Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 626

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Fight Until The End

Edenic Heights, No. 2 Villa. Jonathan stood in the living room, staring at Sophia who was in bed. The
woman had life-sustaining catheters stuck into almost every part of her body.

On the side, Jason bled so much that the gauze on his chest turned crimson-red. Still, he was casually
holding a cold can of beer in his hand. “Jason, are you sure my aunt’s condition is stable now?”
inquired Jonathan somewhat helplessly, surrounded by a thick smell of alcohol.

“Of course. Don’t worry, Mr. Goldstein. Ms. Goldstein may not look like it, but her vital signs have
stabilized. I can’t do anything about her scar, though. You’ll need to get a plastic surgeon for that,”
replied Jason after downing the rest of his beer.

“Thank you.” Jonathan turned around to nod slightly at Jason, who lazily leaned back on the couch.

“You don’t have to thank me, Mr. Goldstein. I would’ve been a dead man if it hadn’t been for you.
There’s nothing I want more than to see the day you told me about,” muttered Jason as he looked up at
the ceiling.

Jonathan nodded once again. “The respectable families have started making their moves. It may not be
a perfect time, but we should take action too.”

Even though Asura’s Office was powerful, there were not many who Jonathan could trust. Besides the
Eight Kings of War, only a handful of people knew what was going through Jonathan’s mind.

Jason was one of them. The fact that Jason had saved Jonathan before was enough reason for him to
trust the man unconditionally. “Many will die when the respectable families and Asura’s Office go to
war,” stated Jason calmly to Jonathan.

“True,” responded Jonathan in his deep voice. “Many will die indeed. Even you and I might not make it
back alive.”

“That’s fine. We all die eventually. If I can take those people with me to the grave, it’ll be worth it.” The
two were still talking when they heard a voice from outside.

As soon as Jonathan turned around, he saw Harry at the door. “Mr. Goldstein, I bring you the latest
battle report from Mysonna.”

“Speak!” “Yes, Sir.” Harry straightened his back and saluted. “Mysonna has successfully captured more
than seventy-three thousand West Region soldiers. They’re waiting for your orders, Mr. Goldstein.”

Still lying on the couch, Jason smiled and slowly shut his eyes after hearing about Mysonna’s victory.
On the other hand, Jonathan furrowed his eyebrows at Harry. “Orders? Why the heck are they waiting
for my orders?”

When Harry heard those words, his smile immediately faded away. “Mr. Goldstein… I believe Tiger and
the others want to know what to do with the captives…”

“What’s there to do?” questioned Jonathan.

Harry then fell silent, afraid to respond to the man.

After glancing at Harry, Jonathan walked outside. “Call Tiger for me at the command center. Let’s see
what he decides to do with the seventy over thousand captives.”

“Yes, Sir!” responded Harry loudly before running straight to the command center.

There, Jonathan gazed at the three figures on the large screen.

They were Hayes Yeager, acting Commander of the Mysonna Army, Kane Dunst, the Thunder King of
War of the Shusonna Army, and Jeremy Yates, the Western King of War of the Zaidham Army.

Jonathan had ordered the Shusonna Army and the Zaidham Army to each send seventy thousand men
to provide support in Mysonna. However, he did not expect Kane and Jeremy to take the opportunity
and lead their own armies to attack their enemies.

Seeing how bloodied the three were, Jonathan knitted his eyebrows tightly. “Kane and Jeremy, you two
left the fief without permission, so you’re to receive eighty lashes when you return to base.”

“Yes, Sir!” responded both the men as they saluted Jonathan.

Seated on a chair, Jonathan took out the battle report. “What do you plan to do with the seventy-three
thousand five hundred and two captives?”

“Sir!” called out Hayes after straightening his back. “The reconstruction of Northern Crimson Prison
requires a lot of manpower. We can use these prisoners as free labor.”

“What will you do with them after the reconstruction? Kill them all? They are prisoners of war.
Murdering unarmed prisoners is against the laws of war,” voiced Jonathan. “Let them go? They helped
build Northern Crimson Prison. Letting them go would be no different than telling the world the defense
layout of the prison, wouldn’t it? Keep them? Do you have any idea how much it’ll cost us to feed
seventy-three thousand people?”

Jonathan spoke calmly, but it was enough to enlighten the three, whose eyes widened in realization.

“We understand, Mr. Goldstein,” said Kane on the side while Jeremy and Hayes nodded in response.

Jonathan turned to Hayes. “How many of the West Region Army surrendered?”

“Sir, they resisted to the very end. None surrendered, so we wiped them all out!”

“Very good.” With that, Jonathan ended the video call.

Standing aside, Harry quietly gulped because his throat felt dry.

As Zachary’s subordinate, Harry had always thought that he was qualified enough to lead an army and
march into battle.

He was convinced that he would have been something more if he had met Jonathan sooner.

However, after following Jonathan for two days, Harry finally realized the difference between him and a
King of War.

Even though Hayes was not a King of War yet, it was obvious that Jonathan planned to groom the man
into one. Jonathan had even temporarily given Hayes control of the entire Mysonna.

Because he thought his enemies should be killed, Hayes had swung his weapon and murdered twenty
thousand people.

On the other hand, Jonathan was able to decide if seventy thousand people live or die with mere

Even if Harry were ten times bolder, Jonathan would still be more decisive than he was.

Even though he had been to many battlefields, Harry still could not imagine seeing tens of thousands of
people getting slaughtered.

Jonathan stared at the blank screen in silence.

The man had established Asura’s Office to stop wars with wars. Even though there had been civil
unrest for the past few years, Jonathan had always chosen peace over violence.

With Karl’s betrayal in Asura’s Office and the threat of respectable families and neighboring countries,
Jonathan had no choice but to be ruthless. Otherwise, people would think that he was a pushover.

With his head turned toward Doveston, Jonathan said, “You can just tell me if you want to leave Asura’s
Office, Karl. I won’t stop you. Now that you’ve indirectly caused the death of more than fifty thousand of
us, how can I let you live?”

At Doveston Lunar Airport, a Jetroinian tourist group was getting on the airport bus.

After the tour guide made sure all the tourists were accounted for, he raised his little flag and greeted
them with a slight bow. “Welcome to Chanaea! I’m your tour guide, Junyuko Ono. However, since we’re
in Chanaea, please call me by my Chanaean name, Nina Chastain.”

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