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Chapter 621

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Colton Blackwood

Lauryn heaved a sigh of relief after listening to Jonathan’s words. A few moments earlier, she took
action first to ease the tension in the air for Colton.

After all, no matter how friendly Jonathan seemed to be now, what happened in Summerbank Abyss
had instilled great terror within her. He is brutal, decisive, and will scheme against anyone by any
means necessary…

That was what Lauryn thought of Jonathan. After Jonathan and Irving’s first encounter, they fought
each other with all their might, not showing any mercy.

However, following that, they decided to join forces and work together for the sake of survival. As for
Lauryn, Jonathan allied with her before exploiting her several times.

After all the previous incidents, Lauryn believed Jonathan was a disloyal and untrustworthy scoundrel.
That was why Lauryn had been looking for ways to make Colton leave the place once she knew about
the latter barging into Jonathan’s place.

She was worried that Colton would not even realize how he died if Jonathan took action. Nonetheless,
Jonathan promised to let Colton strike first, which meant the former wasn’t furious.

After all, he wouldn’t have given Colton the chance to strike if he was truly angry. At the same time,
Harry, who stood behind them, gestured for the soldiers around them to put their weapons down.

Harry knew Jonathan deserved the title of Asura. In previous battles, Jonathan used to have one-on-
one fights with the commanders and dominated them soundly every time.

Now that Jonathan promised to let Colton strike first, Harry knew Colton would be in trouble soon.
“Jonathan, my brother means no harm. How about—”

Jonathan laughed and replied, “No worries. I mean no harm as well. However, I can’t just call it a day
after he caused havoc at my place and humiliated me, right?”

Then, Jonathan walked closer to Colton and added, “You can strike me three times before I
counterattack. Make good use of the opportunity.”

In the meantime, Colton frowned as he gazed at Jonathan. After a while, a glint flashed across his
eyes, and his lips curled into a smile.

“Rumor has it that Jonathan of Asura’s Office is a prominent figure. After meeting you today, I realize
you’ve indeed lived up to your reputation!”

Colton bowed politely and continued, “Asura, I’ll do as you’ve asked. Otherwise, people would think I’m
scared of fighting you.”

When Colton looked up at Jonathan, a drop of blood fell from his right palm.

Before the drop of blood fell on the ground, a strong gust of spiritual energy swept it away, and it
disappeared into the handle of the fan that Colton was holding.

Soon, Colton’s white fan was stained red, exuding an intimidating aura within a matter of seconds.


Even though it was the exact same move he used when he was going against Lauryn just now, the ink
traces that flew out from his fan this time were reddish-black.

Lauryn shouted in shock, “Colton, you…”

“Shut up!” However, Colton stopped her before she could say anything.

As the air was filled with droplets of fresh blood, Lauryn couldn’t help but cover her mouth.

That was Colton’s soul-sealing technique which he activated using blood essence.

The last time he used this technique was three years ago, when he was ambushed and almost died.

Because he used this technique, which took a huge toll on his body, he lay in bed for weeks upon
returning home before his strength recovered.

Though one of the reasons he was bedridden for weeks was that he had sustained severe injuries at
that time, utilizing the soul-sealing technique largely consumed a cultivator’s energy.

Lauryn had never expected Colton to use all his might right at the start of the battle. Nonetheless,
Colton himself was at peace.

From the beginning, Colton could sense that Jonathan was already in the middle phase of the God

He was a terrifying martial artist who could kill even Garrison of the Osborne family effortlessly.

In comparison, Colton was merely a cultivator in the advanced phase of the Grandmaster Realm.

Though he had completed his cultivation and entered the so-called Artificial God Realm, he was still far
from Jonathan’s level.

Therefore, his chances of winning the battle would be slim if he didn’t go all out.

As Colton moved his fingers, the ink traces in the air merged into five blood-colored snakes that sprang
toward Jonathan’s limbs and neck.

“Restrain him!”

Jonathan dared not let his guard down when he felt the imminent danger posed by the five snakes.

He quickly chanted a mantra to thicken the spiritual energy surrounding him.

The next moment, the Grandmaster force field was unleashed, restraining the snakes in mid-air.

“Your technique has no effect on me,” Jonathan said smilingly.

“Is that so?” Once Colton moved his fingers again, the snakes exuded a layer of blood-colored gleam.

In the blink of an eye, the snakes wriggled free from Jonathan’s restraint and entangled his limbs and
neck, constricting him.

A glint of surprise flashed across Jonathan’s eyes once he found out through his spiritual energy’s
feedback that he had trapped the murderous aura but not the ink traces.

A Grandmaster’s force field was constituted of spiritual energy and could only trap things with shapes
and forms.

However, the murderous aura wasn’t in the list.

After stimulating the murderous aura with blood essence, Colton used it to envelope the ink traces to
escape the restraint of the spiritual energy’s force field.

What an excellent escape plan!

As Jonathan heaved a sigh silently, he quickly turned his attention back to the change in his body.

He had no idea about the substance of the ink traces. However, they could hinder him from
accumulating his spiritual energy within his meridian as soon as they curled around his neck and limbs.

Unlike Lauryn’s technique, which could seal the spiritual energy, Colton’s could only block his spiritual

Moments later, Jonathan activated the spiritual energy within his body, triggering the Ancient Sacred
Dragon Technique. At the same time, the golden core in his elixir field began to emanate waves of
spiritual energy in the form of ripples.

As the golden spiritual energy surged in Jonathan’s meridians, the snakes that entangled his body
rapidly vanished.

Lauryn, who was standing at the side, widened her eyes in shock as she watched everything unfold.

Colton told her that an ancestor of the Blackwood family, who was a prominent cultivator, searched
many mountains and valleys to find the unique material to produce the ink traces.

The special material could stop the spiritual energy around it from flowing.

Nonetheless, though the material held strange power, it wasn’t suitable for cultivators. After all, it wasn’t
a good idea for a cultivator’s spiritual energy to be dispersed.

Hence, the ancestor found another way by sealing the material in a fan, thus producing the unique
soul-sealing treasure item.

In the past, the ink traces would return to the fan if the opponent successfully broke the entanglement.

This time, however, Jonathan used an unknown technique to dissipate the material.

How did Jonathan do that?

At the same time, Colton sensed that something was wrong. When he perceived the ink traces being
damaged, he frowned and roared, “Kill him!”

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