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Chapter 625

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Power Struggle

Meanwhile, Joshua was reading an ancient manuscript in the garden of his mansion in Zedfield,
Yaleview. As he was reading, a young man slowly approached, holding a tray with a teacup and a
teapot. “Commander, here’s your tea. It’s quality tea that arrived today. Please try it.”

“Okay.” Joshua leaned against his chair and nodded slightly. He put away the ancient manuscript in his
hand and looked at the teapot and teacup on the table. Picking up the teacup and lifting the lid, he
asked with a smile, “John, how long have you been working with me?”

The young man hurriedly bowed and replied, “Almost one and a half years, Commander.” “One and a
half years, huh?” Joshua picked up the teacup and blew on the tea leaves floating in the teacup. “Now,
that’s a long time.”

Just as he put the teacup beside his mouth, he stopped and looked at John. “Why? Is the weather very
hot today?”

“No. Maybe it’s my clothes. I might have tied them up too tight, so I feel a little suffocated.”

Joshua nodded in response, but after a sigh, he put down the teacup on the table. “John, do you know
why you’re the only one who managed to work with me for over half a year?”

“W-Well…” John looked at Joshua hesitatingly, and words eluded him. Joshua pointed to the seat
opposite him and said, “Come. Have a seat. There’s nothing to be nervous about.”

“I wouldn’t dare, Commander.” John was visibly panicking. “Commander, did I do something wrong?
Please tell me what I did wrong, and I’ll make it right this instance!”

“Just sit down. Don’t worry about it.” Joshua gestured to John with a smile on his face. Although
Joshua was far away, John could feel as if he was pressing on his shoulders, forcing him to sit down.

It’s the force field of a Grandmaster! How is this even possible? John widened his eyes in shock at this
sight and stared right at Joshua. Sitting on the chair, John exclaimed, “Commander, y-you are—”

“A cultivator? I’ve always been one.” Joshua smiled. “John, let me talk to you about something from the
bottom of my heart.”

With his spiritual energy wrapped around John, he restricted John’s movements and said, “Sitting in my
place I’m at right now is very tiring. You have to worry about the threat Asura’s Office poses and the
internal conflicts caused by the eight respectable families. Then there’s Wilbur, the man I trained so
hard only to have him become a traitor.

Yaleview has become a dangerous place for me now. I dared not give anyone the chance to get near
me, so I had to replace the people around me from time to time. I fear they would learn about my habits
and exploit them if they stayed around me for too long. I’m worried that they would be bribed into
betraying me. I’m drained.”

As he said that, he reached out for the teacup and swirled it in his hand. “John, you’re the person I trust
he most. I’ve also treated you nicely when you served me, so why don’t you entertain me for a bit
because I can’t understand the reason for your betrayal?”

“I-I didn’t. Commander, please let me explain.” John panicked, as he was being pressed onto the chair
by Joshua’s spiritual energy.

Ever since he was transferred to Joshua’s side, John had witnessed three assassination attempts on
Joshua, with the third assassination being the most severe case. The assassin’s blade was already
dangling on Joshua’s neck, yet he did not unleash his spiritual energy.

Joshua had shown no sign of panic or nervousness, so everyone thought he was a man of sheer will
with a strong mind.

They, too, did not think that Joshua was a cultivator. A cultivator might be able to conceal the spiritual
energy fluctuations in him for some time through techniques, but he could not maintain it forever. After
all, a cultivator had to breathe and cultivate throughout the years. Even if he did not intend to cultivate,
his presence would still draw spiritual energy to him. Hence, there was no way Joshua could conceal
the fact that he was a cultivator.

However, it was the same man who had pulled off an incredible move.

“I could tell that your heart skipped a beat the moment you entered the garden.” Joshua smiled. “Who
is it? Is it Wilbur? I think it is. He’s the only one in Yaleview who can make you betray me.”

“Commander, please. I can explain. I wasn’t thinking—”

Before he could finish, the tea on the table turned into a stream of water rushing toward John. The cup
of tea was supposed to be poisonous, but it did not matter much to Joshua anymore.

The stream of water made its way into John’s nose and entered his lungs under Joshua’s control.
John’s eyes widened, and his face was swollen. He was in great pain.

The water blocking his windpipe made him cough, but Joshua waved his hands as soon as John
opened his mouth, unleashing another wave of spiritual energy that sealed John’s nose and mouth
and, alongside that, the final opportunity for John’s survival.

As he was being choked to death, John clenched his hands firmly around the armrest. His body
stiffened, and the process lasted for two minutes until Joshua heaved a sigh and dispersed his energy.

Looking at his lifeless subordinate, Joshua picked up his ancient manuscript and looked outside the
garden. “Since you’re here, why don’t you show yourself? Do you expect me to welcome you

Nothing could be heard around the surroundings except for the howling of the wind. “Weapon.” Joshua
flipped the ancient manuscript open and heaved a sigh. He reached his hand into the manuscript and
pulled out a longbow.

With his left hand grabbing onto the bow firmly, he slowly pulled the bowstring with his other hand.

As he channeled his spiritual energy, an arrow took form in his hand. It looked as if it was made of ice.
From afar, the arrow looked real but also nonexistent at the same time.

His eyes cold, Joshua let go of his right hand, and the arrow made of spiritual energy vanished into thin

Following the vanishing of the arrow, the pillar to the entrance of the garden exploded and shattered
into pieces. At the same time, Wilbur threw a jet-black dagger.

“Break!” Wilbur muttered to himself, and the dagger struck the arrow. After coming in contact with the
arrow, the dagger flew right back into Wilbur’s hand while the arrow shattered into pieces and fell into
the pond beside them.

The explosion of spiritual energy caused a mist to form around the surrounding. Wilbur’s face that was
filled with bloodlust twitched.

“The advanced phase of God Realm? Hah, you’re good at keeping secrets, aren’t you? Everyone,
listen up. Whoever kills him will take over my position as the commander of the Yaleview Army!

As Wilbur gave out his order, the spiritual energy of at least thirty Grandmaster Realm cultivator burst
into the sky, aiming straight at Joshua who was in the garden.

Beside Wilbur sat a woman who was occupied with her phone.

“So Joshua is now in the advanced phase of God Realm after keeping a low profile for ten years.
You’re sending your men to their demise,” the woman said absentmindedly as she stared at the
information of the stock market on her phone.

Hearing this, Wilbur turned around and said, “Eva, I, for one, am very interested in the power of the
Salladay family. Why don’t you take this chance and show me your prowess?”

Eva raised her head, a disdainful look on her face. “Wilbur, you’d better get your mind straight. We’re
not working with you. I’m here to evaluate your capabilities. We’ll only talk business with you if you
manage to kill Joshua. If you fail, however, you will, in turn, be worthless to us.”

Wilbur snorted at her words. He swung his dagger as he marched into the garden. “Then you’d better
prepare yourselves. We’ll talk business after I take Joshua down.”

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