should give us an

“What’s there to explain?” Seamus smiled and puffed out a ring of smoke. “If you are referring to Karl
Hamilton’s betrayal, I reckon the information obtained by the headquarters of Asura’s Office is much

more detailed than ours.”

“How about the Eastern Army’s current activities? As the person in charge of the intelligence network in
Doveston, how is it possible that you are clueless about anything?”

Seamus turned to look at him with a hint of disdain in his eyes. “Mr. Lachy, why do you sound as if you
are here to interrogate me?”

“Doesn’t Asura’s Office have the right to do so?”

Seamus snorted. “Mr. Lachy, you should know what type of troop the Eastern Army is. Even though our
men have infiltrated their troops, Karl is good at playing underhand tactics to block our way of sending
the information to the headquarters. Besides, the intelligence network in Horbah is completely
paralyzed for two days.

My subordinates have been giving it their all to get in touch with them but to no avail. How could you
expect me to be able to keep an eye on Karl from far away?”

With that, he extinguished the cigar in his hand in the ashtray and went on, “Mr. Lachy, mind if I ask
how Asura’s Office will handle Karl’s betrayal this time?”

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