Novel Name : The Legendary Man

Chapter 623

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Definition Of A True Hero

“So you think Jonathan is the one who will change and shape the future of Chanaea?” Colton said in a
deep voice. When he said it, he did not bother avoiding Jonathan. He spoke as if Lauryn and himself
were the only ones present.

“I don’t know. But if Jonathan made a move against the respectable families one day, I might end up
being the only thing the Blackwood family could depend on,” Lauryn calmly said as she turned toward

As she spoke, Colton, too, turned toward Jonathan, and the smile on Jonathan’s face had Colton
shaking his head. “I don’t get it. You came from a respectable family and studied in an ancient sect.
There are so many talented and outstanding men out there. Why him?”

The smile on Jonathan’s face froze instantly upon his words, and he shouted, “Hey! That’s not very
nice. Are you trying to say that I, Jonathan Goldstein, the Asura with a massive army under his
command, don’t deserve Lauryn?”

Although everyone knew that Jonathan was merely joking, Colton couldn’t help but sneer, “Jonathan,
you should know that your army may or may not be a threat to the respectable families.”

“Oh? Go on.” Jonathan smiled.

“The reason your army is dangerous is because of its size. They may be ordinary folks, but when
equipped with weapons, they can easily lead the respectable families to their deaths.” Colton chuckled.
“The problem, however, lies within you. You are not a true hero.”

“Please. Entertain me with your definition of a true hero.”

“To me, Joshua and Wilbur are the definitions of a true hero,” Colton replied calmly. “Suppose you have
the coordinates of the respectable families and a weapon of mass destruction. Would you still use the
weapon of mass destruction that definitely would wipe out the entire region around the coordinates?”

Jonathan’s gaze dimmed. Of course, he knew what Colton was referring to when he mentioned
weapons of mass destruction.

If that was the case, all he needed to wipe out the ancestral lands of the eight respectable families
were eight tactical nukes. They wouldn’t even have the chance to escape.

However, the consequences of such action and the aftermath were something Jonathan dared not

At the sight of Jonathan’s expression, Colton let out a chuckle. “Joshua and Wilbur would. They would
do it because that’s the most effective and efficient way. Jonathan, you are a man held back by your
concerns, and these concerns will eventually kill you. Here’s another question for you. What if these
respectable families held someone hostage while being hunted down? Would you disregard the lives of
the hostages and kill the cultivators of the respectable families?”

Jonathan said naught a word in response.

“And that is why you pose no threat to us respectable families. You can’t wipe them out if you can’t
bring yourself to resort to such cold-hearted methods,” Colton said. At this point, Jonathan finally
understood that Colton had never taken him and Asura’s Office seriously from the beginning.

Jonathan was irritated that Colton was the one solely leading their conversation, but he had to admit
that Colton was telling him the truth.

“Colton, why do I get the feeling that you are trying to teach me how to purge the respectable families?”

Colton shook his head in response. “The nature of humankind can’t be altered, especially for the likes
of you who always talks about the welfare of the world. You conduct your actions in the name of justice,
categorizing yourself as the enforcers of justice and limiting yourselves to your moral restrictions.

Once you break your codes, however, you can no longer put yourself on the side of justice, and that’s
pathetic. Also, there’s one more thing you should know. You may have defeated me, but you’ve
underestimated the respectable families. Centuries of hard work laid the foundation of who they are

Resources and talents are something they never lacked.” Colton turned toward Lauryn beside him. “I
suppose you won’t be leaving with me today. You need to know that you may have done this out of
goodwill, but you are still the daughter of the Blackwood family. Do you have any idea about the trouble
you brought upon the family when you joined Asura’s Office?”

With that, he turned around and left, only to hear Jonathan snapping his fingers. A series of noises
rang in the air as the soldiers cocked their guns. The two tanks garrisoned in the mountains even
adjusted their angles, ready to fire a shot at him.

“I remember telling you that you could take Lauryn with you if you defeated me, but I never said
anything about you being able to leave if you are defeated.” Jonathan chuckled. “Since you’re here,
why don’t you stay around for a bit? I suppose I would have a little more leverage with you around
during the negotiations with the Blackwood family.”

A trace of impatience flashed across Colton’s eyes. “Do you think that’s all I can do?”

Jonathan darted to the front with the bronze handbell in his hand. In a flash, he was already in front of

Colton let out a roar, and the next second, a black mist took form in front of him before a massive claw
came charging out of the mist and lunged at Jonathan’s face.

A muffled thud rang out, and runes could be seen glowing around Jonathan’s body. They clashed
violently for a split second before they backed off and entered a staring contest.

Jonathan locked his eyes on Colton’s hand, where a banner shrouded in black mist lay quietly in his
grasp. The triangular banner was about three meters long. The material was similar to silk, and it was
glowing lightly with two dark gold words sewn to its sides.

Colton held the banner in his hand, and at this moment, the sharp claw that appeared mysteriously
retracted back into the black mist.

Lauryn moved swiftly and stood opposite Colton. “The Soul Suppressing Banner! That’s Great-
grandpa’s Soul Suppressing Banner! Why is it in your possession now? And the Phantom Dragon
Technique! Colton, these are supposed to be passed down to my brother. Why are they in your

“This is our family’s matter,” Colton replied calmly. “There are some things that we don’t get to decide

After giving Lauryn a vague answer, Colton locked his eyes on Jonathan again. “Jonathan, the weakest
among the souls sealed within the Soul Suppressing Banner stands at the Grandmaster Realm. Don’t
make me do it because I can’t even control them perfectly.”

Jonathan activated his force field, spreading his spiritual sense to lock down his surrounding,
preventing Colton from detecting the movements around him. He placed his hands behind his back and
started giving orders to Harry.

“Retreat!” Harry shouted, and the army of two hundred men quickly moved back. They moved
backward for about thirty meters before coming to a stop.

A small smile crept up on Colton’s face as he looked at the army. “Oh? You still want to fight me?”

“Of course, not. You can go now. I won’t stop you.”

Jonathan smiled, but in the next second, he created a hand made of spiritual energy and dragged
Lauryn to his side. He threw her into the area that he secured with the bronze handbell and darted to
the side.

Harry, who was behind Jonathan, immediately swung his hand downward. Following Harry’s
movements, the two tanks garrisoned in the mountain resort opened fire simultaneously.

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