Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 628

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Family Feud

After dealing with the matters in Mysonna, Jonathan finally felt relieved. In Chanaea, no matter what
changes took place, it was their own internal affair. However, if there was an invasion from outside,
Jonathan would never allow it.

Once the external affairs were settled, the next step was keeping internal peace. It had been a few
days since Karl’s rebellion, and it was time to solve it. Killing Karl was not only to vent the anger
harbored inside him, but more importantly, it was a demonstration to the public.

If he was allowed to wander scot-free in Doveston, the reputation of Asura’s Office would be destroyed.
The world would think of Asura’s Office as a place one could enter or leave at will.

The worst scenario would be the remaining Kings of War considering betrayal. Although this probability
was very small, it had to be guarded against.

With his brows knitted tightly, Jonathan let out a long sigh. Since Karl’s rebellion, he had become
suspicious, and he did not trust the Kings of War as much as he did before.

Jonathan was very clear about Karl’s betrayal, and he knew that there was a reason for it. However,
Jonathan was unable to control his own doubts.

“Let’s go, I’ll take you to meet someone. I have to leave for a while to run some errands. You’ll stay with
him during this time,” Jonathan said to Lauryn, getting up.

When they arrived at the door of No. 8 Villa, they saw Donald coming out of the door. “Mr. Goldstein.”
Donald, whose hand was covered in blood, nodded at Jonathan calmly.

Jonathan was rendered speechless as he watched Donald walking past him with that indifferent
expression on his face. In the entire Asura’s Office, Jason and Donald were the only two master-and-

apprentice pair who dared to do that. “Donald, where is Jason?”

“Jason is in the basement. Sterilize your whole body before you enter, or else the guy will die.” With
that, he turned around and left.

Jonathan and Lauryn exchanged glances. When they entered No. 8 Villa, Zachary and Yasmin were
still unconscious in the hall. Jonathan glanced at them and turned around to lead Lauryn into the

In the basement, strips of plastic sectioned off a room. Through those plastic strips, a figure in a white
coat could be seen busy at work in front of the hospital bed.

Using their spiritual senses, Jonathan and Lauryn were instantly aware of the conditions in the
basement. After taking one look, Lauryn turned around and started vomiting.

Even Jonathan’s face turned pale. The scene in the basement was extremely savage and brutal. The
figure in the white coat inside the room was Jason.

The person on the hospital bed was not a patient, but a young cultivator who was on the brink of death.
He was the only cultivator among the three Osborne family members who survived the last attack on
Edenic Heights.

He was also the one who had suffered the most. Although the color of blood could not be detected with
spiritual sense, it was much clearer than the sense of sight.

The two of them had only scanned the hospital bed with their spiritual senses for a moment, yet the
cultivator’s whole body was engraved in their minds.

The flesh, bones, internal organs, and even the still-moving fascia that were dissected out were
extremely clear. This scene was too much to bear even for Jonathan who was used to seeing stumps

and broken limps.

“Jason, get out of here!” Jonathan roared through gritted teeth. Stunned, Jason turned around. “Mr.
Goldstein, why are you here?”

After tearing open the protective plastic strips, Jason walked out with blood on his hands. “Jason, what
are you doing this time?”

“Nothing much,” Jason replied blankly. “In the past, you would not let me capture and experiment on
cultivators. However, this one came here on his own free will. It’s such a good opportunity that I just
chanced upon.”

With fury written all over his face, Jonathan glared at Jonathan. “You scoundrel, tell me the truth. If you
were not trying to capture a living one, you would not have gotten those injuries, would you?”

“Well…” Jason looked down at the stab wound on his chest and grinned. “So… what do you want from
me, Mr. Goldstein?”

Seeing Jason’s couldn’t-care-less attitude, Jonathan snorted. “Didn’t I tell you not to experiment on
living people?”

Failing to change the subject, Jason looked glum.

“Mr. Goldstein, you do know that a cultivators’ state is totally different when they’re dead and alive. This
is particularly true in the distribution of spiritual power. In vivo experiments can detect the strength of
the cultivator’s organs and shields. As long as you give me enough experimental specimens, I can
definitely sort out a detailed report on the cultivator for you.”

“Stop!” Jonathan frowned and cut short Jason’s argument. “I know that even if I stop you, you will
definitely do it secretly. So, I will set a rule for you. In the future, you can only choose those cultivators

who attack you first. If I find out that you are using any other methods to capture cultivators and get
experimental specimens, I will kill you first.”

“Got it!” Jason said with his back straight, but deep down, he couldn’t stop the smile on his face.

When Jonathan gave this order, he never thought that Jason would one day become a madman
because of these words.

In fact, for the next few decades, cultivators in the Grandmaster Realm rarely dared to move around
alone for fear of encountering the madman Jason.

Meanwhile, Lauryn dared not use her spiritual sense anymore, for fear of seeing the dissected body of
the poor cultivator.

Jonathan glared at Jason.

“I need to go to Doveston for a few days. The security in Edenic Heights is tight, but you are the only
cultivator who is good in combat. So, I’m asking her to stay with you.”

Jason turned to look at Lauryn.

“This lady…”

“Hey! This is Lauryn, the first daughter of the respectable Blackwood family. You must behave properly
in her presence!”

Just by the way Jason looked at her, Jonathan was able to gauge what was on his mind.

His words stunned Jason for a moment.

“A daughter from the respectable families?” Jason muttered to himself, a dangerous spark flashing
across his eyes.

Jonathan moved swiftly, blocking Jason.

Frowning deeply, Jonathan caught Jason’s shoulder with his right hand.

“Jason, calm down. That time when things happened to your clan, Lauryn was only about ten years old.
You cannot blame her for that.”

At this moment, Jason was holding two sharp scalpels in his hands and he was intent on attacking
Lauryn who was standing behind Jonathan.

With bloodshot eyes, Jason looked at Jonathan. “Mr. Goldstein, are you trying to protect her?”

“I am not trying to protect her. I must protect her. She is the key figure in Asura’s Office against the
respectable families. If you want to investigate what happened back then, you may need to rely on her

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