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Chapter 620

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Three Free Shots

Jonathan turned toward Lauryn and asked, “Colton Blackwood? Is he a family member of yours? Why
is he looking for you here?”

Lauryn, too, froze in shock when she heard what Harry said.

“He’s my cousin. How does he know I’m here, though? I may have suggested to my father that we back
out of the scheme against Asura’s Office, but he’d never tell anyone about it. If he did, I’d have been
captured and locked up before I could even leave the house!” she exclaimed in confusion after a brief

Even so, they couldn’t just ignore Colton since he was already here. “Come on, let’s go have a look,”
Jonathan said as he stood up and began walking down the mountain.

At least twenty soldiers were lying on the ground outside the front door of Edenic Heights. Their guns
had all been disassembled and tossed aside. Over a hundred soldiers had their guns pointed at a
young man with glasses and a handheld fan in his hand.

He was wearing a suit and looked particularly sharp with that penetrating gaze in his eyes. In his hand
was a half-open fan with random-looking ink patterns on it. That man was none other than Lauryn’s
cousin, Colton Blackwood.

Despite having hundreds of guns pointed at him, Colton showed no fear whatsoever as he said
arrogantly, “You’re nothing but servants at Jonathan’s beck and call, so you aren’t qualified to fight me.
Tell Jonathan to come and see me, or things are going to get messy!”

“Looking for me?” Jonathan asked with a chuckle.

Colton turned toward the direction of his voice and saw both Jonathan and Lauryn making their way
through the crowd.

“Ah, Lauryn! Thanks for saving me the trouble of looking for you! Come home with me and receive your
punishment!” Colton said.

Jonathan shot Lauryn a curious smile when he heard that.

“What’s up with this cousin of yours? Why does he sound like he’s reciting a cheesy line from a movie
or something?”

“Don’t worry about him. He’s been like that since he was a kid,” Lauryn replied while rolling her eyes.

She then had the soldiers make way for her as she walked up to Colton and asked, “What brings you
here, Colton?”

“I overheard your conversation with your father the other day. He told me to follow you after you left
because he wanted to know where you’d go. Now that I’ve caught you fooling around with Jonathan,
I’m going to take you home for your punishment!” Colton replied while reaching for Lauryn’s arm.


A loud thud rang out, and Colton was knocked back a couple of meters.

Lauryn then slowly pulled her arm back and acted like she had hit him by accident. Of course, she
knew full well that Colton’s cultivation level had reached the advanced phase of the Grandmaster
Realm, which was two stages higher than hers.

“Colton, you’ve always been the nicest to me in the family. Please go home and try to talk Father out of
it. The Osborne family isn’t worthy of teaming up with us!” Lauryn whispered in his ear.

Colton’s left arm trembled slightly as he stared at his reddened palm.

He then tossed his fan into the air and let it slide open as it landed in his hand. “I’ll give you one last
chance, Lauryn. Come with me obediently, or I will have to use force.”

“So what if you use force?” Jonathan asked as he sat down on a chair.

After detecting the spiritual energy from Colton’s fan, Jonathan gently swiped his palm and pulled a
sword out of his storage ring.

“Lauryn, I will lend you a hand if you can’t beat him,” Jonathan said as he used his spiritual energy to
send the sword flying toward her.

As if she had eyes on the back of her head, Lauryn reached out behind her and caught the sword
without even looking.

With the flick of a finger, Lauryn activated her Grandmaster Realm force field.

“Colton, you do know about Jay, right? Do you really want me to go back and marry him?”

“That’s up to the family to decide. If you go back with me, I can help make a plea on your behalf,”
Colton replied with a frown.

Lauryn shook her head. “Don’t make me do this, Colton.”

“You can’t beat me.”

Colton waved the fan in his hand, causing countless ink traces to come flying out of it.

After spreading out in the air, the ink traces seemingly came to life and took the shape of a few snake-
like creatures.

“Soul-sealing!” Colton shouted as he sent the five snakes formed by the ink traces toward Lauryn.

“Raining Light!” Lauryn yelled as the sword in her hand emitted a bright light that enveloped her

The five black snakes scattered into countless pieces when they came into contact with the light.
However, as Lauryn retracted her sword and stepped back, the pieces rejoined and became snakes

“You can hack at them all you want, but it won’t do you any good! The ink traces will regenerate as long
as I supply them with spiritual energy!” Colton shouted coldly.

“Skyslayer!” Lauryn shouted through clenched teeth when she saw the snakes coming her way again.

These ink traces came from his fan, so his fan must be connected to them somehow. If I destroy his
fan, I’ll be able to stop the ink traces!

With that in mind, she then delivered an upward slash at Colton’s fan.

Although Lauryn was right about the fan controlling the ink traces, she was still just a Grandmaster
Realm cultivator.

Her speed and strength were nothing compared to Colton’s.

Through his spiritual sense, Jonathan could see that Colton had simply taken a step forward and
pressed his fan down on Lauryn’s wrist.

The sword energy from Lauryn had missed Colton by an inch from the side.

“I knew you wouldn’t actually stab at me.” Colton then pulled his hand back as he continued, “Seal!”

On his command, four of the black snakes entangled themselves around all four of Lauryn’s limbs.

With her spiritual energy sealed, the fifth snake charged straight at her mouth.

The snake would go straight for her heart if it managed to enter her mouth.

Even the most powerful of cultivators would lose all mobility and be reduced to a cripple after having
their heart sealed.

However, the snake was inches away from Lauryn’s face when it crashed into a spirit shield.

“Trying to take her away after barging into my territory? Looks like the Blackwood family really has no
respect for me, huh? Soul-sealing is child’s play! Here, I’ll give you three free shots at me. You can take
her with you if you can defeat me!” Jonathan said with a smile as he walked up to Lauryn.

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