Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 627

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Team Oracle

After Nina spoke, everyone on the bus fell silent. In the middle of the bus, a young man with a pale face
slowly rose while chewing gum.

“The purpose of our trip is to deal with Karl so we can pave the way for His Majesty to come to
Chanaea. You can hand over all the information you have to us now,” voiced the young man
disdainfully in Jetroinian while scrutinizing Nina’s curvy body.

Nina placed both her hands on her belly as she bowed slightly to the man. “According to the report,
your name is Shotaro Koizumi. Is that right?”

“Is there a problem?” questioned Shotaro coldly. “Mr. Koizumi, even though you entered Chanaea as a
tourist, we’ve prepared a new identity for you here, so please speak in Chanaean while you’re still in
the country,” replied Nina with a smile.

“What the heck is that supposed to mean?”

Misogyny had always been common in Jetroina. Even in the modern age, most women were kept at a
lower social status than men in the country. Naturally, Shotaro’s face immediately turned grim when a
girl much younger than him talked back to him.

“Do you know who you’re talking to, Junyuko? I’m a ninja in service to His Majesty. You wouldn’t want
to mess with me!” threatened Shotaro after pulling out a kunai from his back.

In response, Nina slowly lifted her head to give the man a cold look. “Let me repeat myself. You’re in
Chanaea now, so please speak in Chanaean. There’s one more thing I hope you all understand—I’m
your contact, not your subordinate. Mind your attitude.”

“Who are you to talk like that to us?” With that, Shotaro dashed forward without warning and went
straight for Nina’s face.

Nina grabbed the kunai tightly with her right hand.

The sharp weapon was less than half an inch away from her forehead when blood began to flow down
to her wrist. Still, Nina’s eyes remained locked with Shotaro’s.

“Die,” uttered the woman coldly.

Immediately, three Grandmaster Realm cultivators rushed between the two but they failed miserably to
stop Nina from impaling the kunai into Shotaro’s left eye.

Before Shotaro could even scream, Nina swiftly struck the end of the weapon still stuck in the man’s

Accompanied by a sickening sound, the sharp kunai pierced straight through Shotaro’s skull.

Shotaro’s remained in a defensive pose as he slowly fell back into his seat. All the other tourists then
stood up to look cautiously at Nina.

It took the cultivators less than a second to put up a force field. However, they were still completely
helpless to stop Nina, whose power far exceeded their expectation.

“Attack her!” As soon as Shotaro’s companion shouted, the three cultivators charged toward Nina with
murderous intent. Even though Nina was their contact in Chanaea, the men worried that she had
turned since she had just killed one of them.

Like a well-oiled war machine, the three rushed aggressively toward Nina in unison.

Nina clenched her hands together, and smoke began to rise from her feet. Under the cover of the
smoke, the woman then disappeared before reappearing behind her attackers.

With her hands stretched out like knives, Nina was ready to strike the cultivators’ necks. “That’s
enough!” roared someone from the back of the bus, and immediately, everyone fell dead silent.

Frozen by a force field released by a God Realm expert, Nina’s hands stopped less than half an inch
away from her targets’ necks.

Meanwhile, the others could feel the restraints around them slowly loosening up.

Everyone turned around to look at a short and frail-looking elderly man in an outfit that had obviously
been washed countless times.

The old man wearing a pair of reading glasses then stood up, and everyone could see that he was only
slightly taller than the well-built cultivator sitting beside him.

Despite the elderly man’s unimposing appearance, nobody dared underestimate him because he was
the leader of Team Oracle, Zebedee Makino.

Even though he had only reached the beginner phase of God Realm, he was the Jetroinian Emperor’s
most trusted person.

The team he led worked directly under the emperor and were the selected few allowed to see the ruler.

Zebedee waved his hand gently, and the spiritual energy around Nina disappeared. After slowly turning
around, Nina bowed respectfully to Zebedee. “Mr. Makino, you should control your subordinates.”

With a smile on his face, Zebedee lifted his head to look at Nina. “Of course. Sorry for the trouble.”

Even though Zebedee was very respectful, Nina still felt a chill down her spine. He’s ready to kill! “Mr.
Makino, if you kill me, I promise you that everyone besides you on this bus will die,” threatened Nina

When the remaining seventeen Team Oracle members heard Nina, they all shakily clenched their
kunai. Zebedee turned to the cultivator beside Shotaro and ordered, “Take care of the body and be
careful not to dirty the bus.”

“Yes, Mr. Makino!” responded the cultivator immediately.

Then, Zebedee sat down beside Nina.

“Nina, I need all the latest information about Doveston, especially when it’s about Karl. The more
detailed, the better,” the man said as he stared at the landscape outside.

“The last time Jonathan went to Jetroina, he took out both Nolte Corporation and Salonius Corporation.
Not even Shadow Clan could stop him. Now that we have Remdik’s support, we cannot fail again.
Otherwise, we’ll suffer His Majesty’s wrath,” stated Nina as she leaned back and shut her eyes, ready
for a short nap. “With Chanaea in complete disarray, it’s the perfect time for an invasion. Karl
dominates Horbah in Doveston, and Jonathan and Asura’s Office can’t interfere with Yaleview in their

Meanwhile, at Edenic Heights, Jonathan had already received news of Mysonna’s victory. More than
seventy thousand people had been taken care of in less than three hours.

Since West Region had lost almost a hundred and fifty thousand men, they dared not make another
move on Mysonna.

Sitting in the garden, Jonathan frowned at his tablet. Karl betrayed us while Dorian and Zachary are still
out because of their injury. Of the Eight Kings of War, only five are available now. Hayes is guarding

Mysonna. Even though the man was crowned the King of Lumonburg, he has trouble seeing the big
picture, especially in terms of positioning. Hayes still has much to learn about working with the Zaidham
Army and the Shusonna Army.

“Harry, inform Hades to send his lieutenant to assist Tiger as chief of staff. Remember, the lieutenant is
to guide Tiger, not take over the Mysonna Army.” “Yes, Sir!”

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